S. Lindsey: Global Warming, Golden Idols and Icons

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I have been trying to, rather unsuccessfully, figure out the mindset of the Alarmist.

The closest I have come is to liken it to a Religion.

Bonkers: Will they really build it now?

the next excessive shopping center next to Planterra? You know the one with the great big store built on city streets!

Robert W. Morgan: Real American, right here. Cyclist asked. Here it is

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This is a response to David's Mom when she questioned my definition of Real Americans.

The fact that I have to actually explain the definition of Real Americans is in itself a statement on how far we have declined as a country.

Cyclist: Let me see if I understand this correctly:

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If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely.

Robert W. Morgan: Welcome Mike Amos

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Everybody thinks I am you - or you are me, which is not true.

So I am glad you have joined us and we can be different people here, as we are in real life.

Cyclist: I see where the Congressional Black Caucus....

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is going to hold a news conference tomorrow where they are expected to say President Barack Obama hasn't done enough to specifically address joblessness in minority communities across the country.

Bonkers: No more federal money for budgets here

After about the middle of 2010 there isn't likely to be much money allocated to the states for their budgets---especially for cities and towns.

TinCan: Pravda on us

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Don't know if this is a legitimate link or something faked up. Interesting in any event, but the companion articles do seem a bit odd for a Russian paper.

S. Lindsey: Jesus not invited to the Whitehouse

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Well it's that time of year where we get together and hopefully reflect on what we have done and how better we can be.

Richard Hobbs: Two Beautiful Yellow Labs Free to good Home.

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A dear friend of mine passed away this past week and left 2 labs without an owner.

Samson is a male 2 years old and Sandy is a 8 year old female.

Bonkers: Tea Party Get Together

I am concerned that they are going to commit suicide before they can get organized!
If they do we may get another bunch who will be so much worse that we can't stand them.

Git Real: ***MY*** Presidential Candidate

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I support this man "Black Man" as MY presidential candidate. And it IS NOT about color. It is about Freedom, Liberty and to PROMOTE the general welfare....not to provide it.

terminalpreppy: swine who flew

This guy needs to share a cell with the Kedron pilot - so they can abuse each other instead of women and children . I will start this off as a warning to citizes who are planning to attend the holiday music program at Starrs Mill on Monday .

Bonkers: Christianity;Hinduism; Islam: Sonnet

So many choices we have to follow
Either One God, One Son, One spirit;
Or, Goddesses, Gods in which to wallow;
From a newer Prophet wars flow as a spigot

Patriotdad: Sandy Creek thanks our Fayette Neighbors and Invites Everyone

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to join us this week in Celebration of our trip to the GHSA Class AAAA Championship game in the Georgia Dome!

Davids mom: Sharing some holiday joy

1. Andrea Bocelli's Christmas Album

2. Susan Boyle's new release

3. An authentic English Tea experience
Holly Cottage Tea House in Newnan.

Bonkers: Braves 25 man roster---2010

After talking to Cox and Wren the following plan to win next year with pitching only has been established:


normal: Nice

Stand up for JESUS

Thought you might be interested in this.

The Sonny's restaurant in Tifton, Ga. is owned by Bill Davis from Sylvester. They have owned

Bonkers: I'm a little concerned!

Today is Sunday (according to the Romans)It was them wasn't it?
No matter, one of the seven days in a week is Sunday---or is it? What is a true week? What does the Bible say---seven days isn't it? What was a day?

smartpanz: Prominite Local Attorney Dies

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Robert "Bobby" H. Suttles well known in Fayette and Clayton Counties, died on Thursday December 3rd.

Mr. Suttles was a long time member of the Georgia Bar Association, Georgia Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers. And practiced in and around Fayette County for 24 years.

Davids mom: Volunteer military

I am most grateful for the United States military - which is the largest in the world - and volunteer. We owe these men

suggarfoot: Equafax/ Experia/ Trans whatever...rip offs!

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My child got robbed tonight. Out, car broken into, at an athletic field so Id locked in car/ not the smartest thing to do but kids are kids.

TinCan: Healthcare bill in every day terms

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A bit lengthy presentation from a senate candidate from PA. Appears to be fair and balanced.

S. Lindsey: Show me the Money and I will give you Global Warming

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Well on day when we have Snow in Georgia.

I thought it particularly cogent to blog about Global Warming.

The recent revelation on the emails from the CRU (Climatic Research Unit) easily proves that the “Science” is in fact anything but settled. The emails clearly show that the “Scientist” fudged the data.

Bonkers: Miracle of November 10%

What is the mystery about the labor statistics for November, and probably December when they come out?

Fewer people were fired in November than previous months in order to celebrate that great Christian Holiday, "Shopping!"

Fyt35: Sandy Creek game on the radio...

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listen to it on http://footballu.net/.

Pats up 10-0.

Bonkers: MyTSonnet

Mighty John Henry, Mighty Joe Young
Lived by the energy they gladly exerted.
Mighty Power Rangers, powers have sung .

Bonkers: Georgia Football (UGA)

Most of the hierarchy of the defense unit of the UGA football team was fired this week. They didn't win enough games this year it seems due to poor defense.

Bonkers: Citizen's Free Speech print

I would assume that the printed "Free Speech" in the Citizen is dead!

Could be it is on a semi-annual situation but I think not. Four issues now and no Free Speech.

Betsy Tyler: Peachtree City Library CLOSED Friday, December 4, for power outage

There will be another planned power outage on Friday, December 4, for Georgia Power to complete the repairs following the accident on December 1. The outage should only impact the Municipal Plaza, and not affect area homes and traffic signals.

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