70th Infantry reunion set

The 70th Infantry Division Association, Trailblazers, will hold its Biennial Reunion at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport Hotel, Erlanger, Ken., Sept. 10-14, 2008. For information, contact Steve Dixon, VP South, 404 Calgary Drive, Peachtree City, Ga., 30269 or call 404-944-1268 or email skdixon@bellsouth.net.

Great job, Fayette citizens

Another year has passed with a successful ending to the 17th Annual Georgia Police Memorial Ride hosted by Fayette County.

All law-abiding citizens should be allowed to marry

I read with interest Trey Hoffman’s response to Terry Garlock’s article on the legalizing of gay marriage. I have found Trey’s insights in the past to be well-thought, logically put together analyses, but this one almost seemed to be a visceral response guised in a clever cloak of a concise, hermetic argument.

Why gay marriage upsets me

Seldom do I broach the subject of homosexuality or my war experiences in Korea and Vietnam, because war implies death and destruction. Although I loved the military, which has broadened my knowledge, I want to forget the tragedies of war and occasional bad dreams I have.

Thanks for cleaning up

Some nice news, for a change. There are folks in this community who really care, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Lisa Christin and her three young boys.

Jensen-Linton active in community

I was disappointed after reading the informational letter printed in the Citizen about one of the candidates for Fayette County School Board. Voters need to have as much knowledge of those seeking office as possible. Since I know Carol Jensen-Linton personally, I would like to share my insight to the kind of women she is and how hard she works for this community.

Government schools getting what you pay for

Steve Brown’s recent letter about the circling of the drain by our school systems got my gremlins going, so I did a little research.

Big box plans don’t help small businesses

I own a small company that does freelance photography and graphic design work in the Fayette and Coweta County areas. For full disclosure, I live, and therefore vote, in Coweta County. However, much of my business is serving Fayette County, and especially Peachtree City, residents.

PTC English class reason to thank USA

This country has a lot of opportunities in many areas, especially when it comes to education. The United States offers opportunities to help people to get educated.

Thanks for successful MDA fund-raiser

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Executive Lock-Up in Peachtree City on Wednesday, June 4. With the support of the community, MDA raised over $24,000.

DA challenger Hayes has big problem with facts: He doesn’t have all of them

My opponent seeks to convince the voters that the men and women of the district attorney’s office aren’t as aggressive as we should be in defending our families, especially from child molesters.

Hayes says several cases mishandled, demands ‘competent management’

I am writing regarding a recent plea handled by the District Attorney’s Office with respect to four individuals charged with child molestation.

New sheriff must admit Fayette has crime problem if he is to solve it

On May 28, 2008, The Citizen ran an article titled “Sheriff slams candidate Simmons for ‘distortion,’ fear-mongering.” On the same day, a letter from Sheriff Johnson to the editor entitled “Sheriff Johnson: Simmons distorts criminal statistics,” was published.

Legislators cut funds, so students fail

The notices of testing failures (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test) are out, and many of our kids will either be left back or will go to summer school.

Fuhrman: Will serve with ‘open and fair approach’

As a candidate for Fayette County Commissioner Post 2, I want to serve our government so as to involve each citizen in the exciting process of elective representation. Our county government is best served when we are all involved. We live in a great county because of our personal involvement and concern for each other.

Gay marriage and society: Look who’s calling McCain a moderate Democrat

It has been a while since I have felt compelled to respond to a Citizen commentary. However, after Terry Garlock’s column about his new-found enlightenment on the issue of same-sex marriage, it was not enough to shake my head in disbelief, but worthy of a few words in response.

Defining the enemy: ‘Terrorism’ didn’t attack this country; radical Islam did

I found John Munford’s article about Randy Gaddo’s Memorial Day commemoration talk, “Memorial Day speaker recalls terrorism’s 1st big attack” (The Citizen, May 28), particularly striking after having recently watched the “American Experience” presentations on PBS about Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

County commission fails to inform public

[To the assistant county administrator:] I am disappointed that I have not heard from you on your proposed meeting concerning the proper documentation of the minutes of the Fayette County Commission. I was looking forward to giving you insight into the basis of my concerns surrounding this issue and getting answers to my questions submitted in my earlier letter to you.

In controversy over energy, don’t overlook obvious

I just spent $72 to fill my car with gasoline. As a middle school science teacher, I constantly challenge my students to think critically. They are encouraged daily to do two things: don’t overlook the obvious and answer the question. It is with them in mind that I frame this letter.

Writer objects to deputy visit

On May 21 at approximately 5 p.m., I was confronted at my home by sheriff’s candidate Wayne Hannah. This was the same day that my letter to the editor appeared in The Citizen, in which I expressed my concerns about sheriff’s candidate Dave Simmons’ campaign signs being removed from locations in the county.

How can Sheriff Johnson deny Fayette has a gang problem after recent arrests?

In his letter to the editor Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Sheriff Randall Johnson writes:
“Let me be clear – Fayette County does not have a ‘gang problem.’”

Sheriff is in denial about gang problem in Fayette

It was with a great deal of sadness that I read Sheriff Randall Johnson’s letter to the editor in your newspaper on May 28, 2008.

DA opponent Hayes: Ballard poorly prepared

I am writing in response to the press release/“letter to the editor” submitted by Scott Ballard and published by The Citizen on May 27.

Jensen-Linton announces for Post 3 school board

My name is Carol Jensen-Linton and I am running for the Fayette County Board of Education, Post 3.
Many members of our community have encouraged me to run for the School Board because of my volunteer work in the schools and my involvement in the community. We have a good school system; however, we can make it better. I believe that I have the experience, knowledge, and skills to help make that happen.

Legalizing gay marriage undermines the basic unit structure of society

Our society is truly in crisis, an existential, unprecedented, and potentially cataclysmic crisis that goes unreported and unnoticed. The crisis has to do with marriage, with redefining marriage as nothing more than a vehicle for self-fulfillment, as opposed to the fundamental institution of society and civilization.

Schools fail basic mission: Encouraging learning

A local parent asked me in the midst of a poolside chat what I thought about the recent outcry regarding the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) and gauche display by the Georgia Department of Education. I replied that everyone seems to be disappointed.

PTC must guard Line Creek Nature Area

Firstly, a big thank you to Mr. Haddix and Mr. Sturbaum for doing your homework and clarifying for us all in last week’s Citizen why we should say NO to a big box permit for the Line Creek Shopping Center.

McCain has double standard for his running mate

If there is one strong advantage that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, has over either of the remaining Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in vying for the presidency, it is his service, both in peace and war, as a naval officer, retiring with the rank of captain.

Sheriff Johnson: Simmons distorts criminal statistics

The most recent edition of your newspaper contains the latest in a series of letters that I find alarming. My issue is not the spirit of competition for political office, but the use of fear and disregard, or more accurately, distortion of facts as a tool for creating a political platform.

F’ville Police Dept. has been proactive in keeping Pavilion safe place to shop

As someone who has a direct responsibility for the law enforcement deployment and police activity related to the Fayette Pavilion and other shopping areas in Fayetteville, I feel the need to set the record straight.

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