Ga.’s New Math curriculum in Fayette schools: It just doesn’t add up

An open letter to state Schools Superintendent and Fayette County neighbor Kathy Cox:

Three years ago, Georgia began the phased-in implementation of a new math curriculum. Today’s 9th graders are the lead group, having started the program when they were in 6th grade.

Too busy to vote in local elections? Tell the Marines

Every Fourth of July we celebrate the birth of our nation with parades, fireworks and family gatherings. Occasionally we may remember why we are actually celebrating.

West Fayette Bypass means destruction, disruption for these families

On the Fayette County letterhead there is a partial drawing of our beloved courthouse. Under the drawing of our courthouse, the letterhead reads, “Where Quality Is A Lifestyle.” This [month marked] the end of our quality of life in Fayette County.

School system spends our tax money wisely

Given all the recent letters regarding the Fayette County Board of Education, I hope to bring some facts to the conversation.

Schools run jobs program for parapros

If you were to compare the demographics of North Fulton County with Fayette County you’d find that they are virtually the same: above average household income, low poverty levels, excellent students, and perhaps most importantly, parents who care about their children’s education.

Haddix: By 3-2, PTC going the wrong way

The recent announcement of job cuts at Panasonic is a shock and a loss to Peachtree City. It is also a call to take a serious look at where Peachtree City currently is and where it is going. For those who remember, these were campaign issues and have been ongoing concerns for Councilman Doug Sturbaum and me.

Still no progress on BoE records

When the British surrendered at Yorktown in October 1781, their band played a tune entitled “The World Turned Upside Down.” On that brisk fall afternoon, as they marched in front of the victorious Continental Army, the British officers looked away from their victors and all British troops’ weapons were pointed toward the ground. The world had indeed changed forever.

County should take closer look at kinds of vehicles they are buying

Fayette County commissioners, I am writing to express my concern about the vehicle replacement committee estimated costs report dated Aug. 7, 2008. You tabled the vote on this large expenditure at your last meeting.

Write-in candidate File: Hold BoE accountable

After closely following the Fayette County Board of Education for the last two years, I have decided to take a stand. My name is Nicole File and I am running as a write-in candidate for Post 1 of the Fayette County Board of Education.

NO to PTC-mandated one-vendor trash pickup

Consolidated trash collection in PTC will be a huge mistake unless strict requirements are put in place and enforced.

Save Fayette; make government open

I read with interest the letter from T. Morris of Peachtree City concerning the use of fees to block access to county public records.

No compromise possible on abortion

There are many important issues in this campaign to elect a new leader for this country. Our combined votes will have a profound effect on our country and our world. I am single-minded. And the reason is I find all subsequent issues so far below the first, my vote is made regardless of the differences on those other issues by these two candidates.

You can’t use pope to excuse Obama vote

It is true, as Robert Clark pointed out in the Aug. 27 issue of The Citizen, that the former Cardinal Ratzinger was quoted saying that voting for a “pro-choice” candidate was “permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons (though it should be noted that he wasn’t specifically speaking about John Kerry, this quote is from a 2003 Vatican memorandum entitled Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion: General Principles).”

Obama supporter takes pope’s statement on abortion out of context

As a Catholic, I felt I had to respond to Robert Clark’s letter regarding Catholics and voting for Obama. It is disingenuous to use statements made by Pope Benedict XVI (at the time Cardinal Ratzinger) to try and justify voting for a pro-abortion politician.

Obama’s position is pro-infanticide

Mr. Robert Clark says I was wrong to say that Barack Obama’s position on abortion disqualifies him as a viable candidate for Catholics. He cited a 2004 “quote” from Cardinal Ratzinger which he paraphrased as saying “that a voter was free to support a candidate who does not oppose abortion if the voter believes a candidate’s position on other issues outweighs his or her stand on abortion.”

‘Yes Bama’ or ‘No Bama’: 4 steps to no

#1. Co-Bama (We would get two Obamas for the price of one).

Obama says that, of the three wisest people he knows and who would most have his ear in his administration, first and foremost would be his wife. She’s the one who stated earlier this year, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” (Mr. Obama stated that his other wise advisers would be his grandma and Ted Kennedy. I don’t know what type of policy experience his grandma possesses, but Ted Kennedy’s track record is easy to trace.)

PTC, keep Bridlepath unchanged

Mayor Logsdon and PTC Council: Please sit on the bid due this week for Bridlepath Lane drainage improvement.

This bid was in response to citizen complaints of flooding over the small spillway path bridge over four years ago. The engineering department is responding to the council direction, but the fix is not necessary, will scar the scenic Peachtree Parkway just south of Booth Middle School, remove one of the most beautiful routes of the cart path system, and will not be used.

School system not so open with SPLOST ‘public’ records

On Aug. 4, a story in The Citizen indicated there was considerable disagreement between Fayette County Board of Education members Janet Smola and Dr. Bob Todd.

It’s time for BoE to make hard decisions

I have been a Fayette County resident since 1984 and am sad to say that I have never attended a Board of Education meeting until [Aug. 21]. I did attend last night’s board meeting because of the proposed increase in school taxes and the proposed SPLOST to raise an additional $115,000,000 to operate the school system.

Economics for BoE: Start with the buses

There is a need to introduce a concept to the Fayette County Board of Education that seems to be an oversight. Apparently, the idea of cost avoidance is a new and relatively untried methodology for finding existing sources of revenue within our school district that can be redirected.

Some thoughts on county’s sloppy paving cleanup and SPLOST

I have come across what I believe to be a solution to Fayette County’s developing financial dilemma, the budget shortfall and raising taxes.

Newbies welcomed to PTC triathlon

I am compelled to write and acknowledge the amazing people involved in organizing the Peachtree City Triathlon and the PTC TRI Club. I and two female friends (a mid 30s and two 40-somethings) for some crazy reason thought that we should register and try to complete in the race held Aug. 23.

Catholics and voting for Obama: Abortion dilemma is more complicated

In the correspondence from Trey Hoffman in the Aug. 15, 2008, edition of The Citizen, he addressed the subject of abortion and Barack Obama, and states that it is not okay for a Catholic to vote for Obama because of Obama’s position on the matter.

Radical left’s multicultural push destroying U.S.

The nefarious agenda of America’s radical left appears to be designed with the aim of destroying America by promoting the very conditions in this country that have destroyed others.

A poem about America’s Election Year 2008

It was election year 2008
and who was the Democratic candidate?
Don’t know ... I will give you a clue:
He is a senator from Illinois ... that’s who.

A different viewpoint: America controlled by Satan

What does God expect of the United States of America? This question must be clarified. What does God expect of the U.S. government? Well, the Bible says that Satan is in control of earthly governments, so God would expect evil and tyranny from all human forms of rulership.

Jackson says thanks for your vote for probate judge

Thank you, Fayette County voters, for showing your support and confidence by electing me to be the next probate judge. I am privileged to have the opportunity to serve you and your families.

BoE salivating over uncertain new tax

While reading the article about the Fayette County School Board’s debate over placing a SPLOST proposal on the November ballot, it became clear to me how elected officials seem to salivate over the possibility of new tax dollars.

New PTC school zones strictly for $$$

The purpose of restricting speed around schools when children are present is a worthy endeavor. Kids can do the unexpected and nobody wants to accidentally hit a child. But, is safety is the only reason for these zones?

Paper double-minded

Lately your paper has bemoaned the lack of growth in Fayette County. You whine about empty store fronts, rising taxes, minority growth, and how Coweta is getting all the business. Could it be that you are the same people who criticized all growth, no matter what, for reasons both rational and irrational for the last 20 years?

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