Health care - Tea Party Proponent

It's been an interesting day with the Tea Party demonstrators at the capital regarding their opposition to the proposed health care reform bill - and the AMA and ARRP announcing their support of the proposed bill. Also, the charge that the 'Republican' support does not want the elimination of 'pre-conditions'. (Insurance companies ability to deny health coverage due to pre-conditions). It makes one want to try to read certain sections for clarity.

But what really caught my attention was the Congressman making an emotional plea to the audience - stating his belief in the Constitution and holding supposedly a copy of the document in his hand - and then repeating words from the Declaration of Independence. I think emotion has taken over reason. Of course, I know that he must know the difference - but talk about being smarter than the average fifth grader! I think our children will wonder at the credibility of a 'leader'.

This is being discussed throughout the country - just wanted your input. Thanks.

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