Letter glosses over Democrats’ role

Tue, 03/03/2009 - 4:08pm
By: Letters to the ...

I have just read Mr. David Browning’s diatribe regarding my letter in the Feb 10 Citizen. Since he has chosen to follow the typical Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist method of debating an issue (a shrill, nonstop attack on any conservative who dares disagree with his infantile view), I’ll try instead to offer a common sense rebuttal, understanding that no Obamamaniac actually cares about truth or reality, only about that shiver running up his/her leg.

“Coming off 20 years of conservative government that enabled the current economic meltdown,” blah blah blah, “failed social policies.” As usual, a liberal lie.

First, while George Bush has been president for the past eight years, he has hardly been in control, as evidenced by Pelosi and Reed utilizing obscure Congressional rules of “order” to obstruct every Republican piece of legislation. These gimmicks, akin to prosecuting people for outdated laws like whistling on Sundays or kissing your wife while shining your shoes, were tactics the Republicans never used in their all-but-10-year minority.

While it is certain there have been failings in the controls supposedly regulating our financial institutions (how else could Bernie Madoff have been investigated twice and his not ever having made a trade not been found, or the junk instruments comprised of sub-prime mortgages been rated triple A?), who started the mess, controlled it and made it even worse?

Why Democrats, of course. Starting with Carter’s CRA and Janet Reno’s threatening financial institutions with “investigations” if they didn’t get their (bad) lending ratios up, through ACORN terrorizing board meetings and “oversight” by the likes of Christopher (Friend of Angelo) Dodd and Barney (any scrutiny of Fanny/Freddie is a racist attack on the poor) Frank, you can lay the architecture squarely at the feet of socialist Democrats.

So where are we now? As far as I can tell, your messiah has only been truthful once — when he misspoke to Joe the Plumber in an unscripted moment and revealed his intentions to redistribute our wealth or, as he put it, give those behind a hand up.

Have mine, DB? I’m just a working stiff who has worked all my life for what I have, starting with washing windows and delivering papers when I was 10 years old. Ensuring my family had medical coverage and a decent home were the fruits of my labor under our capitalist system.

I assure you, I would be no happier if someone broke into my home and was robbing me to “pay his rent” than I am that Obama is going to do it instead, but at least I’d be allowed to shoot the intruder.

And yes, DB, I did a tour in the US Navy — regular, not a 90-day wonder like your last failed presidential candidate, the poseur Kerry, during the height of the Vietnam War.

So you “think” the point of my letter was that the current crop of anti-American crooks, traitors and seditionists are not patriotic and will end American prosperity? That’s EXACTLY my point.

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in tiny little apparatchik allocated apartments, with “free” prescription drugs but having to wait 8-12 months for an MRI, shopping every day for toilet paper and their daily allotment of bread, then why don’t you move to Canada, France or England? Or better yet, that liberal Mecca, Cuba?

If you’re so sure that the “excesses” of our wonderful standard of living are taking away from the underprivileged of the world, then take them into your home. If you think we don’t pay enough in taxes, then send all the money you like to the U.S. government — they accept donations!

Now, realize that I don’t believe for an instant that any of you Obamanoids care a whit what is true or where we are headed. I know that you are all either vehemently anti-American or incredibly stupid. Whichever it is, you don’t believe for a minute that YOU will be subjected to the restrictions that will result.

So tell me, DB, what’s it like rubbing elbows with the likes of Barack Obama, William Ayres, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore?

Gary Rettmann

Peachtree City, Ga.

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