What we get if Obama has his way

Tue, 02/17/2009 - 4:29pm
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First, I would like to thank the editor of The Citizen for providing the column space for this discussion to take place. Open discussion on topics such as these is essential for our community and for the nation as a whole.

Far too many folks have abdicated their responsibility as citizens to stay informed and to participate in our political process. History tells us there is danger ahead when this happens.

I was pleased to see that the colonel admitted that “the three” who took issue with his comments about Rush Limbaugh’s remarks were in fact correct. However, his admission of taking Limbaugh out of context, “For the sake of argument, fair enough,” seems somewhat disingenuous.

My question would be why did you make those accusations when you knew they were incomplete or misleading?

After acknowledgment of his “half truth” about Limbaugh’s remarks, he goes on for three-and-a-half columns of print disparaging the Bush administration about Iraq while forgetting the circumstances that led to our taking action (with unanimous Security Council approval) after 12 years of Saddam Hussein violating the terms of his surrender after the first Gulf War.

He then delivers a litany against Limbaugh for failing to consider national security concerns while obsessing only about economic issues and social programs.

And then he goes on to ridicule and disparage those who are concerned about radical left wing policies that will fundamentally change our government to the detriment of the principles and foundations that have made this country the best the world has ever seen.

I would like to suggest that Col. Wade take time to fully inform himself of the realities that face our nation today and consider the consequences (and unintended consequences) of the policies and programs being offered up and mandated by the current administration.

If President Obama succeeds in achieving his goals, we will not be able to distinguish the United States of America from any European socialist country that currently dictates what their citizens can do with their lives, how long they work, how they receive medical care, how they practice their religion, how they protect their individual rights and property and how much of their money they get to keep. Somehow this doesn’t seem like the American way to me.

Limbaugh is accused of “planting the subliminal seed that a ‘creeping socialism’ will lead inevitably to disguised form of totalitarian communism.”

Limbaugh is not planning the seed; he is making a statement of fact based upon the declared policies and programs of the new administration. Personally, I reject both “isms,” and it’s clear that when the details are finally reveled to the American public, they reject them as well.

Col. Wade states that citizens spoke out loud and clear on Nov. 4 for change, but I’m not sure that’s correct, since the actual details of the change were muted by the liberal media until it was too late.

In fact, I don’t know of anyone who voted for the government to take over the banking industry, the housing market, the auto makers and the medical delivery system in this country.

And who voted to mute conservative talk radio because liberal talk radio cannot draw listeners?

I don’t believe anyone voted to confiscate privately owned guns, but then one doesn’t have to confiscate them; the government just has to require registration of all privately owned weapons and then monitor the purchase of ammunition to have the same effect.

If you don’t think this is control by a central government, you missed a big part of your civics and government class in high school.

Finally, the colonel thinks that the goals of President Obama are more realistically in line with the desires of the average American as evidenced by the majorities achieved in both the House and Senate.

If that were true, why does national polling of Democrats, Republicans, independents and others point in the opposite direction on many issues?

By significant and sometimes overwhelming majorities, Americans do not want amnesty for illegal aliens, but efforts continue to grant amnesty. The same is true for giving in-state college tuition to illegals.

The majority of Americans are concerned or are against the so-called stimulus bill [passed by] Congress because the details are just now being revealed as nothing but pork-laden projects with billions going to organizations such as ACORN, which as of last November was under indictment in 12 states for voter fraud.

If anyone thinks this is the type of government the average American voted for in the last election, they are sadly mistaken.

Roger F. Casale

LTC, US Army (Ret)

Peachtree City, Ga.

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