Employee Free Choice Act empowers workers

Tue, 04/07/2009 - 3:36pm
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I find it ironic that Kevin Arnold blames the Democrats in playing title games of laws when we just went through eight years of mis-titled laws by the Republicans that ran this country into the worse crisis since WWII.

The name of this bill is a good name for what the bill stands for: The Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act DOES NOT take away the right to a secret ballot vote like Kevin stated in his letter.

It allows for and is stated in the bill that the employees can ask for a secret ballot or they can use card check. This bill allows for the EMPLOYEES to make the choice, not the employer. This is why the bill is named Employee Free Choice Act.

Under current law you are allowed to organize companies by secret ballot or card check. This difference is the current law allows employers to chose which way they want the employees to use to organize the work place, not the employees.

Kevin’s letter talks about union intimidation through card check, but cited no incidents and even exaggerated what information will be on the card you sign.

It also states under current law workers hear the pros and cons, then they get to vote the way they wish. If this was true, there would be no need for this bill.

However, Kevin’s letter did not mention that in 25 percent of secret ballot election for unions, the company illegally fires at least one worker; or that 75 percent of companies hire union-busting consultants firms when they know the workers are trying to organize; 78 percent of companies force the workers to have one-on-one meetings against the union with their immediate supervisor; and 92 percent of companies force employees to attend mandatory closed-door meetings against the union.

So who is really intimidating the workers?

If it was true that union membership is down because companies treat employees well, offer good work conditions, decent pay and benefits, then the companies will not have to worry about what avenue is used to organize a workplace, but we all really know most companies do not fit this claim.

Plus, if you are against unions so much, in right to work state you do not have to pay the dues and still get the benefits of the union’s protection and bargained gains.

Lastly, I find it very ironic that Kevin’s letter failed to mention that the Employee Free Choice Act had majority support in both houses of Congress last year.

Well, Kevin’s letter was printed in the April 1st edition, so maybe it was an April fool joke from Kevin.

Robert Collins

Morrow, Ga.

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Fred Garvin's picture
Submitted by Fred Garvin on Wed, 04/08/2009 - 10:50am.

Card Check Bill - WSJ

Currently, an employer can insist on a secret-ballot election if 30% of employees sign union cards. But under this proposal, if more than 50% of the authorization cards are signed, there is no election because union recognition is instant. In theory, the bill would allow for an employee to request a secret-ballot vote if cards have been signed by between 31% and 50% of workers. But only the organizers know how many cards have been signed, and they have no incentive to tell the company or employees. Why would unions risk a secret ballot when they can publicly pressure employees into signing an authorization card?

Which is to say that the claim that "card check" would preserve secret-ballot elections is deeply dishonest. Big Labor is afraid that its big chance to rewrite labor law to diminish worker rights is slipping away, as more Americans discover what the bill really says. Thus Mr. Miller's creative editing, which should embarrass him, if he were capable of being embarrassed.

Card Check is nothing but payback to the unions by the Obama administration. The unions contributed millions to Obama's campaign, and now it's time for payback by ol' barry.

Unions will cause higher unemployment and more companies to go out of business. Just look at what they have done to the auto industry.

The United States of America
July 4, 1776 - Jan 20, 2009
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