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Wednesday, September 1, 1999


Jail oppostion beginning to jell

Tripling capacity to 300 inmates alarms some

PTC firefighters' shaved heads are tribute to their embattled Chief Reed

Staff Writer

For some guys, the way they wear their hair makes a “statement” about how they view themselves. Picture the flowing locks of a country singer or the trim coif of a fast-track executive.

Fayette water most expensive

Fayette County residents pay more for water than their neighbors, according to a recent study.

Holyfield's pastor ordered to testify

A Fayette Superior Court judge ruled Friday that heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield's pastor would be required to answer questions relating to the fighter's divorce proceedings.

1st Thursday prayer meeting moves to Sams Auditorium

The First Thursday Noon Community Prayer meeting heads to a new, larger setting this week.

Fayette students continue to excel on Scholastic Assessment Tests

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores for Fayette County high school students district-wide climbed 17 points over last year's scores and remained well above the state and national averages for the 1998-99 year, according to information released Tuesday by the school district.

Trees saved, bank's building plans get Fayetteville P&Z OK

Southern Community Bank can move ahead with its plans for a two-story, 14,000-sq. ft. headquarters building at the corner of North Jeff Davis Drive and Jefferson Avenue, but the bank will be lacking 11 parking spaces that were part of its original plans.

Medical office plans approved

Two area doctors can move forward on their plans for new offices near Fayette Community Hospital now that the County Commission has approved rezonings for their projects.

Sales tax committee pushing for 'yes' vote

With just three weeks to muster support for a $90 million special local option sales tax and bond referendum, the steering committee called Fayette Citizens for Continued Excellence in Education is ready to tell county voters why they should vote yes Sept. 21.

School board eyes civility rules for parents

Good behavior is not just for students in Fayette County schools — it's expected of their parents and other adults as well.

Story of his life

Some things just get better with time. After initial recognition in 1979 by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Paul Oddo Sr.'s publication titled “Uncle Sam and the Flag” received a McGuffey award in July, exactly 20 years after its debut.

Student reports theft in class

Apparently some local high school student is pretty serious about raising that math grade.

Fayetteville ready for Y2K, says finance official

Fayetteville government agencies are “all ready and set” to have computers up and running Jan. 1, 2000, said city finance director Lynn Raven.

Phoenix Star seeks to start shuttle service to Fort Mac

The road has been rocky so far for Fayette County's new shuttle bus service to Hartsfield Airport, but owner Stuart Hoff said the business is building.

County school bus involveed in minor mishap
A minor accident involving a Fayette County school bus and car occurred Monday afternoon in Peachtree City at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.

Artist honored, mural unveiled at library

Renowned local artist Patsy Gullett was honored at the Fayette County Public Library recently for her painting of a mural on the library wall.

School official to address NAACP

Fayette County assistant school superintendent Fred Oliver will address the September meeting of the Fayette NAACP branch Sept. 1 at 4 p.m.

Chamber backs school tax

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has become the latest business orgnization to cast its support behind the Board of Education's sales tax referendum.

ACT tests set in October

The ACT Assessment, a leading college entrance and placement exam, will be administered nationwide Oct. 23.

SAT prep classes offered

Preparation classes for the Scholastic Assessment Test will be offered this fall through Fayette County Community Schools under the direction of Thor Hanes.

Forgery draws prison term

A 26-year-old Conyers man was sentenced Friday to prison on a local forgery charge.

Hearing set on tree preservation

The Fayette County Planning Commission will have a public hearing Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. on a proposed new tree preservation ordinance.

Safety urged where school children, buses and cars are concerned

On the second day of this new school year, an elementary school student in Fayette County was struck by a motorist as he dashed across the street after getting off a school bus.

Local parents invited to Lunch and Learn

Homework Helpers for Parents is the first seminar in the popular Lunch and Learn series provided by Fayette County Schools' Pupil Services.

Prime Timers

Profile on Hollis Harris: the "American Dream" at its best
It was apparent within the first few minutes of my conversation with Hollis Harris that a short newspaper profile would not begin to do justice to his life.
ECCA has locals get involved in arts
For those who are not necessarily artistically, musically or theatrically talented, but would still like to support the arts, the Endowment Committee for the Cultural Arts (ECCA) is as close as you can get to “one-stop shopping.” Many local artists, musicians and talents from all of the arts are also members of the ECCA.
Theatrical group going strong in Fayetteville
Fayette Community Theater, Inc. is the county's oldest and largest theater company, offering classic children's productions, musicals, off-Broadway, one and two-act comedies, and Christmas productions.
Ladies with a flair for art
For those with an artistic talent - whether it is in arts, crafts, music, theater or other cultural arts - Fayette County has a lot to offer. The following series of articles highlight some of the opportunities and some Prime Timer's who are involved in the arts.
Locals getting into the act
Dr. Thomas and Sylvia Wade are well-known names among those who keep up with local theater.

Unemployment rate drops

Fayette County's unemployment rate continued its freefall for the second straight month.

Chamber's Business Expo set for next Tues.

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce hosts its 9th Annual Business Expo at the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center next Tuesday from 4-8 p.m.

Keeping your life on-course
Business Columnist

Have you ever been lost? Do you ever feel like a hamster on a treadmill? Are you tired of commuting to work and get only getting further behind with your life?

Medical Arts Center is open for business

The new Medical Arts Center building is finally completed and has an orthodontist as its first tenant.


The beginning of another year of high school football

Doesn't it feel like the wait until football season starts gets longer and longer each year?

Local swimmers place at state meet

The Southern Crescent Aquatic Team and the Peachtree City Pacers have exercised their dominance in the sport of swimming for a while now. Every few months their long list of accomplishments and accolades grows, and with it a reputation that opponents fear but also admire.

Rec League softball starts up

Though the temperature has hardly gone below 100 degrees lately, the Fall Open Co-Rec Softball League began last week with four divisions: an “open” division, a “church” division, a “D” division, and a “DD” division. The teams will play a shorter schedule against smaller teams.

Sports Calendar

Dance troupe's performances are as good as Georgia Gold
There is a school in Tyrone, the Doris Russell School of Performing Arts, where people of all ages gather to learn the secrets of dance.
Power Crossroads provides fun for 29th straight Labor Day Weekend
One of the largest fairs in the state, the Powers Crossroads Festival, returns this weekend, making its 29th consecutive appearance.
Labor Day: The three day weekend that the Unions got us
Labor Day is almost an oxymoron because most people do not work on the holiday

Bernadette's 12th great-granddaughter

By Sallie Satterthwaite
Lifestyle Columnist

She lives at the corner of our house where the glass room meets the screened porch, sheltered by the eaves. There she rests, head down and legs stretched languidly while we scurry about our busy lives inside.



Brooks United Methodist Church plans Heritage Sunday Sept. 12 – 1800s style

Forget the phone, the computer, the Internet and TV—for just one day. Take a trip back in time when a “batch' was not a computer file; when “booting up” was what you did to go outside; when “horsepower” was just one; when fellowship was the main form of entertainment. How? Come to Heritage Sunday at Brooks United Methodist Church Sunday, Sept. 12.

Time to correct our forefather's mistakes... pluck the 'rebel' out of Georgia flag

By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

The Georgia flag issue. It does matter to me. I'm white, but my color has nothing to do with it, for or against. I'm the grandson of a Confederate soldier, but that does not have anything to do with it. Come to think of it, however, it may give me more of a right to be heard.

Religion Briefs

PTC's First Baptist will offer special interest community classes

Classes in overcoming personal obstacles, enriching marriages, enhancing parenting skills and weight management are being offered by the First Baptist Church of Peachtree City and are open to the community. Reservations for free childcare may be made by calling 770-487-8133, ext. 215. Registration fees vary and will cover the cost of materials used in the classes.

New Hadassah group plans organizational meeting here

An organizational meeting to discuss the formation of a new Greater Atlanta Hadassah group in the South Atlanta area is planned for Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in Peachtree City. The area expansion includes Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville and South Atlanta. The group is targeting all ages in the geographical area at this time.

Providence hosts picnic for Kosovo families

Members of Providence United Methodist Church in Fayetteville will host a Labor Day pot luck dinner for the five Kosovo families living in the area on Sunday, Sept. 5 from 4-7 p.m. Sponsors from each of the families' respective churches have also been invited.

Aubrey Johnson is new pulpit minister at Church of Christ

Aubrey Johnson, former pulpit minister for the Memorial Parkway Church of Christ in Huntsville, Ala., has assumed duties as pulpit minister for the Peachtree City Church of Christ. He is a published writer for 21st Century Christian and the Gospel Advocate magazine. Johnson received his Master's degree in religion from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn.

Sherry Tomlinson Silvers to speak at Sept. Women's Aglow Fellowship

Sherry Tomlinson Silvers will be the featured speaker at this month's meeting of Women's Aglow Fellowship International, Peachtree City Chapter, Monday evening, Sept. 20, and Tuesday morning,Sept 21. Both meetings will be held at the Peachtree Christian Fellowship, 1988 Hwy. 54 in the Governor's Walk Shopping Center, 1/4 mile east of the Peachtree City city limits.

Storyteller Terski Bendiberg to give performance at National Heights

National Heights Baptist Church will have a special service on Sunday, Sept. 19 at 10:55 a.m. featuring professional storyteller Tersi Bendiberg. The Sanctuary and Children's choirs will present “A Celebration of the Arts with Storytelling and Music: Parables, Poetry and Psalms.”

Landmark students help clean up drug infested West Va. community

Helping a drug-infested community get back on its feet became the mission of some 24 students from Landmark Christian School in Fairburn as they dedicated their summer to working with residents of the Cora Bottom community in Cora, W. Va.

Wednesday evening communion resumes

Wednesday evening communion services have resumed at Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church. The services are 20 minutes in length and give the opportunity for silent prayer and meditation as well as receiving communion. Christ Our Hope is located at 2165 Hwy. 138 in Riverdale. For more information, call 770-997-7117.

Fayetteville Christian youth plan all-night outing at Six Flags

Middle and high school youth at Fayetteville Christian Church are invited to an all night outing at Six Flags Friday, Sept. 24 following the Fayette County football game. Youth for Christ has reserved the park for teens from around the state to bring their unchurched friends and enjoy Christian fellowship and live Christian bands.

Religion Calendar


Beer, boosters, hacks, means and ends
By Cal Beverly

Golly, I thought I was just a wide-eyed innocent — shocked to learn that some local high school booster clubs were selling alcoholic beverages to raise money for extracurricular activities.

Lesson of Waco revelations: Be vigilant

Calls for U.S. Justice Department maven Janet Reno's resignation are once again resonating in the halls of Congress.

Where is my wallet?
Laugh Lines
If you could look inside the typical man's brain it would read: “Girls, sports, food; girls, sports, food; girls, sports, food. Wait! Where's my wallet... Whew! I got it!... Girls, sports, food; girls, sports, food...”

Letters to the Editor

Shame on Citizen for beer-boosters story

Shame on you for running the front-page article, “Boosters + beer = big bucks,” in the Aug. 25 edition of The Citizen as a news story.

`Pollution' shown in photo was just common water vapor

In the Aug. 25 issue of The Citizen in section B is a story on smog. As an environmental consultant to industry, it really bugs me when the media shows pictures of the discharges from cooling towers and implies that this is pollution.

Who gave the right to judge ethics of boosters selling beer?

I also read the article entitled, “Boosters + Beer = Big Bucks,” as well as the response from Dr. [Knox] Herndon [The Sunday Citizen, Aug. 29]. I feel that there are a few things that need to be said.

Homeowner gets runaround from officials on siltation problem

In the mid 1960s, Earl Strother, Sr., and myself built Lake Stephens. It was beautiful, all natural and all spring-fed clean water. The creeks that entered the lake on the north had high banks on both sides. Everything was all a person could want, which is why we all moved to Fayette County.

Social Security plan pales beside what private investments could produce

It was quite a shock to read [Edward] Ramey's letter (Repair, don't destroy, Social Security). The idea that we cannot produce enough to have security unless we depend on the government to do it for us is insulting to me.

Don't rezone for higher density

Do we really need this rezoning, is there a compelling benefit for the current citizens, will it reduce taxes, will it improve the quality of life for all of Fayette County?

Will 75% of apathetic voters determine outcome of SPLOST?

In the Wednesday, Aug. 11, edition of “The Citizen,” there was an article “SPLOST supporters getting organized.” The part that gives the statistics about the voting public in this county ... goes on to say there are about 50,478 registered voters in the county.

SPLOST is no fix; instead, stop all development

The claim that the SPLOST tax will increase the quality of education by building more schools is illogical. Building more schools will only be a temporary fix, even if the environmental aspects are ignored.

Public education is rewarded by gullible parents for undereducating kids

1993 was a seminal year. A womanizing, corrupt, traitor was sworn into the office of President of the United States.

Yes to SPLOST is green light to developers, more growth

There are indications that supporters of SPLOST are hoping for a low turnout of voters on Sept. 21. They think this is their best way of passing an unpopular tax.

If you can't handle heat, don't write to editor

I take offense to the letter written by Mr. Harold Harrison and his mischaracterization of the so-called “Kraft Kronies.”

We're already paying too much for trash

I take the comment from Pamela Martin of Peachtree City in great distaste, or maybe contempt would be a better word, in her letter stating, “If people were required to pay for their trash by the pound, I believe we would see a great reduction in solid household waste.”