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Wednesday, September 19, 2001


Fayette rallies to nation's call

Fayette residents during the past week have joined in the nationwide outpouring of aid and comfort for victims of last week's terrorist attacks, and have paused to remember those victims and pray for the nation.

Here's how to fly American flag properly

With patriotic fervor on the rise, more Fayette residents are displaying the American flag.

Tyrone silence on annexation worries county

Fayette County officials don't like the silence surrounding an annexation request in the town of Tyrone.

County may sue to stop Tyrone sewer service bid

Fayette County will probably file for an injunction to stop Tyrone from tapping onto the city of Fairburn's sewer system "soon," according to County Commission Chairman Greg Dunn.

Courthouse square may get boost from high-end restaurant

A high-end restaurant anchoring a master-planned revitalization of the west side of the Courthouse Square in Fayetteville could result from recent property acquisitions.

Four to run for PTC mayor; six qualify for two council seats

Qualifying for the upcoming municipal election in Peachtree City ended Friday afternoon with four candidates seeking the mayor's seat and another six candidates for the two council seats up for grabs in the election.

Candidate answers $50 question

Lee Hunt is running for Fayetteville City Council over $50.

Only incumbents run in Tyrone

Tyrone's citizens must be happy with their local government.

Tax equity dispute delayed again

A court hearing on the dispute over tax equity between Fayette County and its cities, scheduled for next Tuesday, has been postponed.

Stun gun among weapons found in student's vehicle at FCHS

A Fayette County High School student has been suspended from school for 10 days after a search of his vehicle on campus Thursday revealed several weapons.

Former PTC officer charged with forging prescriptions; addiction to drugs alleged

A former Peachtree City police sergeant has been arrested for using fake prescriptions at several local pharmacies to obtain pain medication.

Judge gives teen substitute teacher six months in prison for improper conduct

A local teen charged with displaying sexually explicit Web sites to eighth graders while serving as a substitute teacher at Whitewater Middle School last year was sentenced to six months in prison by Fayette County State Court Judge Fletcher Sams Friday afternoon.

Suspect in Wal-Mart carjacking arrested after recovery

The suspect believed responsible for a carjacking at the Fayette Pavilion Wal-Mart has been arrested.

Name needed for new school

A new Fayette elementary school is in need of a name.

Local man dies after car crash

A Fayetteville man has died as the result of another serious accident at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Gingercake Road.

Fayette tax hearings set

Fayette County tomorrow will have the first of three required public hearings on property tax rates for 2001.

Self defense class focuses on awareness, use of 'personal weapons' when attacked

"Personal weapons," said Det. Debbie Chambers, "do not include a gun or a knife."

Commission resolution condemns attacks

Fayette County commissioners joined county governments across Georgia last week in issuing a resolution of condemnation of perpetrators and support for victims of terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Cancer walk set for Saturday

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is sponsoring its Light The Night Cancer Walk this Saturday at Shakerag Knoll in Peachtree City. Registration is at 6 p.m. and the walk begins at 7 p.m.

Parent involvement taking off at PACE

PACE Christian School is experiencing an upsurge in parental involvement, according to a spokesman.

Fayette Portraits available

The Fayette Portraits magazine is now available at four new locations.

Police Blotter

Dining Guide

The bread of life
Food Critic

It's been overwhelming.

An unexpected gathering place

Beef O'Brady's in Peachtree City, billed as a "family sports pub," was an immensely busy place last week, albeit under unfortunate circumstances.

Fans getting fired up for tailgating season

Football season is here! Along with the game comes the cherished ritual of tailgating, and a big part of the tailgating ritual is grilling.

Favorite candy takes 'hole' new approach

"Hole-d" everything!!!

For a new snacking twist, try Potato Sticks instead of chips

"Mom, what's to eat?"


Investment firm urges calm and caution

Yesterday's 684 point drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average left more than a few people scrambling to try and find good investment advice.

EMC wants to help New York victims

Today, Michael C. Whiteside, President & CEO of Coweta-Fayette EMC, issued a statement in regard to the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. His statement, made at the EMC's corporate headquarters in Newnan, follows:


Local boy heads to MLS Cup

One local skilled soccer player who participated in the Kick for a Million challenge at the Got Milk? 3-v-3 Soccer Shootout is one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

Qualifier wins PTC Tennis Tournament

The USTA Women's Challenger Event at the Peachtree City Tennis Center had a number of surprises over the weekend.

Busy week and weekend for high school sports teams

The high school athletic schedule resumes this week. Last week's cancelled games will be made up at the end of the seaso

Sports Calendar



McCurry Park in Fayetteville will be going to the dogs this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. as Bark in the Park returns for a fifth year.

Two local theater companies tell story of Anne Frank

"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart." Anne Frank.

Lots to do in and around Atlanta this weekend

There aren't as many festivals going on this weekend as last weekend, but there is still plenty to do in the Atlanta area.

A nightmare from hell

Please, God, let us wake up now.


Don't let this patriotic feeling go away

The night the U.S. started air strikes against Iraq, I was at a Boston Celtics game with my father.


Uganda grieves for United States
Religion Columnist

As we arrived at the Entebbe, Uganda airport Tuesday, September 11, the custom official asked us (my partner in ministry Rev. Richard Green and me) if we had heard the World Trade Center and Pentagon had been bombed. Of course, we were devastated upon our arrival for teaching and training ministry in the areas of marriage and pastoring the church.

Miller will lead workshop on beinga 'contagious Christian' at First Presbyterian in Peachtree City

Fayetteville's Mark Miller, teacher for the International Bible Society, will lead a workshop on "Becoming a Contagious Christian," at the First Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City Saturday, Sept. 29, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The cost is $6.50 for the participant's guide, one per family.

Fayetteville Christian plans Global Outreach Festival Sept. 28-30

Fayetteville Christian Church will have its Global Outreach Festival Friday, Sept. 28 through Sunday, Sept. 30 with special events planned all weekend.

Peachtree Christian Fellowship offers Beth Moore study

The Beth Moore Bible study, "Jesus the One and Only," will begin at Peachtree Christian Fellowship Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 7-9 p.m. and will continue each Tuesday night. The class is taught via video.

Peachtree Christian Fellowship offers parenting class Sept. 25

Gary and Ann Ezzo's video class, "Growing Kids God's Way," will be offered at Peachtree Christian Fellowship beginning Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 7-9 p.m. David and Lydia Miller will facilitate the class which will continue each Tuesday for 16 weeks.

Harp's Crossing plans 'Tent Event' for October 7

Harp's Crossing Baptist Church will have a "Tent Event" Sunday, Oct. 7, with special events planned for the entire day.

Harp's Crossing Baptist offers Sunday evening L.I.F.E. classes

"Harp's Crossing Baptist Church offers several L.I.F.E. classes each Sunday evening, beginning at 5:45, prior to the Sunday evening worship service.

Covenent women elect new officers for 2001-2002

Women in the church (WIC) at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville recently elected officers and committee chairs or the 2001-2002 year.

Religion Briefs



Suddenly, we Americans rediscover America . . .

Suddenly, the world is different.

Where will the next threat come from?

Like all of you, I'm in shock and in mourning, and looking for ways to help.

Perspective: What I know
Laugh Lines

Perspective: What I know To be emotionally drained right now, to say the least, binds all Americans together like mice in maze. As we bounce from shock to hurt to fear to anger, none of us can feel fully confident about the same things we knew just a week ago.


Attack on America: Fayette responds

Let this be our finest hour . . .

I'm writing this letter on Wednesday, the day after the attack on America's sovereignty, so many more things will be known if and when this is printed. I don't want my anger to diffuse. I would rather my visceral reaction speak for me, because I believe it to be the right one.

Rescuers show true courage

In light of this week's tragedy, take a minute to reflect.

Let's display our flag properly

In my travels around Fayetteville this past weekend I noticed several flags that were displayed incorrectly and several that aren't worthy of being displayed since they are faded or tattered.

It just got personal . . .

The images that we've seen of last week's events have horrified, stunned and enraged us. Images that my mind is still having trouble accepting as anything other than special effects from a Hollywood movie. The enormity of this is incomprehensible to most of us. Probably more so to those of us who have seen or been in these phenomenal structures.

We will unite and become stronger

I am writing this as I watch (for what seems like the thousandth time) the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapse before my very eyes, hoping that this time the pictures on the screen will seem more real and less like the high-tech action movies we've grown used to. Though part of my brain tells me this is not a film or a drill, the rest of me, for the moment, is not absorbing the reality.

Some schools, youth sports officials acted inappropriately after terrorism attacks

Throughout my life the question, "Where were you when..." comes up in conversation. The most common question has usually been, "Where were you when President Kennedy was killed?"

We must determine to unite, while not giving in to fear

In this war on terrorism, there will not be a single easily identifiable enemy. We may be unaware of the enemy if he or she is around us. As long as the enemy is out there, there will be more attacks.

Terror War needs a new, tougher strategy

We are losing the Terror War and losing it badly. How can this be?

Here's how you can do something for your country

In light of the recent acts of war perpetrated against innocent Americans, many of us are wondering what we can do, right here where we are. I have a suggestion.

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