Why we the taxpayers need Nicole File on the Fayette Co. School Board

Tue, 10/28/2008 - 3:41pm
By: Letters to the ...

I am very concerned that we in Fayette County continue to be taxed by our school board by a process that is foreign to me.

I always thought that civil servants were to serve the people that put them in their office. This is not the case in Fayette County, as voting for tax increases seem to creep into elections with very little information being distributed above board and honestly to the citizens of this county.

I may be mistaken but I do not understand why we build schools that we do not need, purchase more land than we need, continue the process of increasing taxes under their false need tactics, transfer our children to different schools with no apparent logical plan, etc. I have not the patience or the time to continue on their inability to manage such an important asset of this county, our children and grandchildren.

My wife and I have grandchildren attending schools in this county and we are very concerned that this school board is driving down the county school system, bringing us to the same unfortunate lack of leadership that occurred in Clayton County.

We see no leadership in this school board that displays an honest concern about our children and grandchildren. The board appears closer to being nothing more than a club for self-display of power and control.

We see no trust in this school board to have a honest and public commitment to keep the people of this county current on the REAL needs of our schools. The school board appears to be only a gathering of business associates for their own self-power and benefit.

Fayette County needs people on the school board with honest and public communication commitment, keeping us informed of our real needs and solutions in solving our problems.

My wife and I feel that Nicole File is that breath of fresh air that we need to break up this club called a school board.

We have known Nicole since she was in elementary school and watched her mature, go to college to earn a degree in education, marry and have three children, two of which are in Fayette schools.

In the last several weeks we have watched her make public some of the deficiencies that the school board has brought upon the citizens of this county. Her concern for our young ones compelled her to seek election to the school board through a most difficult process, that of a write in candidate.

I am sick and tired of having public officials, our school board, not acting as servants to the citizens of Fayette County to improve the school system, rather than using tactics of the old shell game, now you see it, now you don’t.

We need Nicole File and more like her to be on our school board developing short-term and long-term goals to allow implementing plans that make sense to parents, teachers, students, all taxpayers including senior citizens.

My wife and I support Nicole File and pray that the citizens of this county will also support her cause and vote for Nicole as a write-in candidate. Help our children and grandchildren succeed.

Michael Wilson


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suggarfoot's picture
Submitted by suggarfoot on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 5:48am.

I couldn't agree with you more. If you go to www.fayettecountyclerk.com you will see that a lot of land has passed into the hands of LLC s before passing to the school board. The LLC s only have to list the main officers with the secretary of state. It makes it hard to find all the people with their fingers in the pie.

We should check out our land barrons on the BOE and the LLCs with a fine tooth comb.

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