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Wednesday, May 23, 2001


PTC OKs Hwy. 54 E. turn lane

A right turn lane at Huddleston Road to divert industrial park traffic during rush hour is the best remedy for easing the logjam at the intersection of Ga. highways 54 and 74 in Peachtree City, a planner told the City Council last week.

Seniors to march Friday night

In ceremonies at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday, more than 1,400 graduating seniors will receive diplomas from Fayette's four high schools.

Parents get misdemeanor sentences in kid sex trial

District Attorney Bill McBroom vowed Tuesday to retry a Fayetteville couple on charges they molested their children.

County defends court motion to throw out cities' tax equity claim

Fayette County should allow a request for mandatory mediation of its tax equity dispute with local cities to move through the courts unhindered, says Peachtree City Mayor Bob Lenox.

Memorial Day ceremony set in Peachtree City

Patriotic music, live echo taps, a 21-gun salute and a performance by a former Marine Corps Silent Drill Team rifleman will highlight the third annual Peachtree City Memorial Day Celebration May 28, beginning at 8 a.m.

Gunman hits Burger King in robbery

An armed gunman got away with $1,500 in cash after targeting the Burger King restaurant in Fayetteville early Wednesday morning.

Tree rules targeted for vote

There's no way to make a logging operation pretty, but Fayette planning commissioners think they've come up with a way to at least make it less of an eyesore.

Booth clenches sixth consecutive win at National Science Olympiad

For the sixth year in a row, the Science Olympiad team at Booth Middle School has brought home the gold by taking first place at the National Science Olympiad Competition.

Caution urged with water fun, auto travel over Memorial Day

A number of agencies are urging local residents to use caution while having fun during the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend.

School board reviews policies

Meeting for the last time before the end of the 2000-01 school year, the Fayette County Board of Education spent Monday night considering a number of potential policies and measures for the coming year and beyond.

McDonough Road tower denied

Ben Skipper of Preferred Sites company thought he had a perfect location for a communications tower on a farm some distance away from any subdivisions.

Arson ruled as cause of blaze that destroyed local ministry

The blaze that destroyed the home of the Chariots of Fire Ministries has officially been ruled arson.

Wreck on 74 kills PTC woman

A Peachtree City woman was killed after she lost control of her vehicle on Ga. Highway 74 in Tyrone Wednesday afternoon.

Art show's a winner again

The old Fayette County Courthouse lawn has been the scene of a number of events: Confederate soldiers garrisoned there on the fall of 1864; Gypsies trading their goods for fresh vegetables; a juror who ate his lunch sitting under one of its trees during a trial break; heavy equipment putting the top of the courthouse back together after an arson fire in 1982; and the Old Courthouse Art Show.

Concert series swings into action

The Beat on Main Street, a summer concert series at the Heritage Fountain in Fayetteville, hosted a band concert during the annual Courthouse Art Show.

Students meet challenge, have principal for a day

Brooks Elementary School Principal Harry Sweatman is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to encourage his students to read books and strengthen their reading skills.

Fayette County Education Foundation ready for donations

Businesses and organizations wishing to donate money to support various programs and activities within the Fayette County School System now have an easy, convenient way of doing so.

Students win at spring stock market game

As investors struggle to stay afloat in a volatile stock market, a team of students at one Fayette high school has managed to make a profit.

Fayette County 4-H'ers stand out at District Project Achievement

The Fayette County 4-H Program participated in District Project Achievement recently, bringing home 14 first place ribbons.

Making fitness fun gets students interested in exercise

When it comes to exercise, many children and young adults would rather work on the computer, play video games, talk on the telephone or watch television.

Police Blotter


Matwicks pack 1-2 punch

Keri and Kelsi Matwick have been understandably difficult for teachers and students to tell apart during their years at Starr's Mill High School.

Graduates to take flight in ceremonies Friday

In ceremonies this weekend, more than 1,400 Fayette County students will say goodbye to high school and make their way into college or the world of work.

Fayette County High School

Class of 2001

McIntosh High School

Class of 2001

Sandy Creek High School

Class of 2001

Starr's Mill High School

Class of 2001


Harry's brings its brand of freshness to Peachtree City

"Wow!" and "What took you so long" are phrases Vince Curasi has heard often during the past week.

Fayette student wins EMC contest

What are the possible effects of deregulation of the electric utility industry, in regard to consumers and the economy of Georgia?


Soccer season ends for Lady Chiefs in finals

It wasn't supposed to end like this, but it did. McIntosh's Lady Chiefs, the top ranked soccer team in AAAAA, fell to Pope in overtime on Saturday in the finals, 3-2.

Students at Oak Grove are part of successful running club

You may find elementary school students sticking around after school, either using the playground equipment or serving some punishment for acting up in class. You would never expect to find students showing up early for school, that is unless they go to Oak Grove Elementary School in Peachtree City. Students at Oak grove have been showing up early all year long to participate in the Oak Grove Running Club.

Paone follows family's footsteps, signs with Truett-McConnell College

Tina Paone followed in the footsteps of her sisters last week, as she signed a letter of intent to attend Truett-McConnell College and run cross country for the school.

Lazers offer soccer camp to benefit research hospital

The U-14 girls Georgia state champions, the 87 Lazers White from Peachtree City, will travel to Memphis, Tenn. in June for the Region III Soccer Tournament. Along with lots of extra practice and training sessions, the girls are also spending time raising money for the nationally recognized Memphis charity, St. Jude Hospital.

Sports Calendar


Big names of rock 'n' roll in second part of Summer Concert Series

The first part of the Summer Concert Series at the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater certainly had its share of big names and surprises, including appearances by Smokey Robinson, The Smothers Brothers and Paul Anka, but the second part promises a rocking good time with some legendary acts.

Newnan School of Dance to perform 'The Wizard of Oz.'

We have all grown up knowing the story of "The Wizard of Oz."

Libraries offer reading programs for vacationing children


Summer has always been a perfect time to catch up on your reading and this summer will be no different, as the local libraries will offer a vacation reading program for children and a reading club for adults.

Memories link gardens across time and distance

Freezing under gray German skies in March, 2000 despite the valiant efforts of daffodils, hyacinths and forsythia to make it spring, my thoughts often turned wistfully toward home.


Wind ensemble enjoys the rich sound of the euphonium


The Peachtree Wind Ensemble Community Band features many different instruments, including flutes, trumpets, trombones and clarinets.

Advice for the college bound

Graduation is this week. So, to all of the graduates, congratulations and good luck.


Church 'chores' vs. church 'work' ... both essential parts of church ministry
Religion Columnist

With the advent of grass cutting season, watering, and all those extra chores, I thought it would be a good time to point out the differences between church chores and church work. They are often confused. At home we understand. The son goes to work called school, does more work called homework; then, Mom calls out, "Sammy, dear, come do your chores: take out the garbage, sweep the front walkway, and clean up your room." Of course, "cleaning one's room" is an eternal chore for all of us. Mom comes home from work where she puts in 40 hours a week; it's work. She is able to "bring home the bacon" because she works. She helps pay the mortgage so the whole family can have a roof, plumbing, and all those wonderful necessities.

Holy Trinity schedules special outdoor Mass

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Peachtree City will host its annual Trinity Sunday community outdoor Mass on Sunday, June 10, at 8:30 a.m. at the Frederick Brown Amphitheater. The Mass is a joint effort of all organizations at Holy Trinity and is coordinated by the Women of Faith.

PTC's Holly Grove A.M.E. celebrates 104 years of history

Holly Grove A. M. E. Church, south Peachtree City, recognized its place in history of observing National Historic Preservation Week.

New Hope Methodist plans day for family and friends

New Hope United Methodist Church will have its annual family and Friends Day celebration on Sunday, May 28 (Memorial Day).

Religion Briefs

Vacation Bible School



Tit for tat Some rules for Democrats

Last week, I gave my responses to "21 rules for being a good little Republican in 21st century America," which have been floating around on the Internet.

A time of endings, a time of beginnings
One Citizen's Perspective

This is a week for passages, preschool to kindergarten, fifth grade to the middle years, eighth grade to high school, and for hundreds of high school seniors, the giant passage, high school to all points beyond.

In today's fairy tales, women rock
Laugh Lines

It is only a recent phenomenon that children's animated movie heroines kick butt. Would it have made a difference if girls and boys of a different era had grown up watching girls in Disney movies react actively and aggressively instead of passively?


Tennant: 'Denial ain't a river in Egypt, King Bob'

It just gets more and more amazing as time goes on...

BOE muddling, not mulling, new schools

Will it be a little too late, or is the Fayette County Board of Education confused, or perhaps they are just muddling along as usual?

Good old boy politics: Lenox still just doesn't get it

Sometimes, even when you put it in print, some people still do not get it. Such is the case with the current Peachtree City mayor, Bob Lenox.

Teenage vandals making life miserable

Who is responsible?

Fly those flags this Memorial Day

As commander-elect of VFW Post 9949 we urge the residents of Peachtree City and Fayette County to display the flag on Memorial Day in memory of all those that served this great country of ours. The veteran may have served in combat or in our military forces anywhere, but pay honor to them for all the wars and time that the men and women gave so that we today live in the manner that we have for once and for all.

Change county commission elections so that districts elect their own reps

Recently the newspaper reported there is a chance that Fayette County could have three congressional districts. The article commented as to the potential for multiple districts and received input from state legislators. It did not conclude that this would be good or bad for the county.

Let PTC Council individually pay for traffic upgrades

[Cal Beverly's column] was very informative and well written. My issue is with the city. When my family moved to Peachtree City four years ago, it was because of its "small town" feel. If all the citizens are honest with themselves (and quit bragging about PTC being this great "upscale" community), I'm sure they know that the small town feeling is quickly going to be history.

Add these Delta employees to 'crybaby' roster

Delta Airlines has always prided itself in saying that it take care of its employees and also that its work force will always be the highest paid in the industry.

Zell's zig-zagging irrelevant; Demos will retake Congress

I'd like to respond to Dave Hamrick's column regarding Zell Miller's possible switching political parties.

Slavery: What does history say?

I, like Mr. Greg Sims, desire the truth to prevail. I took his suggestion to read various speeches from the Civil War era, and I would like to share my summary of what I found.

Teens and dress codes: It's a fashion thing, duh!

It was with a great deal of shock that I read A. M. Muska's rebuttal to Ms. Greer's letter to the editor. Greer's letter talked about the oppressive dress code at area schools.

School has been responsive

I wanted to give a brief update on what has happened since I e-mailed the letter about my Fayette Middle School daughter's fashion travails.

This could help some save on taxes

One of my neighbors recently informed me of considerable property tax savings. I could have taken advantage of this three years ago. The information is on the back of your tax bill, but I never look there after getting over the "sticker shock" amount on the front.

If council obeys its own ordinance, big boxes may have lost right to build

I am in favor of governmental accountability and obeying the ordinances that are provided for the protection of our health, safety and welfare.

Why should PTC taxpayers be forced to pay for traffic generated by big boxes?

"PTC Taxpayers Pay Again; Developer Gets Break."

U.S. unpreparedness threatens another Pearl Harbor

Suppose that on Dec. 7, 1941, the U.S. had in place at Pearl Harbor advanced radar, the latest antiaircraft weapons, adequate pursuit and interceptor aircraft that compared to the Zero in maneuverability, and a navy already equipped with carrier task forces. In other words, a military specifically designed to thwart the most capable potential adversary in the Pacific. Would the Japanese have dared to attack?

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