Why block businesses with median?

In “Free Speech” on Nov. 19, I read a comment by someone responding to my letter to the editor about the median on Ga. Highway 74 preventing a left turn into the Post Office or Waffle House. This person referred to me as an “idiot.”

PTC officers go above and beyond

I am visiting my mother from out of town because on Oct. 27, 2008, my father passed away after a very short stay at the hospital. It was completely unexpected, leaving my mother here in Peachtree City alone for the first time in 51 years.

Thanks for right decision on SPLOST

I am writing you on behalf of my husband Neil Sullivan, Tracey Goodman, and the Fayette Citizen’s for Children Committee, who worked tirelessly on the ESPLOST measure.

Haddix on trash and Wieland rezoning

With so many issues in the public eye it seemed to be a good time for another letter to the editor.

Trash and recycling issues are important in the world today. So, when a mandatory Peachtree City recycling program was presented in a workshop, some of us on council began from an opposing position, but were open to new facts that could change our minds. I was vocal over problems I had with this concept.

Fayette voters, you deserve Obama

I so appreciate Cal’s comments on upcoming elections. The Citizen does a great service in bringing to light all the issues, local to national.

‘Hidden racism’ in Obama vote? How about just plain political differences?

Last week’s letter to the editor about the “Obama effect” and hidden racism was nonsensical. I found it self-righteous, offensive to Americans and white Southerners.

Opponents distorted ice rink issue

Despite the fact that the [$9.95 million Peachtree City] recreation bond was defeated, I feel compelled to share my perspective.

Single-provider was vote-buying

I have to disagree with S. Leslie Rowell on the garbage franchise.

If the two companies merge, we have the option to change providers. This cannot be accomplished through the franchise.

Sewer hike punishes conservation

Don’t you just love it? We already pay a high premium for sewage, and because we have been good stewards of our very precarious water supply, the sewage authority is going to raise our rates 10 percent over the next year.

Leadership in PTC: Garbage in, garbage out”

I read with some interest your front page opinion regarding the proposed garbage pickup plan in Peachtree City. Although I respect your opinion on the subject, there is one false statement that I hope wasn’t printed to intentionally mislead your readership:

Oppose Orwellian mandated recycling

I recently wrote this forum to express my view in favor of the recreational bond issue (ice rink, etc.) and though it didn’t pass, I’m pleased that the democratic process worked as it was designed to.

Reject single provider and expect your bill to go up

Peachtree City, you may soon think your garbage bill stinks.

There has been much debate and difference of opinion regarding Peachtree City Council’s consideration of an exclusive, city-wide, municipal, residential garbage service.

On PTC trash and a new median at Post Office

I arrived at the Post Office today in Peachtree City and noticed that the construction of Ga. Highway 74 was still in progress.

Why is PTC pushing this?

I have to agree with Cal Beverly. I do not understand why this is being considered despite public outcry to leave this issue alone.

How the ‘Obama effect” has revealed hidden racism among some voters

The Bradley effect is dead. The Obama effect is alive.

What is the Obama effect? It’s the proposition that a person’s true prejudicial persona (if one is present) becomes evident when a person is elected to office that is truly the target of their prejudice, whether that prejudice is gender, race, ethnicity, or religion.

‘Anne Frank’ at McIntosh High is great theater

Once in a lifetime, if we are lucky, we get to experience theater so profoundly moving that it can fundamentally change your world-view.

Peer pressure getting tough in high school

I attend Starr’s Mill High School with Kymberly Smith, who sent in a letter to the editor about high school teenagers drinking alcohol, smoking a joint, and having sex.

McIntosh senior: Stop socialism trend

Congressman Westmoreland, as a long-time descendent of taxpayers, and as a good, honest, hard-working citizen of the United States of America, I must tell you this upcoming election is more frightening to the economic stability of this beloved country than I had initially thought.

Fatal cycle crash headline should have said, ‘Another driver kills a biker’

“Motorcyclist dies in crash”: A bad headline that implies that yet another bike riding man died doing something stupid. This was the title of an article in The Citizen on Oct. 22. What the headline should have said is: “Another driver kills a biker.”

New Hwy. 74 median dangerous

I am a regular at the Waffle House on Ga. Highway 74 in Peachtree City. I am also a regular at the U.S. Post Office next door.

How does God want me to respond to what I see happening to the U.S.A.?

How are Christians to think and live at this time of national financial crisis? Let’s review some of the ways faith is to walk through such a time as this.

The late Rep. Lakly rightly favored school vouchers

I knew Dan Lakly for over 10 years and have praised Dan in private and in public. While we did have a few disagreements, one thing Dan and I strongly supported was the “Choice in Education” movement, “Olympic quality education for America’s kids at low, low Wal-Mart prices.”

It’s hard to be a good high school student

Being a high school sophomore, I spend my days surrounded by hundreds of students discussing their weekend plans to get drunk or hook up with yet another older guy.

Here’s how to help local military families

Citizens of Fayette County, I am once again coming to you to ask for your support for the children of deployed soldiers.

‘I want to vote . . .’

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is not authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God” (Rom. 13:1). These words are directed to Christians as a preamble to a section on the civic duties of the church.

Can’t PTC quieten the trains?

There are communities in the United States and Canada that have laws to decrease unnecessary noise.

The CSX train that travels along Ga. Highway 74 honks unnecessarily during the night, causing disruption in several peoples’ sleep.

Schools’ funding ‘emergency,’ declining enrollments were evident for years

My fellow taxpayers, please allow me to tell you what an honor it has been to receive your emails of support, to receive your phone calls and to meet so many wonderful people who share a common vision of accountability in education.

Support continuing excellent Fayette schools by supporting the ESPLOST

As the election draws near, the coming decision regarding the E-SPLOST has come more into focus with Mr. Brown and Mr. Paquin choosing to offer a different strategy and using data from a different decade.

Don’t make vote on ESPLOST a punitive measure

I hesitate to send in an article on the SPLOST because of all of the negativity associated with the topic, all of the mudslinging at the BOE, all of the finger-pointing and unpleasantness that has been printed and debated for weeks. I will certainly not be contributing to that.

Bacallao: ‘We live in a free country and I’d like to keep it that way’

Do you remember where you were when President Kennedy was shot? My father was teaching government at Susquehanna Valley High. He was speechless for at least five minutes. This blow hit my father hard, one of eight children from an Irish-Catholic family. My father was an ardent Kennedy supporter, a Democrat from Scranton, Penn., with a strong belief in equal rights for all people.

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