No compromise possible on abortion

Tue, 09/02/2008 - 3:28pm
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There are many important issues in this campaign to elect a new leader for this country. Our combined votes will have a profound effect on our country and our world. I am single-minded. And the reason is I find all subsequent issues so far below the first, my vote is made regardless of the differences on those other issues by these two candidates.

I was not in Germany during Hitler’s reign. I did not hear the Jews and others calling from the railcars as they stopped in small towns for fuel. I was not there to speak out or look the other way.

I was not here when our country allowed slavery. I was too young to understand the segregation I saw as a child in the South growing up.

I had no way to influence so I accept no responsibility for these atrocities in our past. They were inexcusable and the citizens should have done all they could to end them sooner.

Here today in 2008, right here in America, we are here while an even greater atrocity is committed. We celebrate this atrocity as a “freedom” and a “choice” and ignore its consequences.

The consequences are thousands of dead children each day. The consequences are devastated would-be mothers who will suffer for years regretting their permanent decision for a short-term problem.

A country whose culture is “death” instead of “life” suffers in many other ways beyond measure. How can we think slavery and segregation were terrible and pay no attention to the fact that 25 percent of the African-American population in this country has been killed prior to birth?

Today over 40 percent of African-American pregnancies end in death for the child. And countless thousands of white and Latino children die rather than have any chance at the life you and I are enjoying.

Our solution to a host of social problems is to kill the innocent. They have no freedom and no rights. Who speaks for them? Certainly not the courts in the U.S.A. And this new president has the potential to determine the courts for the next 30 years.

You don’t have to be a religious person to see this horrible act as a vicious attack on humanity. Even an atheist can see this is abhorrent to natural law.

This atrocity, worse than slavery, worse than the holocaust, will continue until the hearts of Americans see it for what it is. The murder of our most innocent children is what it is. And we are responsible for it.

We call ourselves free. We call this the greatest nation. Are we really either while this continues?

We are now considering as the leader of this country the most notorious promoter of death to the innocent ever considered. As he does this, he stands on a banner of being concerned about social issues. He just leaves out the most important social issue, right to life. If you don’t have that, nothing else matters.

He is there because we put him there. His potential to lead this country is our doing. Our votes have put him in this position. And he is guaranteed to receive 47 per cent of the American votes this November. He is working on the other 4 percent he needs to guarantee death to millions in the future.

We must change the hearts of Americans and thus the Democratic platform on abortion. I have no choice in this election. Many other social issues that are important to me I can not consider. The economy and the war in Iraq are meaningless if I have to support the American holocaust to vote for or against them.

This is too important to ignore. The killing must end. The American holocaust will continue indefinitely if he is elected. We are responsible for this holocaust. The American adults that support it or stand silently by while it continues are responsible for the continued killing of innocent children.

Sugar-coating it by calling it a choice, or a right, or a freedom, ignores reality. A child dies each time this choice is exercised. And millions of our government dollars are used to carry it out. I don’t have a choice on that. The tax dollars I earn and pay are used to pay to kill these babies.

Call me single-minded. Use any negative adjective you wish. Delete my email. Just don’t count me silent or asleep while this continues.

I don’t support slavery and I don’t support killing of Jews or others for their religious beliefs. And I would never vote for anyone in a political party that supported the killing of innocent children.

Jim Sells

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Submitted by bowser on Thu, 09/11/2008 - 7:31am.

Has anyone in your extended family ever had an abortion, or made that decision for a minor daughter?

If so, I hope you have looked them in the eye and told them they are a murderer and perpetrator of a holocaust, since you feel free to throw around such terms in the abstract. Must make for some awkward family reunions, where I assume you would shun them or maybe point at them and scream "murderer!!" until they fled in shame.

In any case, since you feel it is murder I assume you would favor a life sentence or the death penalty for anyone involved, should the procedure ever be outlawed. No?

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