FOUND: A WHITE/CREME COLORED MEDIUM SIZED DOG OFF OF BERNHARD ROAD/85 SOUTH. (across the street from the BP). About 25-35 pounds. No collar. Has a hurt back ankle. Please, if you know anything about who this dog may belong to, PLEASE PLEASE contact me. The animal shelter wasn't much help Sad

kevin king: Steve Lindsey and Git Real. In the spirit of bi-partisan Blogs, this one is for you guys!

Video evidence, never before seen, of Adolph Hitler bringing incompetent Delta and Northwest pilots to their knees. My knees shake, and I become incontinent every time I am forced by my company to watch this clip.

S. Lindsey: The DUH AWARDS go to.. THE AGW CROWD of Global Warming

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A key Scientist Phil Jones of the now infamous Climate gate scandal has come out and now said Temps have not significantly risen since 1995 and in fact have had been in a cooling cycle since 2002. Key data was withheld or not even used to form the IPCC report and any descent from Scientist that did not agree with the “consensus” was booted out as fringe elements.

Boo: Cheating in Atlanta schools, you gotta be kidding

Da AJC must be lying. Dey say de investigation show nearly 90 percent of de test answers wer changed. Who did it? It not superitendent Bevley Hall. Cause she named supertendent of year havin d highest provment of test scores in Alanta. Dis not witstanding she had one of nations lowes test scores wen she was in dat post in Nework NJ. Dat cause dey did a lot of new work up ther. Bsides Bevley got $82000 bunos last year for increased test scores in alanta even tho ther wer complains befor of cheatin in alanta schools and Bevley was rebuked by govnor Purdue in 08. Tha dont count caus hes a white rasist. A likly suspet of who dit it is presdent Bush. He da one who startet this no child left behind program. Bush wanted evry child in da nation to hav a college ed. And Bush knuw dam well dat 100 yurs of IQ testing shows only bout 20 percent of de peoples are colledge material. Bush probly snuck in an changd all de test. Parent Phillippia Harris say its de teatchers fault. She say teatchers dont teah. But da teachers say dey was told if yor chilrens dont pass da test you wont hav a job nex year. Some guy printed a ajc carton dat showd a white alanta teacher tellin her black students to talk to hur lowyer if dey wante info bout de test scores. It seems mos likely dat de white techers wer doing de cheatin.

kevin king: Carbon Unit, this one's for you.

You, like me, have limited time for interpreting signs and signals. You appreciate a "to the point" environment.

This video, my good sir, is for you.

Joe Kawfi: Family Budget Advice from Obama?

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This "president" is a real piece of work. He has the unmitigated gall to lecture businesses about how they spend their money while he piddles away America's future on a bunch of pork projects that don't produce anything but government, union jobs that add nothing to the economy. Worst President in History - Barack Hussein Obama, mmm....mmmm....mmmm.


Congratulations to the Flat Rock Middle School boys basketball team for winning the county championship. Great work guys!!

Main Stream: Darwin Day in PTC

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"The Fayette Freethought Society will host a Darwin Day celebration on Saturday, February 27th from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Starbucks in Peachtree City (next to Steinmart on Hwy. 54)."

Joe Kawfi: "I think a decision has just been made -- we're just going to go ahead"

S. Lindsey: Well what’s one more promise broken

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President Barack Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.

S. Lindsey: Palin replaces Bush as the lead medical disorder

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“When you’re convinced your political opponent is Satanic, you’ll jump to any insane conclusion about them.
Here’s Eric Robinson of Yale Daily News:

Git Real: Gosh Kevin... What Next From Your Guys

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And you guys wanna poke fun at Palin? I mean... Palin isn't presidential OR vice presidential material. But good grief, she sure makes more sense than your clowns.

hutch866: Cancer Fundraiser

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 3 from 2:00-5:00pm for the St. Baldrick's Foundation fundraiser at 57 Fighter Group Restaurant, 3829 Clairmont Road,

idk_revisited: Google SuperFast Internet?

Saw this online, and I thought this would be perfect in Fayette County:

TinCan: Interesting bit of history

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I imagine Bonk$ may be one of the characters milling around in the street.

Historian David Kiehn with the
Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

The Wedge: Can anyone recommend an inexpensive handy man?

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I need some some work up on my chimney and need to find a handy man that doesn't mind being on a ladder. Any ideas and/or numbers for the PTC area?

S. Lindsey: Obama before and after..

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Obama before Reality Strikes

“ “Senator Barack Obama says he would “engage in aggressive personal diplomacy” with Iran if elected president and would offer economic inducements and a possible promise not to seek “regime change” if Iran stopped meddling in Iraq and cooperated on terrorism and nuclear issues.”

Joe Kawfi: I campaigned for Obama and all I got was this stupid T-shirt

DarthDubious: The Who Sing to the Obama Faithful

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As soon as I heard that The Who would be the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl, the timeliness of what would likely be their last song immediately crossed my mind. However, that didn’t lessen the impact of seeing the aging rockers belt out their classic, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” although this time with more significance for America than at any time since the song was written. The enthusiastic crowd — thousands of whom undoubtedly sport Obama/Biden bumper stickers on their vehicles — joined Townshend and Daltrey in thunderous unison each time the line “We don’t get fooled again” was sung. Ironically, the extent to which the song indicts Obama was probably lost on all, save the venerable old Englishmen themselves, who hail from a bygone era when the left was actually anti-establishment.

DarthDubious: TRUE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT BEWARE: Tea Party Sarah is a Neocon

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Sarah Palin delivered a speech prior to her keynote at the Republican Tea Party fest in Nashville scheduled for this weekend. In addition to touching on government spending and the bankster bailout, Palin said the underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should have been grilled before he was read his Miranda rights.

Davids mom: Remember the Shoe Bomber?

Remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it?

Did you know his trial is over?

S. Lindsey: Birthers, Truthers and other Left Progressive agendas

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Every wonder how some things get started..? Take the “Birthers” (please)for an example..Cool

Everyone points to the Right as the “Birth of the Birthers” They could not be more wrong.

Fyt35: Air show video

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All you airplane enthusiasts will enjoy this one…

Air show

S. Lindsey: Was anyone else Creeped out

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by the "Green Police" commercial during the Superbowl?

Never happen though.. or will it?

Gwinnett residents could face $500 fine for not recycling..AJC Story Link

southernboy: Misty the Horse Shot w/Bow Has Major Setback
I hope she can pull out of this setback. Blessings to Misty and her family. What this poor hor

Joe Kawfi: Lawmakers at "work"

TinCan: BYU vs. Air Force

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Just prior to the start of the Air Force-BYU football game, Sept. 22, 2009, this video was broadcast in the BYU stadium in Provo , Utah . Later, the USAF

TinCan: National Anthem

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The way it should be performed.


dorothyb: Train Whistle

Was I the only person unaware that the PTC powers that be were seriously considering paying good citizen money to silence/mute a train whistle? PTC citizens have heard that whistle for decades.

Tug13: Anyone having trouble...

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reading the comments or posting? I'm only having a problem with the Citizen. I wasn't able to read any of the comments earlier.

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