McEnroe: Very Little Local Love for Whitewater Middle School....

People of Fayette County, please try to acknowledge beyond a simple news article the truly great accomplishments at Whitewater Middle School. For the years that I have been teaching here in Fayette, I have overheard too many people from other schools say that Whitewater sports were good because they have the "country kids". Seriously?!? If so, then maybe PTC should re-evaluate what direction their kids are heading. Beyond the numerous articles on the success of the middle school sports teams- fairly consistently- NOW the school has been honored with a 2009 Georgia Schools of Excellence. Actually from the top 10 OVERALL scores based on academic achievement, Whitewater Middle was the #3 ranked school in the entire state and #1 middle school. Not too shabby.... Just a little FYI, the 2009 Spring CRCT scores for Whitewater were 100% passing Reading Assessment and 96% passing the Math Assessment (TOPS in this county)...

S. Lindsey: Feel Healthy don't think you need to pay for Health Insurance.. Go to Jail

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Go directly to Jail Do not pass Go Pay tax of $2000.00

Under the House bill those who can afford to buy insurance and don’t’ pay a fine. If the refuse to pay that fine there’s a threat – as with a lot of tax fines – of jail time

S. Lindsey: Well what do you know.. NY District 23 It's not over yet..

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Has anyone heard about this in the MSM?

Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House seat a story by the Post Standard Syracuse New York..

Bonkers: Unemployment payments

Georgia never has enough money to support her people who lose their job.

These people now on unemployment were working just before they filed since one can not draw unemployment nor be counted as unemployed unless you file for unemployment when you are laid off.

always interest...: Veteran's Day Observed

Thank you to Fayette County Public Library for closing today in HONOR of our veterans, war-time and peace-time! To the man in the blue BMW that was disgusted to find a closed sign on the door when he walked up to the building - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

normal: Time to profile, Lets get our politically correct heads out of our butts

Taliban message promises Fort Hood massacre repeat
Afghanistan News.Net
Wednesday 11th November, 2009 (ANI)

Fort Hood (Texas, US), Nov.11 : The Taliban has claimed there would be more attacks like the Fort Hood shootings unless Washington ends its policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to a report.

Davids mom: A Story About Today's America

. . in Macon, Georgia!

Bonkers: Health Care GA politicians

Representatives Linder and Price said no to continuing unemployment payments to those in Georgia who are eligible for them (they had a job once).

Bonkers: Drunken Pilots again

United's turn came up yesterday when they came aboard and took him away.

I was totally amazed that fellow employees turned him in. The most they would have done in the distant past was ask him to voluntarily abandon the flight.

Git Real: Jane, Hutch, Sky, Tug & Cy

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Check your e-mails please regarding Love.

Well..I don't have your e-mail Tug. But I'm certain Jane is going to pass the info on to ya!

S. Lindsey: Public Option is the road to Single Payer

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Rep. John Dingell Jr.

“It's way different than Dad's bill. Dad's bill was a single-payer, and frankly I'm a single-payer. I've seen what the Canadians do, the French do, the British, the Germans and the Japanese, and it works. I've always felt: Get what it is that works.”

suggarfoot: Don't all are going to the healthcare slaughter house

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I wish it wasn't so, but this is what is really going on and the way it will work out and why.


for the private health insurance industry to get its hands on. There are about 40 or 50 MILLION people without heathcare.

S. Lindsey: It’s the ECONOMY and Jobs…Stupid

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54% Favor Middle-Class Tax Cuts Over New Spending on Health Care
Thirty-three percent (33%) of voters say new spending for health care reform is more important. But 54% rate middle class tax cuts as the priority over more health care spending. Thirteen percent (13%) aren’t sure.

S. Lindsey: This is an example of the Democrats’ command-and-control style of governing – buy what we tell you or go to jail

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"Today, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) released a letter from the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) confirming that the failure to comply with the individual mandate to buy health insurance contained in the Pelosi health care bill (H.R. 3962, as amended) could land people in jail. The JCT letter makes clear that Americans who do not maintain “acceptable health insurance coverage” and who choose not to pay the bill’s new individual mandate tax (generally 2.5% of income), are subject to numerous civil and criminal penalties, including criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years."

palmtreedoc: Is 'Charity' Only Possible Through Government Mandate?

When did we as a society decide that compassion and benevolence are only possible through government mandates? Maybe it comes down to the Philosophy 101 question "are people inherently good or evil?". I and many conservatives tend to be optimists, but Pelosi knows you are inherently evil. One thing I can guarantee to you is that government is inherently wasteful.

PreciousStahr: Georgia Congressman Wants Obama to Produce Birth Certificate

US Rep. Nathan Deal is joining other Congressmen in writing a letter to Obama asking that he produce his birth certificate.

Joe Kawfi: Real Meaning of Health Care Vote

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ILLEGALS GET COVERED (just wait for that)

KraftyFla: Welcome Mrs. Plunkett to The Fayette Political Graveyard

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On altogether too often a frequency, Fayette County politicians (and elsewhere) speak of passionate commitment only to betray us with arrogant ignorance and, more importantly, refusing to do the people's will. Some are thinly veiled profiteers (Bob Sprayberry) and others are mental lightweights (Carol "Big Box" Fritz).

Bonkers: Sonnet to 120 banks

Don't feel so alone about your failing
You were duped by excitement and greed
Soon you will find others are flailing
Obama will soon write for you a new creed.

wildcat: sweet smell in PTC

There is some plant that grows along Robinson Rd (between the Parkway and Redwine) that has the most wonderful fragrance.

S. Lindsey: Political Correctness kills 13

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Major Nidal Hasan Muslim listed his Nationality as a Palestinian at his Mosque in Baltimore.

Began identifying with the Terrorist.. Stating he was Pro Hamas..

Cyclist: The fall of the Berlin Wall took place almost 20 years ago...

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and symbolized the collapse of a system of government and a philosophy that simply could not sustain itself. Those brave people that protested and died in order to rid their lands of government imposed parasitic ideas of wealth distribution and alike are truly heroes. They understood that living under a such government forced a way of life that suppressed the natural abilities of man to move forward to create better conditions. They also knew that government is not the solution for all problems. They further knew that there would be a cycle of good times as well as lean and yet in spite this; they still yearned for a form of government that would free them.

Joe Kawfi: The Pelosi Tax Surcharge

Michael Boylan: Hutch or another FCHS fan that will be at tonight's game

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Send me an e-mail and I'll give you my cell, so you can text me updates. I will be at the region championship game at Sandy Creek.

S. Lindsey: 10.2% Unemployment how is that Stimulus working?

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Remember when we were told that we HAD just HAD to pass the Stimilus package or America was going to Crash.. Unemployment was going to go over 8%.

Bonkers: Hawk 1

What has happened to Hawk 1?

Is Hawk 2 still in the shed?

How many certified pilots does the sheriff have for them?

normal: Have they come this far

Malik Nadal Hassan the killer At Fort Hood. Could the name give the rest of the story. Are they now in our military. M

Davids mom: Health care - Tea Party Proponent

It's been an interesting day with the Tea Party demonstrators at the capital regarding their opposition to the proposed health care reform bill - and the AMA and ARRP announcing their support of the proposed bill. Also, the charge that the 'Republican' support does not want the elimination of 'pre-conditions'. (Insurance companies ability to deny health coverage due to pre-conditions). It makes one want to try to read certain sections for clarity.

TinCan: 7 lies under 2 minutes

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Just a little refresher in case you've forgotten what this blowhard said as a candidate ! Check it out before it's pulled.

Mike King: Who in the Private Sector Would Hire Morons Like This?

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Just a copy & paste from a right leaning blog that I thought might be worthy of a comment or two from folks who really think those in government have your interests at heart.

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