Leadership in PTC: Garbage in, garbage out”

Tue, 11/11/2008 - 4:29pm
By: Letters to the ...

I read with some interest your front page opinion regarding the proposed garbage pickup plan in Peachtree City. Although I respect your opinion on the subject, there is one false statement that I hope wasn’t printed to intentionally mislead your readership:

“(CLM doesn’t operate) ... in the city, so there are no local customers to recommend it.”

I am a PTC resident, and I have used CLM for my curbside pickup for nearly two years. Although my opinion likely won’t sooth your distaste for mandated city-wide pickup, I have been quite happy with CLM’s service. Their price was the best found when I was shopping for service.

The proposed price that CLM is currently offering for city-wide pickup will be less than I am paying now (I am including the current $5 fee for recycling), and will include weekly recycling instead of monthly pickup (the service that CLM now provides.)

If the “questions” in your article are meant to be taken seriously, I’ll answer them for you:

The “total cubic yardage of garbage generated every week” will likely not change with only one carrier.

I reviewed the City Council agenda for tomorrow night (page 80-101) and found no argument suggesting that total garbage generation would decrease secondary to the implementation of city-wide pickup. Some proponents do suggest that if we also have city-wide recycling paired with general trash pickup, general trash tonnage will be reduced as the recycling increases.

Trucks from the current carriers are not “running empty or near-empty through our streets just to cause noise and asphalt wear.”

Causing noise and street wear is not profitable, and is therefore an unlikely reason to do business in our city.

The bottom line is that I am supporting city-wide pickup, although I do have some reservations and concerns with the ability for CLM to fully deliver the product offered in the RFP. Either way, I hope to see you tomorrow night at the City Council meeting.

Frank Wesley Deal

Peachtree City, Ga.

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