Liberal logic: ‘Patriots’ fervently hope for Bush’s failure, but ‘enemies’ oppose Obama

Tue, 02/03/2009 - 4:08pm
By: Letters to the ...

I take exception to the article submitted by Col. Wade J. Williams in the “Letters, faxes, email” section dated Jan. 28, 2009. Col. Williams accused Limbaugh of joining the nation’s enemies because he stated that he wanted President Obama to fail.

Although Rush made the statement Col. Williams quotes, the comment was taken completely out of context by the colonel.

Further, I am confident that Col. Williams (as an informed citizen) is aware of the full context of Limbaugh’s statement, yet he chose to distort the comment to suggest that Limbaugh is somehow an enemy of the United States because he disagrees with the President’s positions and policies.

If one follows this logic, then 46 million Americans who voted against President Obama and his policies are now enemies of the nation because we do not want the President to be successful in implementing said policies and programs that will grow government, make more citizens dependent on government programs and which will take this country toward European-style socialism.

Add to this, his foreign policy decisions that have already weakened our ability to deal with terrorists and the governments that support them.

I find it interesting that when the senior Democrat leadership in Washington, such as Clinton, Reed, Pelosi, Murtha, Dean, Cary, Dodd and others, condemned the President for the war, ridiculed the surge, called General Petraeus a liar in front of a Congressional committee and the American press, that somehow was determined to be patriotic because it was public dissent.

President Bush took seven years of criticism and vitriol from all corners of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media that clearly wanted President Bush to fail, yet their protestations were not considered unpatriotic. The double standard is breathtaking.

Personally, I do not want any political leader or party to succeed in implementing policies and programs that I believe will harm the security of this country, the economy and our Constitution. If that makes me an enemy, so be it.

Roger F. Casale

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret)

Peachtree City, Ga.

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