PTC used reserves to ‘balance’ budget for 2 years

Will the firings of 25 PTC employees save the budget? The answer is a resounding NO!

Few are aware that this budget deficit that has been discussed to death was a direct cause of the overspending and mismanagement of funds by our elected officials and the city manager. The budgets were out of balance for the last two years, but were not reflected that way.

What is the PTC ‘vision’ and why has the city council lost sight of its value?

I have now lived in Peachtree City for six months. I moved from the overdevelopment of upper Gwinnett County to the good schools and “village” atmosphere of Peachtree City. I began reading The Citizen to supplement conversations with local people in order to get a feel for how things work here.

Instead of chopping teachers to balance budget, cut some admin staff

Fayette County School System’s Budget Allotment Committee is charged with the task of finding budget cuts approaching $14.5 million.

Tethered dogs are almost always neglected; ban all chaining in Fayette

Response to “Anti-tethering group works against dog owners”: The author of the letter in opposition to the proposed anti-tethering ordinance chooses to by-pass the harsh realities and widespread practice of long-term tethering.

F’ville Fire Dept. has top-notch pros

On a Sunday night, during the Super Bowl, our carbon monoxide detector went off, registering at 283. Earlier in the day another carbon monoxide alarm went off in the attic, so I was a little more concerned.

What we get if Obama has his way

First, I would like to thank the editor of The Citizen for providing the column space for this discussion to take place. Open discussion on topics such as these is essential for our community and for the nation as a whole.

Why can’t conservatives see that 20 years of their ideas have led to bust?

I have just read Mr. Rettmann’s bombastic letter defending Rush Limbaugh and criticizing President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Kennedy (I’m not sure which one). He even goes so far as to call these government officials, all of whom are or were elected by the people, followers of Lenin, Marx and Alinski.

Will more money improve education?

Will more money solve the education dilemma in America? Let me answer it this way.

Over the past 14 years, I have traveled to China 12 times, and four out of the past five summers I have hosted mainland Chinese high school students in my home as a part of a cultural and educational program. During the past decade, I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture and their educational system.

Anti-tethering group works against dog owners

An anti-tethering (chaining of dogs) special interest group is working in Fayette County. Their agenda has not been made public nor has this group used public information and education to bring concerns to the attention of county residents. This group is not willing to admit that temporary chaining of dogs is sometimes necessary.

Science fair highlights excellence of Fayette students

The recent Fayette County Science and Engineering Fair on Tuesday, Jan. 27, was not just about winning and losing, but about the hundreds of middle school and high school students who now have a hands-on experience with science and engineering and some of the challenges that face our society.

West F’ville Bypass Coalition challenges county to justify ‘development’ road

I am representative of the WFBC. The WFBC is an organization of citizens of Fayette County who are directly impacted and oppose the West Fayetteville Bypass (“WFB”) project. The WFB is a SPLOST project that barely passed under the guise of “road Improvements.”

Rush II: Would U.S. benefit from Obama’s failure?

In response to my letter to the Editor printed in The Citizen on Jan. 27, 2009, concerning the Rush Limbaugh statement that “I hope Obama fails,” I wish to provide a reply to the reasoned, non-vituperative thoughts of three local residents (Robert Brown, USA Ret.; Roger Casale, LTC, USA Ret.; and W. Morgan, homemaker) and congratulate them for not only taking the time to express their views but, more importantly, to openly provide an actual name and location and not hide behind some opaque email moniker.

Obama-Pelosi plans will end prosperity

Only people who want America to disintegrate could possibly want Obama’s vision for it to succeed.

Obama and his minions want to transform the U.S.A. into the European model of socialism — failing miserably there, in Canada and everywhere else it’s been tried.

Bales of borrowed money won’t help

In Al Capp’s popular comic strip, “Lil Abner,” there was a spin-off from time to time about 40 years ago, about a mythical country called Lower Slobovia, where there was nothing but desolation — no vegetation, no fuel, no industry, and no jobs.

Litterbugs, celebrate: PTC is city of your dreams

I have found the city of our dreams — Peachtree City

Litter here, litter there, litter everywhere
Litter by the road, litter by the path

Missing: Stimulus for housing market

There is one important element missing from the landmark economic stimulus package now being assembled on Capitol Hill.

PTC should consider tax hike, other options

The weekend edition of one of the local papers has yet another picture of Mayor Logsdon accepting a plaque from a magazine declaring Peachtree City one of the top 10 places in the U.S. to retire.

Rush controversy: Selective quoting, distorted context, 1-sided outrage

In his letter to the editor Jan. 28, Col. Williams takes Rush Limbaugh’s comments out of context in his effort to demonize Rush and other conservatives who disagree with President Obama’s proposals.

Liberal logic: ‘Patriots’ fervently hope for Bush’s failure, but ‘enemies’ oppose Obama

I take exception to the article submitted by Col. Wade J. Williams in the “Letters, faxes, email” section dated Jan. 28, 2009. Col. Williams accused Limbaugh of joining the nation’s enemies because he stated that he wanted President Obama to fail.

Patriotism defined by candidate you prefer

In response to Mr. Williams commentary on Rush Limbaugh last week: The short quote, “I hope he fails,” is invitation to a wide variety of interpretation.

Scenes from the government’s money printers

This is a page from the life of Joe the caller. My attempt at humor. This little satire might be funny if what’s going on in Obamadad wasn’t so pathetic — and expensive.

Fayette opens hearts to military families

Citizens of Fayette County, once again your have outdone yourselves.

Each year I come to you and ask for your help to brighten the holidays for children of deployed soldiers. This year, thanks to your generosity, you did just that for over 650 children.

Election of Obama opens world of hope

President Barack Hussein Obama’s historic ascension to our country’s highest office has not only affected our own nation and lives, but it has also profoundly impacted even the most bucolic of societies and cultures throughout the world.

Rush Limbaugh joins nation’s enemies in hoping President Obama will fail

One of the first lessons we are taught virtually from infancy is the beauty and virtue of honesty.

But, like all things in this complex world, honesty must be examined in the context in which it is stated.

A flagrant poacher and local ‘justice’

The majority of the people who read this letter labor under the idea that justice is for everyone. They believe that if you break the law and are caught red-handed, justice will prevail.

Slavery still the law of the land in the U.S.A.

Slavery, one human being owning another human being, is morally reprehensible and still exists in the U.S. Constitution. Throughout history human beings have usually been placed into two categories by those in power: human beings who are recognized as full human beings with rights and legal protections under the law and human beings who are recognized as partial or non-human beings without rights and legal protections under the law.

Council, don’t enable new signal on 54W.

To apply for the light or not apply for the light: that is the question the Peachtree City Council must answer this Thursday night in order for the development at Line Creek to proceed as planned.

Citizens could do a lot better with cart bridge

The expression, “Making a mountain out of a mole hill,” should fit well in the innards of the golf cart bridge red tape.

Haddix tosses hat in mayoral race

The 2007 election was a rejection of the direction [the Peachtree City] Council had chosen over the prior two years. An incumbent was defeated and two council members were elected that promised to work to return Peachtree City to the village concept, as demanded by the comprehensive plan and the will of the Peachtree City residents. A message was clearly sent to the new council as to what the citizens wanted.

After 35 years and 37 million babies aborted, where do we stand?

Since the now infamous U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe vs. Wade in 1973, over 37 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States.

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