Fayette opens hearts to military families

Tue, 01/27/2009 - 4:35pm
By: Letters to the ...

Citizens of Fayette County, once again your have outdone yourselves.

Each year I come to you and ask for your help to brighten the holidays for children of deployed soldiers. This year, thanks to your generosity, you did just that for over 650 children.

I wish I could share the smiles and laughter, the unbridled joy that these children exhibit when they receive their gifts.

I wish, too, that I could show you the look of relief on the faces of the waiting spouses, who try, through difficult circumstances, to provide as normal a life as possible for their children.

This has been a difficult time for a lot of families, and the fact that you were willing to make Christmas special for these most deserving children speaks volumes.

Your kind hearts have also made it possible to help with back to school supplies, stuffed toys at Easter and a very special service – the Deployment Club.

Each week, students attend a meeting at their school where they can discuss their feelings and fears, and they can pick out a stuffed toy as a cuddle buddy.

This program has done wonders to help these children handle the fact that Mommy or Daddy is far away fighting in a war.

I know that there are so many worthwhile charities these days, and it means so much to me that you continue to support Embracing Military Families in our mission to insure that the members of our military, when they do come home, find well-adjusted, happy children.

In addition to all of the wonderful individual donations we received, there are several organizations that deserve special recognition. A huge thank-you goes to Clothes Less Traveled.

They are a charity in their own right, supporting many worthwhile causes right here in Fayette County, yet they found it in their hearts to help children that live many miles away. I strongly encourage everyone to shop at their store and allow them to continue their very beneficial work.

I would also like to single out the French Club at Starr’s Mill High School, under the wonderful direction of Marie Scott, whose son is currently deployed in Iraq.

I would also like to thank the Republican Party of Fayette County, both the Men’s and Women’s clubs. They have been generous supporters since this charity began at the start of the war.

BDM Travel has also been with us for several years, and we really appreciate their support.

While I have singled out a few groups for special mention, it doesn’t diminish the countless contributions we received from individual donors. Our work is made possible because of all of you.

It continues to be my hope and my prayer that someday our mission will end. Until that time, Embracing Military Families will remain ready, at their post, thanks to all of you.

Cathy McMullen

Chairman, Embracing Military Families

Peachtree City, Ga.

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