On PTC trash and a new median at Post Office

Tue, 11/11/2008 - 4:27pm
By: Letters to the ...

I arrived at the Post Office today in Peachtree City and noticed that the construction of Ga. Highway 74 was still in progress.

Instead of the turning lane I had thought they were constructing for easier access, there was a high cement median that prevented me from turning left to head home.

How absurd is this? Spending millions of dollars (our tax dollars at work) to widen Hwy. 74 and then to erect a barrier to the heavily used Post Office.

I can just imagine the anger of those of you who live south of the Post Office who head there on Hwy. 74, only to be denied access to the entrance. You must go to the busy and dangerous intersection of 74/54 and bang a U-turn. How outrageous is this?

If you agree with me contact Clay Bastain’s office: 404-631-1610

If you wish to petition or further get his attention his fax is: 404-631-1949.

The civil engineers who concocted this inept design need to reconsider this decision.

On the city garbage issue, I beg to differ with you, Cal Beverly. Having only one garbage truck travel up and down my street rather than the three that currently come barreling down my small cul-de-sac will definitely save on wear and tear of existing asphalt.

I use CLM for my garbage collection and have been pleased with their service and the response to my phone calls. I can also recommend a TRUE recycle company that will service all your recyclables with the exception of glass, with a once-a-week pickup, special day of the week for greens and lawn waste for $21 a month. It is StoneBridge Recycling, 770-834-5489. Give them a call.

I have always been suspicious of a trash company that arrives to pick up my recycle materials in a regular looking trash truck that smashes it all together. When I called to get specifics on where exactly they take this truck of crushed-up recycle mess, I never could get a valid answer.

Donna Groover

Peachtree City, Ga.

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