A poem about America’s Election Year 2008

Tue, 08/26/2008 - 2:58pm
By: Letters to the ...

It was election year 2008
and who was the Democratic candidate?
Don’t know ... I will give you a clue:
He is a senator from Illinois ... that’s who.
Barack Obama is the name
and a “change” is his game.

And who have the Republicans given the nod?
An Arizona senator is looking for the job.
Give up? Well, his name is John McCain,
a Vietnam War hero is his fame.

The first two questions were not really the acid test
But to answer the next one you will have to be at your best.
So we will ask, how is this election apart from all of the rest?
Answering this one will be quite some quest.

Is it a race between the youngest and the oldest?
While this is true, it is not the one we request.

How about experience vs the lack of same?
Nope, still wrong ... for shame.

Is it a black or white issue?
You know it is not that ... don’t you?

So just what could it be?
Think hard and you will see.
For the first time we have two candidates trying to win a race
and not one of the conventions have yet to take place.

So I have to sit here and wonder why spend buckets of money
on a elephant or donkey ...
just to tell this country what it already knows.
Who are going to be the stars of shows.

So what is the real purpose of a presidential convention? Listen up, me hardy.
Don’t ask ... why do you think they call it the Grand Old Party?

So call off the conventions as they have no appeal,
Now that the two boys have come up with their deal.

Instead spend the money on feeding the needy,
and keep the money out of the hands of the greedy.

But no matter which one come up with a win,
here’s wishing him god speed through thick and thin

One last thought and this ode will end
and never be suggested or even mentioned again.

We have come this far without a single convention.
Let’s go all the way ... and cancel the election.

Don’t laugh ... it could be done,
and the money we can save can be measured by the ton.

Later on, near the end of the year,
the pollsters will see with eyes most clear

who according to the polls is in the lead
and will be declared the winner, oh yes, indeed.

As for the other, I can only say,
Get ready for 2012 ... without delay.

I know that conventions and elections are here to stay.
But ... perhaps in time our traditions might begin to stray
and a new way to choose a president will be in place.
We will have the same results, but without a bitter after taste.

There is a flip side in doing it this way:
People will no longer will be able to say,
“I voted for the other guy, believe it or not,
so don’t blame me for the problems we got.”

Ralph Heim
Fayetteville, Ga.

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