State limits what BoE can legally cut

As we discuss the E-SPLOST initiative, a number of residents express the opinion that our school administration is using scare tactics to get people to support the E-SPLOST.

Board of Education shirking its duty to make hard choices on school funds

There have been some well-written articles by others critiquing the pursuit of ESPLOST this fall. There have been other articles about how we will be gaining ESPLOST tax revenue from residents outside of Fayette County who shop here.

File: Schools’ fiscal responsibility vital to all of us

After attending the Fayette Chamber of Commerce education funding night on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008, I am left with many observations about the lack of fiscal responsibility exhibited by some members of the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE).

Vote NO on ice rink

On Nov. 4, you will have the opportunity to send a clear and concise message to the elected officials of Peachtree City. On the ballot will be a referendum for a $9.9 million bond to construct Phase 1 of a multiphase recreational project.

Outrage: $9.9 million PTC bond vote to benefit 1 man

As a resident of Peachtree City, I am outraged that the mayor and City Council would support the use of city property and raise taxes to pay for the construction of a facility that would benefit a local business man.

We must fight for Wilshire buffer

Months were spent to develop a plan for the commercial development on Ga. Highway 74 South called Wilshire Pavilion, owned by Columbia Properties. Planning commission, city staff, neighbors from nearby communities, the Peachtree City Civic Association — all worked with Columbia Properties to come up with a plan for this commercial property that will be agreeable to all.

Implications of 3-2

On the City Council meeting of Sept. 18, an interesting topic came up concerning the tone of the council by one of our council members. The next day, The Citizen posted an article on this portion of the meeting, both online and in print.

Support only candidates who promise and deliver true open government

In 1754, Benjamin Franklin published in his Pennsylvania Gazette what many believe to be the first American political cartoon: A writhing snake cut into pieces depicting the colonies severed from one another.

PTC Council conflict: The problem is some members don’t listen to public

The current conflict within the PTC Council reflects only the differences in personal viewpoints of each member of council, when, in fact, there is a void of citizen input on most issues.

Vouchers don’t address our education problems

It is interesting to note that state Senator Eric Johnson is still trying to push school vouchers on the citizens of Georgia. He should be paying more attention to improving the public school system in Georgia instead of trying to put a Band-aid on the problem. Given the history of his own district, I would think he would want to improve the public education system outside of the few counties who take a lot of pride in what they have established in their own communities.

Can’t find anyone who thinks bypass is good idea

To the Fayette County Commission: Having followed the discussions on the West Fayette Bypass and having read the recent letter submitted to The Citizen by Ms. Ginga Smithfield, I feel compelled to urge you to reassess the feasibility of this plan.

Here’s another side of the SPLOST story

In Claude Paquin’s latest editorial, he has stated some facts and opinions that require further explanation to help our fellow citizens decide on how to vote on the eSPLOST initiative on the November ballot.

Write-in candidate File: A pledge to open up often-murky BoE proceedings

You, as a member of this community, have a right to know what is going on — even behind the scenes — within our Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE).

Smola has fought to remain within BoE budget

Nicole File’s main campaign points identify frustrations regarding the Fayette County Board of Education and school board activities. That’s hardly an innovative platform to launch a campaign.

County has gotten better at recording its minutes

At the last meeting of the Fayette Citizens for Open Government (FayCOG), I was asked to meet with Commission Chairman Jack Smith to see what would be involved with getting more detail in the County Commission minutes.

Let out of county residents support our schools

Fayette Countians are proud. We are proud when we read in the paper of our school system’s high test scores (some of the highest in the state).

When will U.S. begin governing by its Constitution?

As we celebrate (if anyone really does), the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, I pause to consider how far we are removed from actually following it.

The elephant in the room

Absent from most discussion concerning the upcoming Presidential election is the likelihood of two vacancies on the Supreme Court during the next four years. This is truly “the elephant in the room” when we consider what those appointments could mean to the citizens of this country.

There is no such thing as a pro-abortion candidate

After reading the letters to the editor in this past week’s Citizen, and seeing probably four or five different letters all referring to someone being “pro-abortion,” I had to write in.

What we’ve learned about Palin

After the nomination of and acceptance speech by the Republican vice presidential candidate, what have we learned so far?

Fact or fiction? Time will tell

With Sarah Palin now just a “party” away from being the first woman vice president, the now defunct 2005 TV series, “Commander In Chief,” came to mind. The series’ fictional character, Mackenzie Allen, is the first woman VP.

Democrats/liberals/feminists need to get their story straight

On one hand, we are told that women must be supported in their desire to “have it all,” to be able to both work full-time and have a family. If someone suggests that it is better to stay home with the children, they are shouted down and told they are being anti-woman or old-fashioned.

Are we in a holy war?

“Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right; also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God. That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.” –Sarah Palin

We’re all Americans

Mr. Bobkowski, absurd as your remarks are regarding the Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Barak Obama (letter to the editor, 9/3/09), I feel compelled to publicly counter them. I do not want my children growing up believing that scare tactics, such as those you employ, are the right way to participate in a democracy. I will defend your right to support whomever you choose until the bitter end, but this practice of using rumors, innuendo and outright lies to try to influence voters has got to stop. Our democracy demands it.

Aliens, learn to adapt

To the person who responded to my article about the radical left agenda and chose not to sign their name, I would like to add this.

Thanks for Freedom Walk

I would like to thank high school student Caitlin Dillon for her thoughtfulness and effort in coordinating the second annual Patriot Day Freedom Walk on Sept. 6, 2008. Her parents should be proud of her.

PTC Council, try listening to citizenry

Council members, “We the people” elected you to represent us. To this date I have seen no inquiries from you as to what “we the people” desire.

Plunkett: Have to observe rights, too

Mr. Black, thank you for your letter. I just want to point out a couple of facts. I was elected to represent the people of PTC and as much as I don’t always like it personally, sometimes those “people” own commercial pieces of property and they have rights, too.

Mayor’s China junket raises many questions

I’m a little disappointed that there has not been any follow-up to this story [about Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon’s trip to China]. It raises more questions than it answered.

PTC planners now picking the paint?

I find it hard to believe (no, I guess it is believable) that the PTC Planning Commission is involving itself in exterior paint color selection at the Kedron Kroger, yet it has allowed all that has happened on Ga. Highway 54 west of Ga. Highway 74, among other examples of the “ruining” of PTC.

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