Joe Kawfi: Time to play Obama BINGO!

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Back by popular demand: Obama BINGO! To help you get through the State of the Union address on Wednesday night, Americans for Tax Reform once again presents Obama BINGO! Use the cards to check off terms and phrases likely to be used during President Obama’s State of the Union address.

S. Lindsey: Obama Shocker.. He told the truth

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Obama said yesterday that the Middle Class is under attack.

Well let's see he has been president for one year and the Democrats have had control of the House, Congress and Senate.

TinCan: Flying again

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Maybe some of you know this guy. Hell, maybe you are this guy!

Look at the attached video of a performance by a stunt pilot who is, in real life a Delta Airlines pilot. His act at Air Shows is to pretend that he is a drunken spectator who rushes from the stands and jumps in a Piper Cub and takes off without any understanding of how to fly a plane. The Piper Cub is actually specifically built to withstand enormous stress and has a very powerful engine.

Mike King: Spending Cuts, Now Really....

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I wondered just how long and how desperate our political leaders would have to be to use the term 'spending cuts'. I guess it took a truck driving former male model declaring that the seat he was seeking actually belonged to the people of his state and not to any one individual or political party.

Davids mom: What do Fayette County citizens think?

I'd be interested in your take on this reaction to the Supreme Court decision:

By any fair legal definition, the decision yesterday by The Supreme

TinCan: Remember?

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Those under 50 will not remember the great cartoonist Rube Goldberg, but the older folks will. He was famous for his cartoons depicting contraptions like this one to perform simple task. This kind of stuff is now a part of many college curriculums and competitions for physics students and civil engineers. Enjoy.

Davids mom: This is a must read again. . .

Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ' Munich ' was based.. He was Golda Meir's bodyguard - she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.

Joe Kawfi: More empty words from the Acorn administration

normal: So what do you think of this

From an ER doctor


I live and work in a border state overrun with illegals; they make more money having kids than we earn working fulltime; today I had a 25 year old with 8 kids that’s right 8; all illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails; cell phone; hand bag; clothing etc; she makes about 1500 monthly for each; do the math. I used to say “we are the dumbest nation on earth” now I must say and sadly admit: YOU are the dumbest people on earth (that includes me) for we elected the idiot ideologues who have passed the bills that allow this; sorry; we need a revolution; Vote ‘em all out in 2010.

S. Lindsey: It IS the Economy STUPID

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America is PO’ed. It is pretty clear that the majority sentiment out there is disgust with Congress and this Administration.

bad_ptc: One of ours ...

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As of now one of ours and his family needs our strength and support.

We can only wish and pray for Hack and his family.

S. Lindsey: Government mandate to invest in well... Government

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How is your 401k doing? Do you still have one?

Thinking about getting one?

You might want to re-think that one.

Joe Kawfi: Thanks a pantload, Barry!

suggarfoot: !John Oxendine's office and him a joke!

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An insurance co did something so horrendous, I filed my 1st complaint ever.

After sending in a several page complaint ...I was assured someone from his office would CALL me.

Joe Kawfi: A little light humor for Friday

kevin king: Disappointment on the left! Disappointment on the right!

So here we are almost a year into the new administration's term. And what do we have to celebrate on the left?

Well, we passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act which protects women from discrimination at work in terms of pay and work rules. We saw protections for credit card users pass, eliminating unreasonable interest rate hikes. We saw torture Finally taken off of the table as something our government would do to captured persons in our care. And we saw several other pieces of legislation pass which were so innocuous you would have to research them on the internet to even know what they were.

S. Lindsey: Thank God for those Alaskians

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"WASHINGTON — Sen. Lisa Murkowski took her battle with the Environmental Protection Agency to the floor of the Senate today, saying she was left with no choice but to fight a federal agency she believes is “contemplating regulations that will destroy jobs while millions of Americans are doing everything they can just to find one.”

S. Lindsey: Martin Luther King was a Radical Socialist

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At least that is what the Chairman of the NAACP Julian Bond said this week.

He went on to say that if “America knew who Martin Luther King was we would not be celebrating him as we do”..

S. Lindsey: Ding Dong the "Witch"(Universal Healthcare) is DEAD (maybe)

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"Speaker Nancy Pelosi says House does not have the votes to pass the Senate's version of a health insurance bill that is now in severe jeopardy of being scrapped."

TinCan: Massachusetts election analysis

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This is about the 4th or 5th translation of this video I've seen. In my book funniest by far.

Ruth Kimble: Pendulum has reached its left margin

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As a former resident of Massachusetts, I never expected them to elect a republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. What a shocker. And the ultimate irony is: the democrat controlled MA legislature passed the law requiring a special election a few years back during Romney’s tenure to prevent GovRomney from appointing republicans to fill vacant seats. So the dems in Mass did it to themselves. LOL

Cyclist: Cyclist:Public Apology

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Hey Gang,

From time to time we sometimes let our feelings cloud our ability to blog in a civil manner.

After reviewing and re-reviewing an entry I made about our President I believe I crossed the line. Hack was right, I did disrespected the President and I should not have done so.

carbonunit52: Congratulations to Mr. Brown.

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Simple fact: there were more voters who liked Mr. Brown and what he had to say than there were voters who liked his opponent and what she had to say. It was an individual candidate thing. I don't see much reason to get overly excited about this issue, one more vote in the Senate is just that, give or take a clean pickup truck or two. The Republicans still need a main ingredient to have a future: substance. Right now, they are running on resistance to anything that Obama does or proposes, and that is it. No proposals, no plans, nothing of any substance. Take away that, and there is not much left, and nothing that is new, except the recently developed technique of using entertainers as spokespersons.

S. Lindsey: Does your kids value Mao and Che.. not after this..

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"The Revolutionary Holocaust" [HQ]
by Glenn Beck (videos)
1:44 Don't miss my first ever documentary this Friday at 5pm

eodnnaenaj1: Cy,

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Thanks for the warning the other day, so I didn't faint when I opened my EMC bill . . . yes gas bill was up $100! And that is with me conserving!

eodnnaenaj1: Carbon

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I don't know how to do the link thingy, but this morning I kicked the brooms and mop bucket out of the way and took this picture for you, now do you believe I have a broom closet office?!

Joe Kawfi: Obama's obsession with trucks

S. Lindsey: Brown (Republican) projected as the WINNER (AP)

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Well Obama is batting a thousand..

Every time he campaigns for someone or something he LOSES..

Lost in New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago and now Massachusetts..

hutch866: All State Band and Orchestra

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Congratulations to all the kids in Fayette County who made All State this year. By my count( which could be low if anything) we as a county put 24 kids and 6 alternates into the All State program this year. Way to go kids, we're proud of you. Once a music director from Ga.State called our county band land, and she was right.

TinCan: The kid can sing.

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All is not lost when we have kids like this!

This young man sings the National Anthem prior to a college basketball game.

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