Fleisch: Why a Realtor is running for PTC Council

Tue, 03/10/2009 - 3:54pm
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Since my announcement to run for Peachtree City Council, I have been asked why, as a Realtor, I would want to run for office.

The answer quite simply is property values. As a Realtor, lifestyle is a part of what I sell to the public. My concern is that the recent decisions by the majority on the Peachtree City Council will not enhance either the property values or the quality of life in our great city.

In the last three years, Peachtree City has grown considerably, especially in the area of retail development. The city council believes that the sales tax dollars brought in by retail is reason enough to keep building big box stores.

By selling two city streets to a developer and voting for a traffic light to be installed at Line Creek, the voting majority on the city council has shown that they do not share the same vision for the city that many of our residents do.

This “build it and they will come,” philosophy has lead to many vacant storefronts.

The beauty of Peachtree City has always been its village concept, developed with its land use plan. The voting majority on this council has chosen to deviate from that plan on more than one occasion, and I believe it to be a detriment to the city.

Currently, there is a request before the council to change the zoning for a section land near the runway at Falcon Field Airport from industrial to residential. I am strongly against this rezoning request.

In a planned community such as ours, building homes near an airport runway just does not make sense. The emphasis should be on filling our industrial areas with businesses that increase the city’s tax base instead of being short-sighted and changing zoning to build houses near an airport.

It is my hope that common sense will prevail and the voting majority will vote to preserve the integrity of the city’s land use plan.

Many Peachtree City residents have made the choice to live in our city because they appreciate what the city has to offer. Peachtree City has top-notch amenities, miles of cart paths and a wonderful lifestyle. We are fortunate to have a very intelligent and generous community of people who value the family-oriented atmosphere that is an inherent part of the city.

Should I win in November, my focus on the Peachtree City Council will be the preservation of property values and the lifestyle that the city provides.

Vanessa Fleisch

Candidate for PTC Council Post 4


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mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 03/11/2009 - 7:22am.

Being a Realtor simply means you passed a test and paid some dues - although you will certainly have more time on your hands the next 4 years if you get elected.

All I get out of your letter is you want to oust Plunkett (probably a good thing) and be the third vote in the Haddix/Sturnbaum new majority (not certain that is a good thing at all), but we shall see.

I think you and many others are correct that the zoning proposed by Doug Mitchell - os all people - to violate the land use plan and introduce residential into the industrial park (again) is completely inappropriate. Why Planning Commission and staff don't throw this out and close the door completely is a mystery to me. We have a plan - follow it. It was created by people a lot smarter than any serving in the city today and has worked for 50 years - Follow the plan!

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