PTC Civic Association lists year’s achievements, invites new members

Tue, 12/16/2008 - 3:56pm
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Why should your neighborhood become part of the Peachtree City Civic Association?

PTCCA Top 10 Accomplishments of 2008:

1. Peachtree City Civic Association incorporated.

2. Developed School Board Liaison Committee to attend and provide better communication between the FCBOE and PTC citizenry.

3. Developed position paper on Final Site Plan Modifications procedure.

4. Worked to keep buffer for Wilshire Village commercial plan.

5. Followed Wieland’s 89 Acre Task Force plan.

6. Followed progress of the Atlanta Christian College Committee.

7. Followed the potential annexation plans for west and south of current PTC boundary.

8. Fought to prevent PTC sewer expansion to unincorporated Fayette without some benefit to PTC.

9. Facilitated communication to citizenry regarding potential garbage franchise.

10. Had representation at all council and planning commission meetings in 2008, and communicated current issues with its members at monthly meetings of the association.

Do you want to be involved and stay abreast of the ins and outs of all the local issues, but cannot get to all of the city’s meetings? Encourage your neighborhood to join us.

The Peachtree City Civic Association (PTCCA) was formed in January of 2007 as a citizens’ advocacy group determined to provide the necessary liaison between city government and the citizens of PTC. In other words it was formed to hold the city government accountable to the people they represent, and to facilitate the maintenance of our quality of life.

It meets once a month to discuss and debate the local issues in a productive setting with the purpose of doing right by this community.

The group follows the issues and brings information back to its members so they can be better informed and better able to make decisions about what they feel is the right course for PTC. The group then communicates that course to city staff.

We have just completed our second year as an organization, and are accomplishing a great deal. However, we are only as strong as the quantity and quality of our members.

We would like to become a voice that rises above politics because we represent the citizens. That power can only be attained by a wide, diverse, and involved membership. To increase that membership is an ongoing goal.

Other goals for this upcoming year are clear definition in the comprehensive plan of new and redevelopment in town, as well as the start of a green initiative whereby we collectively purchase or acquire land in town that we zone as open green space, never to be touched.

We need your involvement! Please contact us at and give your neighborhood a voice. For more information check out our website at, or email and be part of a group committed to “Peachtree City, Plan to Stay.”

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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