Joe Kawfi: More deceit in the Obama administration

Bonkers: GUNS Sonnet

Guns, guns good for your heart
The more you shoot humans dead,
Higher they will pile on a cart.
At least that is what has been said.

S. Lindsey: Obamacare at any cost?

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Are you convinced yet? Do you really think that this is all about Health or Care?

They have reached a point where just passing a bill is the point.. What’s in it? Who wrote it? Does not matter.. They just want a win..

S. Lindsey: Obama to send 30k troops

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to Afghanistan. 10,000 less then General McChrystal said he needed at a Minimum.
His report stated that he needed 60,000 troops.. He can do the job with a MINIMUM of 40,000


Business exiting PTC, Empty (count em 10-12?)empty strip malls and more to come, no recreation for our children (does th

dandy: Power outage on 12/1/09

To any neighbor in Aberdeen Village, if you are without power tonight and AT & T has been doing their handiwork in and around your property, let me know.

Dondol: Just Get Out & VOTE!

I don't care who you vote for just get out and VOTE!

All Smiles: GHSA Screws Sandy Creek

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Saturday, head coaches from Sandy Creek & Griffin High Schools met to flip for home field for this Friday’s State AAAA Semi-Final match-up. Sandy Creek’s Chip Walker won the toss thus the game would be played at The Battlefield in Tyrone. This afternoon, the GHSA announced the game was being moved to Griffin because the seating capacity at Sandy Creek was inadequate (GHSA Constitution – pg. 68, sub section C1).

Bonkers: Obama can't win with the thudballs!

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, the oneth, President Obama will speak on a plan for the forgotten Afghanistan (since 2002).

No matter what he say he no can win:

Bonkers: Precious talk

It is amusing to read those who want certain, specific, fancy food stores.
Here we are right in the middle of a really bad recession with little hope of resolving it anytime soon and they want special expensive food!

TinCan: 2009 Edwards AFB Open House

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For you fly guys and anyone else awed by military planes. A bit lengthy but worth it.

Joe Kawfi: Obama's homies will receive tax dollars after all

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The Obama administration has made sure that taxpayer money will continue to flow to his homies at ACORN...

Bonkers: 16 million jobs, several million more foreclosures..

of homes, tens of thousands more empty retail foreclosures, 2-300 more banks to close or sell, numerous developers and builders to start fixing roofs and bathroom floors, and more taxes to pay to solve all this.

Bonkers: If I had only known!

How easy it was to attend a state dinner at the White House, I would have certainly gone. I own a Tuxedo.

I knew it was easy for oil barons and power companies and their lobbyists and executives to attend many dinners at the White House during the Bush 2 administration, but I just assumed that they all had invitations and were checked for envelopes filled with money at the door.

Michael Boylan: Listen to Sandy Creek game tonight

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Go to this web site

Cyclist: What I want for Christmas...

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is a garage door opener like this one. Smiling

Bonkers: A question

There are umpteen banks in Fayette County.

There can't be much money being loaned by the Fayette banks for many new homes, businesses, retail construction, cars, or start-ups!

ilockemup: Crooked Local Lawyer gets Big Time in the Big House

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McDonough attorney sentenced; Fayette residents among victims (from the Fayette Daily News)

By Martha Barksdale

Attorney Steven H. Ballard of McDonough was sentenced this week to serve more than five years in prison after he pled guilty to a wire fraud scheme that bilked more than $2 million from investors.

Bonkers: Much conversation about DOGS

Yes, thousands of humans get bitten by dogs every year. Many of the bites are serious and some are fatal. Most are of postmen and postwomen who dogs hate for some reason.

S. Lindsey: Health Care Reform Support falls to new low

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Just 38% of voters now favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the lowest level of support measured for the plan in nearly two dozen tracking polls conducted since June.

Mike King: Thanksgiving Thoughts

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This article published in "The Turret" (Ft Knox's on post newspaper), is offered for insight, reflection and perhaps inspiration for as much as we differ, we share a common reverence to those fallen unrecognized.

Patriotdad: Come out and support the Sandy Creek Patriots!

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On Friday the Sandy Creek Patriot football team will be travelling to Thomasville, Ga. to face the TCC Yellow Jackets in the Quarterfinal Round of the AAAA Playoffs.

TinCan: Groundhog Day

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Just got my PTC Update e-mail. Hope it's just a coincidence that the completion date is Feb. 2, 2010.

S. Lindsey: New Taxes in the Senate Healthcare bill

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• 40% excise tax on health coverage in excess of
$8,500/$23,000 indexed for inflation by CPI-U
plus 1% and increased thresholds for over age 55

mbest: Is gas gonna be 4 bucks?

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I was pumping gas this morning when an older gentleman walked up to me and said "Enjoy it now gas is about to go up to 4$ a gallon. The country's broke and Obama's in China begging for money." Then he told me to join the Libertarian party.

Mike King: Get Out And Vote

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Would the Citizens of Peachtree City be so apathetic as to elect an individual whose four years on Council reflect an affinity toward a failed mayor’s policies? Would those citizens also elect an individual who would go to great expense to obfuscate their record? Would they go so far as to elect someone who has proven to be an impediment to real progress and a protégé of the ‘good old boy’ network? Ladies and gentlemen, this is not merely a council seat, but the office of mayor and direction of our fair city for the next four years.

DarthDubious: For Bonkers: Former Brit Chancellor Calls For Independent Inquiry Into Climategate as Global Warming Fraud Implodes!!!

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Calls for an independent inquiry into what is being dubbed “Climategate” are growing as the foundation for man-made global warming implodes following the release of emails which prove researchers colluded to manipulate data in order to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

Bonkers: "Bowing" and shaking hands

Several "clods" on here keep complaining about the President "bowing" while shaking hands with certain countries.

Good manners has never been a detriment to relations between states! It does not show weakness. It shows strength.

DarthDubious: Hallelujah!!! Fake Global Warming Data Exposed by Hackers

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Hackers 'expose global warming con': Sceptics claim that leaked emails reveal research centre massaged temperature data.

Bonkers: Sonnet

On Decency

Out of the bones of those gone,
Comes the cry now to show pity.
Many who still live must atone,
From their heart, not being witty.

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