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Wednesday, April 28, 1999


BOE eyes $114 M budget for 20,000 kids

Public education in Fayette County may cost an estimated $5.5 million more in 2000 than it has in 1999.

Court rules out widening of hwys. 54, 74

A recent court decision means relief for Fayette County's growing traffic snarls will be delayed still further, officials say.

Schools deal with copycat trenchcoaters

Students who showed up in black trench coats at Fayette County High School last Thursday thought they were being funny, according to Principal Gary Phillips.

Outdoor burning ends Friday

As a county-wide outdoor burning ban takes effect this Saturday, May 1, residents are being advised on what steps to take before the burning period ends.

John Wieland to county: 'Let somebody else buy it'

Developer John Wieland said last week he will drop his plans to add 77.5 acres and 40 homes to the 218-home Woodcreek subdivision on Redwine Road.

Psychics seek F'ville zoning connection

Fayetteville's Planning Commission isn't yet ready to say what zoning category a psychic should operate in.

Fayette schools rank at top

Fayette County schools are once again ranked tops in the state, based upon reports issued by the Council for School Performance, an independent educational council.

Beautification group wants to grow

A local group committed to making sure Fayette County stays neat and tidy is on the move, looking for support in its quest to grow in the coming months.

Surveyor who found Watson rewarded by WhiteWater CEO

The man who discovered the remains of Beverley Watson was recognized for that deed in a ceremony last week at Watson's former place of employment.

Counseling center tackles attention disorders

Making friends isn't always easy, but for children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, behavior disorders or learning disabilities, it can be an arduous undertaking.

Detailed survey planned for site of future jail, court complex
Fayette County is getting a new survey of the proposed site of a planned new complex of public buildings, including a jail and judicial complex.

Shared driveway may ease traffic woes at Wendy's

Fayetteville planners are hoping developers of a new pharmacy on Ga. Highway 85 can help solve a long-standing traffic problem next door at Wendy's restaurant.

More than half of HOPE scholars renew grants

More than half the freshmen at 10 Georgia colleges last year renewed their HOPE Scholarships as sophomores, according to a new report by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

County agenda heavy on spending

Fayette County commissioners last week spent almost $13 million in eight separate agenda items

Cultures to be shared

Spring Hill Elementary School will host its first “Multicultural Celebration” the week of May 17. Through an assortment of activities, students, parents, faculty and staff will share their culture and talents.

Dental lab gets planners' OK for Sandy Creek Road site

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Holbrook's request to annex their home into Fayetteville and change its zoning to allow a dental lab will go to City Council with a positive recommendation from the city Planning Commission.

County records to be available on computer

When you visit the Superior Court clerk's office to look up information on court cases or real estate deeds, you'll soon sit down at a computer terminal instead of digging through massive record books.

Sandy Creek Road to be closed 8 wks.

Come June, traffic problems will be worse around Sandy Creek Road for awhile.

Starr's Mill launches brick paving project

The Panther Athletic Booster Club is paving the way for students to leave behind a permanent remembrance of their years at Starr's Mill High School with an innovative bricklaying project.

North Fayette students tune out

Students at North Fayette Elementary School are tuned into National-TV Turnoff Week as a way to demonstrate the excessive quantity of television most Americans watch and to rekindle an interest in reading, conversation and exercise.

Health Wise

Something wicked is in the air

Allergy season is among us. The wonderful season where pollen gets everywhere and people sneeze, wheeze and sniffle for, seemingly, weeks at a time. It is the season of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever, is an allergic reaction to inhalants, such as pollen. Hay fever can develop at any age, but symptoms will usually appear before a person is 20 years old. Hay Fever depends on exposure, so one must be exposed to a particular type of pollen for several seasons before an allergy is developed.

Peachtree City Community-Wide Blood Drive for April

The American Red Cross will be having a blood drive on Wednesday, Aril 28 at The Gathering Place in Peachtree City from 2-7 p.m.. Please give a little of your time to help insure there is an adequate supply of blood and blood by-products. It only takes a little time, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

Fayette Community Hospital awarded accreditation

Fayette Community Hospital was recently awarded a full three-year accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). After the evaluation period, the one-year old hospital successfully met and surpassed all of the Joint Commission's standards

Chickenpox: danger beneath the surface

Chickenpox is not just an itchy, contagious rash. Chickenpox can cause serious problems, even death. Nearly four million people in the United States, mostly children, get chickenpox each year. About 9,300 people are hospitalized (80 percent are children and adolescents) for medical complications resulting from chickenpox every year and about a hundred people die. The most commonly serious problem seen in children with chickenpox is skin infection, which may result in scars. In some children with chickenpox, blisters can be infected with certain kinds of germs that can quickly cause shock, organ failure and “flesh-eating disease” (necrotizing fascitis). Other serious problems that chickenpox can cause in children include swelling of the brain, loss of muscle coordination, pneumonia, ear infections and Reye's syndrome ( a rare disease that has been associated with aspirin use during chickenpox infection). Complications of chickenpox also include the lost time from work and school and the possible cost of sick child visits to the doctor, medications and hospitalization. Chickenpox needs to be treated as a serious disease.

A spoiled child?

Child's Play

“That is the most spoiled child I've ever seen.” I've heard words like this since I was a child myself. I don't doubt that people are seeing inappropriate behaviors in these children, but I do question their interpretation of the behaviors they see. I do not believe it is possible to spoil a child in the way most people think about it.

The hidden costs of hearing loss

Most people know that Helen Keller was both deaf and blind. But did you know that she said her deafness was a more serious problem than her blindness?

Medicare Toll-Free line now avialable in Georgia

Medicare Beneficiaries Have One More Tool For Information

John Davis Whelchel, M.D., appointed director of Organ Transplant Services

The Board of Trustees of Piedmont Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of John Davis Whelchel, M.D., as full-time director of Organ Transplant Services.

Question and Answer Column

from Georgia Insurance and Fire Commissioner John Oxendine

Students are being recruited by American Red Cross Youth Council

The American Red Cross Youth Council is looking for members. The council is for anyone in grades 8-12 who wishes to be become a Red Cross volunteer. Members of the South Metro program have been involved in many actvities, from reading to young children or participating in events like National Fire Prevention Week.


Construction hopping in Fayetteville

Fayette Pavilion developer Stan Thomas hopes to start construction on Upton's department store Monday, if permits are ready in time.

Azalea Estates opens doors

Azalea Estates assisted living and retirement community opened its doors to the public last week at a well-attended ribbon cutting.

A&P leaving Atlanta

The fierce grocery wars claimed another victim this week as A & P announced it was leaving the Atlanta market.

Trinity Air

For Lou Ventriglia and Rob Eubanks, the American Dream is a reality.


Lady Panthes hold off Woodward Academy

It was hard to place the state of mind of the Starr's Mill Lady Panther soccer team as they headed into the regional championship on Friday night. The Lady Panthers had lost to McIntosh in the Golden Isles Shootout and then returned to regular season play to lose to Brookwood, 2-1.

McIntosh takes two from Fayette County, again

The McIntosh boys played host to Fayette County on Friday night for the regional championship. Regardless of who won, both teams would go to the state playoffs beginning this Tuesday. The Chiefs and the Tigers battled it out, giving strong offensive and defensive performances, neither team scoring until the second overtime. It was with five minutes to go in the second overtime, that McIntosh finally put the ball in the net.

Camps to keep the kids busy

There are a plethora of sport camps to keep your kids active this summer. Clayton College and State University is offering week long sport camps from the second week of June until the third week of July. The camps will be for boys and girls basketball, tennis, soccer and speed. The coaches from Clayton State will be conducting the camps of their respective sports. Call the Department of Athletics at 770-961-3450 for information about the camp that you are interested in.

Two one run victories for Tigers

The eighth ranked Fayette County Tiger baseball team had to be hoping that their rivals the McIntosh Chiefs would survive their first round match up with LaGrange. The Tigers had beaten McIntosh no more than a week ago and familiarity breeds contempt. There was no such luck however and Fayette County played host to the LaGrange Grangers.

Lady Cubs are league champions of Track

The Fayette Middle School Lady Cub track team wrapped up a successful seaosn on Saturday, as they won the leaguer championship. They had already won the county championship, by beating the likes of Booth Middle School, Whitewater, Flat Rock Middl and the rest of the middle schopols in the county, but their dominance was tested as they faced 14 teams from the Metro Middle School Athletic League.

Fayette Youth Track full of wins and winners

These are results for the Fayette County Youth Track Team at their meet against Clayton County, College Park and East Point.

Heritage and history helps gardens grow
There is history right beneath your feet and the Peachtree City Heritage Historcal Preservation Committee wants you to know it. This past weekend, the group began planting their accent gardens in front of historical gravesites. There are 26 gravesites catalogued in Peachtree City and it has taken the preservation committee over a year and a half to get to the point where they are at now, the planting stage.
Heritage Committee brings past to present
The Fayette Heritage Committee was formed three years ago by former county commissioner Robert Sprayberry, initially to create and build “Heritage Park” in Fayetteville.
Music Midtown back to rock Atlanta
It has been said that music soothes the savage beast. You may not feel very savage or in dire need of soothing, but who said something has to be necessary to be fun. Music Midtown returns this weekend for another year of music and merriment. Still without a permanent residence, the festival has moved to the area surrounding Centennial Olympic Park. It is accessible from three different MARTA stations and stretches out to cover 12 city blocks. There are a number of different stages playing certain brands of music and nationally recognized acts such as, Willie Nelson, Hole, Widespread Panic and Isaac Hayes will play the festival.

The making of heroes

By Sallie Satterthwaite
Lifestyle Columnist

Last Wednesday morning, when virtually every sentient human being had but one incident in mind, a reader came up to me and, in a tone of rectitude, demanded that I write something about what happened in Littleton.

Science expo set for Kedron Elementary

Kedron Elementary School's gymnasium might be mistaken for SciTrek South next week, when 250 parent volunteers take over manning 24 stations featuring hands-on activities involving life science, earth science and physical science.


In aftermath of Colorado tragedy, we must say. 'Enough!'

By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

“They” hint it. “They” even quote from the Bible. But it seems no really important person is willing to say it: America needs to get back to God.

Women's Aglow to hear Ripley, Glanton

The Peachtree City chapter of Women's Aglow Fellowship International has planned two meetings for the month of May, a Monday morning meeting on May 17 and a Tuesday evening meeting on May 18. Both meetings will be held at the Peachtree Christian Fellowship, 1988 Ga. Hwy. 54 in the Governor's Walk Shopping Center just east of the Peachtree City city limits.

Fayette residents to join in National Day of Prayer May 6

Fayette County residents and other southsiders can join thousands from across the nation when they gather on May 6 for the 48th annual National Day of Prayer.

Religion Briefs

Fayetteville Church of Christ breaks ground for new facility on Redwine

The Fayetteville Church of Christ announces ground breaking for a new facility on the corner of Redwine and Price Roads in Fayetteville. After a picnic on the grounds, a ceremony to commemorate this event was held on Sunday, April 25th, 1999. On this site a building is planned to include an auditorium that will seat 650 people, offices, class rooms, and a fellowship hall. “We are excited about moving into the new millennium and the potential this new building will have for serving the needs of our community,” explained Scott Harp, the minister for the church.

Hustle for Hospice run set for May 1

The sixth annual “Hustle for Hospice” 5K run/walk hosted by Southwest Christian Hospice in Union City is scheduled for Saturday, May 1 beginning at 8:30 a.m. Representatives from Buffalo's Cafe and WSB Radio/TV's Captain Herb Emory will be on hand to get the race activities started. The race will begin at 8:30 a.m. for runners and 8:35 a.m. for walkers.


How I wish there were easy answers!

It's nearly impossible not to grasp at all the easy “if-onlies” when a tragedy happens like the shootings in Littleton, Colo. last week.


Last week was tragic for United States

3rd District U.S. Congress

This has been a tragic week for our nation. Not only is the air strike against Serbia continuing in the Balkans, but within our own borders, a war was waged upon the students and families of Littleton, Colo.

Announcing Arby's Breakfast Clubř
Laugh Lines
I am the president of a morning breakfast club that meets at Arby's in Peachtree City about once a week. There's not a meeting calendar, a membership fee, or even a membership, actually. I am the only one in the organization so far. It's a great club.

Letters to the Editor

Teacher showed morbid lack of judgement about Colorado shootings

As parents in a community not unlike that of Littleton, Colo., we have reeled in the wake of yet another violent tragedy in our schools. As parents, we were faced yet again with the grim task of explaining to our own children how sometimes horrible things happen, even in school where most students and parents would presume to feel safe.

Where's the missing Indian money?

Would anyone be shocked to learn that $2.4 billion was missing from U.S. government accounts used for medical and educational benefits for Native Americans? If you are, it's not surprising.

Turn volume down in movies, stores

In your interesting editorial of Wednesday, April 7, you pointed out that many American citizens are excessively passive in conforming to invasive practices of our governing bodies. The point is well taken. I wish to add, however, that the same is true of most of our local citizens' reaction, or lack of, reaction to the invasive practices of some business organizations as well.

Zero tolerance for even 'hint' of violence should be standard for schools

The Columbine High School mass murder as it relates to other schools around the nation, and as it relates to Fayette County schools in particular, prompts this letter.

Most parents have no clue what's being taught to their kids

hree years ago my husband and I were consumed for two days over a situation at our son's middle school.

Dress to learn: It's time to require school uniforms

Another horrifying tragedy at a public school and so many questions with very few answers. I believe it is time to institute change and mandate a safe learning environment for our children.

We're all to blame for Colo. school shootings

“Who is to blame?”


Federal laws favor 'rights' of violent kids over those of peaceful students

I wish that I could say I was surprised by the shootings that occurred in Columbine High School in Colorado.


What should teaching look like? It depends...

What should teaching look like?


Neither NATO nor Bill Clinton will ever force peace in Balkans

It is appalling to watch this pathetic administration attempt to rebuild a tarnished presidential legacy by attacking a sovereign country, Yugoslavia, with a formerly defensive alliance, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). NATO was formed to protect member nations from aggression by a nonmember country, specifically, the former Soviet Union.

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