Angry Taxpayer: Free Speech for 01-01-2010

Happy New Year!

dontmakemesay: Has Bad_PTC been loose lately?

AJC post someone shot a puppy and left for dead.

boogurl: Tired of Racism!

For Merrilyn and Anyone ELSE!!!
I'm not a racist by no means! I was being sarcastic. I'm leaving this a lone b/c no matter what you say on here people judge you before even knowing you. Alot of people on here are so quick to judge a person when they do wrong but slow to make change themselves when they are in the wrong. I pray 2010 will be a better year for everyone.

S. Lindsey: Progressives PO’ed at Obama

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Why..? He has not gone far enough left.

On Sirius Left today an entire hour was spent going over the “Grand” promises made by Obama that has not been kept.

S. Lindsey: Liar.. Liar Pants on FIRE..

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That old nursery rhyme comes to mind every time this administration does anything now a days..

Back in August and ALL of last year Obama pledged to cut all Pork Barrel projects from Defense spending.. Threatening to veto any swollen bills that came across his desk.

Joe Kawfi: ACORN CEO Visited Obama at WH, Log Shows

Mike King: Beltway Mindset

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I came across this article this am on a conservative website written by Beverly Gunn who quite clearly depicts the 'mindset' of those entrenched in our nation's capital. She may well be a career military family member or perhaps a federal employee, but without doubt a Washington outsider.

normal: vote them out please, bankruptcy looms for the USA

One hundred eleven new Government agencies. If this doesn't put the fear of Goverment into you, nothing will.

Joe Kawfi: Obama gets an 'F' for protecting Americans

Mike King: Mr. Obama, A Few Suggestions If I Might Be So Bold

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Realizing that you have at least another thirty-seven months of job security, would you mind taking a few suggestions from someone, like yourself, who has proven not to be as smart as once thought. Let’s face it; the previous eleven months have not included your finest hours.

Bonkers: In Denial (A River in Egypt)

It is going to take a much bigger sledge hammer for some!
They simply will not accept, out loud anyway, the fact that this "recession" is far from over!

TinCan: Dead on or "tea bagger" propaganda? You be the judge.

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A little lengthy, but worth the watch. Hope it's not a harbinger of things to come. To quote the famous Yogi, "Could very well be déjà vu all over again".

Dondol: Cal Beverly - What happened to Free Speech?

Cal, what happened, the last Free Speech that ran in the paper was on November 4th, 09. Did you just decide that it wouldn't run anymore? I know people have things to say so put it back and lets have at it.

S. Lindsey: Obama's Latest Executive Order Grants Interpol Immunity From American Laws

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“EO12425 was issued by then-President Ronald Reagan in 1983 which granted the international policing agency INTERPOL diplomatic status in the United States to help conduct global investigations more effectively. However, Reagan specifically made two exceptions to INTERPOL's diplomatic immunities. The first had to do with taxation; the second required INTERPOL to operate under the oversight of US law enforcement agencies, be held accountable according to US laws and produce records when demanded by courts.

Sexy Guy: Illegals working at Partners

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Is anyone else sick of seeing this? I am a business owner and I only hire LEGAL workers. Yes, it may cost a bit more. But its the right thing to do.

Bonkers: They are after our planes again!

Who are they, I ask, bone heads?
Sent by whom to shake up the press?
Could it be they are simple Reds?
How did we get into such a mess?

Joe Kawfi: Senators & Wild Turkey do not mix.....

TyroneConfidential: Tyrone continues work to run off businesses

The Fayette County News reported the “diligent” work of council to stifle businesses in Tyrone by passing a new sign ordinance in 2009 limiting the size and number of signs allowed at businesses. Along with its restrictive zoning ordinance, the new sign ordinance guarantees the death of its downtown business area.

Bonkers: Chance of a Lifetime!

President Obama is in Hawaii, a foreign country where he was born.

We should notify immigration of this and not allow him back into the USA. I'll bet Joe would approve.

Bonkers: Brisket and Biscuits

The lower breast or chest (depending upon the sex) is a cut of meat sometimes with some ribs included. Must be thinly sliced.

Joe Kawfi: System worked as it should have?

johni: Short Stay Livings and Options in Dubai

Dubai has been built according to a master plan. The activities to do in Dubai are countless. Tourist from all around the world visit Dubai to an adventurous and luxury feeling they have never had.

Bonkers: Storing Rice, water and dried beef

A pawn shop operator in Palm Beach, Florida of long standing, was asked today who was pawning goods there anyway. It is supposedly full of wealthy people for the most part.

Fyt35: Athenas Pizza in PTC

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Have you fellow bloggers tried this place out yet? It opened next to Jersey Mikes. I must say I gave it a try about two weeks ago and was extremely disappointed. I ordered their version of Greek pizza, after what appeared as an unreasonably long wait, the pizza came out. The lamb meat was burnt, I called the manager on it and his response was that “people like their meat crispy”. What planet did he come from? Crispy gyro meat? It was like eating leather.

Bonkers: Health Plan not yet right!

Any USA health plan that depends upon scores of Insurance companies to compete for members from all over the country is doomed to fail.

Bonkers: Losing Ground

Conservatism can't exist with Capitalism.
Critical Socialism only can exist there.
The Conservative creed; preserve the now,

borntorun: Merry Christmas

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Just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! And let's not forget the reason for the season!

Bonkers: Appalachian modified Scots-Irish!

Hyar weuns air sippin a dope just when the wether air airish outside.
Ah wint tu thu stor yistiday, bote sum stuf and had it ropped up. My laig wuz hurtin so I put my stuf in my poke and bid them jaspers so long.

TinCan: Ray Stevens still HAS IT!!!

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I'm guessing this will be about 65% favorable. The remainder....who cares?

Joe Kawfi: Hypocrite, thy name is Obama

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