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Wednesday, June 27, 2001


Will proposed power plant pollute Fayette?

Nearly 300 residents from Fayette and south Fulton counties Saturday night voiced their opposition to a proposed power plant in their backyard.

Big cat prowling at PTC ponds?

Typically, the cart path system in Peachtree City offers tame wildlife such as squirrels, birds and other creatures as it winds through deeply wooded areas.

On vacation, Fayette EMT saves a life

A peaceful vacation in Panama City for Fayette County Emergency Medical Technician Richard Rumbaugh turned into a life-or-death situation when he rescued a drowning teen caught in the ocean's undertow several weeks ago.

PTC police move into new HQ

On the outside, it looks like an upscale office building.

As lawyer's bill rises, councilman in PTC asks, 'Are we paying too much?'

Though no one appears in a rush to replace current City Attorney Rick Lindsey, the Peachtree City Council has been prodded into studying whether it's time to hire its own in-house counsel.

Called meeting set for budget loose ends

Fayette County commissioners will revisit a few issues before voting Thursday night on a proposed $65.45 million budget.

Flaring tempers lead to arrests at Burger King

A Riverdale man and a Hampton teen have been arrested for assaulting two people in the parking lot of the Burger King in Fayetteville late Thursday evening.

New tree rules delayed

New rules requiring 25-foot buffers surrounding timber harvesting operations in Fayette are on their way to the County Commission, but the board won't discuss the new rules until next month.

Request for two more homes denied by PTC Council after citizens oppose rezoning plan

The rezoning request from Hyland Developers would have allowed six homes to be built in a tiny 5.6-acre subdivision ... instead of four.

Commission ponders a request for a higher tower

Fayette County commissioners Thursday will decide whether adding ten feet to the height of an existing communications tower is better than building a new tower.

Superintendent gets new contract, 27% raise

The Fayette County Board of Education has given Superintendent John DeCotis, Ph.D., a vote of confidence and a big raise.

Disease-carrying ticks on the move?

Health officials aren't calling it a tick outbreak exactly, but recent wet, warm weather may have brought an increase in the numbers of the little pests.

PTC creates authority to lower rents at 'upscale' senior apartment complex

To encourage the development of senior-oriented housing in Peachtree City, the City Council has created the Residential Care for the Elderly Authority.

Lay off the pedal, and the fireworks, for July 4, officials urge

Motorists traveling during the Fourth of July holiday period are being encouraged to exercise caution by the Georgia State Patrol.

Collins attends opening of new ministry

U.S. Rep. Mac Collins attended a ribbon cutting last week in Tyrone for a facility housing a company that cleans residential and commercial properties and a ministry that helps young drug addicts clean up their lives.

Fayette's best compost sought

Once again the Fayette County Extension Office will conduct its annual composting contest.

Teen gives up locks for love

Losing 17 inches of her pony tail was almost a relief to Ashleigh Webster of Peachtree City.

Camp program in full bloom

Peachtree City's Camp McIntosh participants received a special treat when Covered In Bloom Nursery off Malone Road in Fayetteville donated a truckload of flowers.

Fayette gets first lottery-funded pre-k

The Office of School Readiness has just informed the Fayette County School System that two of its schools are the recipients of the lottery-funded pre-kindergarten program.

Power Parade aids youth homes

Fayette's elementary school students raised more than $18,000 in this year's Power Parade, conducted each year to raise funds for children their age who need a helping hand.

Police Blotter

Health Wise

When to seek help
Child's Play

One of the questions I get more than almost any other is a question from parents concerning whether or not their children need to see a therapist.

Men's health in Georgia
Men in Georgia are living longer than ever before to an average age of 74 but they still die nearly seven years younger than women.
Health Dept. eyes fee hike

The Fayette County Health Department announces that as of July 1, some service fees will increase.

Fayette Community Hospital to be smoke-free inside and out

Beginning July 1, Fayette Community Hospital will become a completely tobacco-free campus.

Run for your life in various locations

You can help improve your own health and that of others when you join a team marathon training program that fights stroke.

Helping blind people gain independence

One organization has shown dogged determination in helping blind and visually impaired people lead independent lives and become more active members of their communities.

Getting back in the swing of things

People may no longer have to give up favorite activities, such as swimming, hiking, tennis and golf, because they have osteoarthritis.

Back pain common in Americans

Long hours on the job while sitting in front of a computer is a surefire recipe for back pain ­ an affliction that will strike nearly 85 percent of the population at some time in their life.

Bouncing back from a heart attack

Challenging one of medicine's long-standing beliefs, a team of scientists funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Institute on Aging has found the strongest evidence to date that human heart muscle cells regenerate after a heart attack.

Be careful with makeup around the eyes

Women who use makeup particularly those who wear contact lenses should be very careful when applying makeup to their faces. Tearing and irritation, while usually just a minor annoyance, could lead to more serious problems.

Be careful with makeup around the eyes

Mosquitoes in Georgia aren't just a nuisance they can also carry several diseases, according to Kathleen E. Toomey, director of the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Public Health.

Smog poses danger to summer fun in the sun

Summer is here and it's time to go play outside. The last thing anyone wants to hear this time of year is that outside physical activity at the wrong time of day can be harmful. But ozone, a component of smog, is more prevalent during the summer months and poses serious health hazards.

Tips for diving safely

As the summer heats up, so does the desire to cool off, but swimmers should make sure they know exactly what they are jumping into before taking the plunge.


Harris Teeter leaving Atlanta market

Peachtree City residents that have grown accustomed to the good customer service an variety of products at Harris Teeter are probably in mourning today.

Pilots ratify contracts

The Delta pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, have ratified a new five-year contract that includes pay raises ranging from 24 to 39 percent, and work rule and benefit improvements.

Valentino's appoints new general manager

Tailwind Development Company Owners, Bob and Karen Stieber, have announced the appointment of Mike Cappella as general manager of their popular Peachtree City Restaurant - Valentino's.


Local teen catches record-sized marlin in Hawaii

When most kids return to school in the fall, they'll have stories of vacations they went on and parties they went to during their summer vacation.

Thursday Thunder completes their postponed races, local racers finish well

The inclement weather over the past few weeks has put a damper on some of the racing action at Atlanta Motor Speedway for its Thursday Thunder racing series.

Emory women's track team honors local girls

The Emory University women's outdoor track and field team finished 18th at the NCAA Division 3 national championships, with help from two Fayette County residents.

PTC Tennis Center raises money for All Children's Playground

The Peachtree City Tennis Center has announced that during July it will donate $10 for every tennis lesson given to The Luther Holt All Children's Playground in Peachtree City.

Sports Calendar


Swingin' Medallions swing into town


Greenwood, S.C., is the home of Lander University and in the mid-to-late '60s it was the home of The Swingin' Medallions.

Scottish band and choir to give local performanc

The Fayette community will have an opportunity to hear the most talented musicians and singers from Scotland perform during a special concert at Sams Auditorium.

GYB presents free workshop recital

Students from the Georgia Youth Ballet and dancers from five other states have had the honor of studying under professional instructors over the past few weeks.

Willowbend the heart of the city?

As I hoped, several readers corrected my efforts to set the record straight on Peachtree City history a few weeks ago, and added their own memories.

Seminar on surviving the first term of college coming to PTC Recreation Department
Summer officially started last week, but it will be time to go back to school before you know it.
Radio is bringing me down
I think I have repetitive stress disorder.

Forget the frills ... prayer meeting will serve a better purpose
Religion Columnist

Remember Jesus making the judgment that the religious folks in Jerusalem had made God's House "a place of business" (John 2:16) rather than a House of Prayer? His observation was made in lights of massive commerce taking place within the temple compound - currency exchanges, selling and buying of sacrificial animals. Many people were turning a nice little profit within the House of God.

Neece to be ordained as CEC deacon in Friday ceremony

Charles David Neece of Newnan will be ordained into the Sacred Order of Deacons in the Charismatic Episcopal Church Friday, June 29, at 7 p.m. at Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Peachtree City.

Religion Briefs

VBS Schedule



All tangled up in a technological web

I guess I'm going to have to break down and get a cell phone.

The things we learn from grandparents
One Citizen's Perspective

It is no secret that grandparents are some of the most blessed people on the planet. They carry with them an aura that gives light to the people around them. It is no wonder, nor is it circumstance, that the distinction comes in the autumn of one's life.

Secrets revealed:
Laugh Lines

Diary of a shirt


Extra EMTs irrelevant to better response times

A few citizens have expressed sincere concern to me because the Fayette County Board of Commissioners did not fund seven additional firefighters/emergency medical technicians in the county's 2002 fiscal year budget. I was able to alleviate their concern when I shared the facts with them. I hope this letter will do the same for those citizens who have that concern but have not contacted us. Inaccurate letters to the editor, incomplete newspaper articles and rumors "at the water cooler" serve only to distort the real story.

Keep Fayette Beautiful has moved beyond flower planting; we need help

I appreciate Dave Hamrick's support of Keep Fayette Beautiful in his column, "Fayette, do you want to be beautiful?"

What happened to county money for recreation in PTC?

Last week, Dave Hamrick reported that county commissioners were considering the 2002 budget which included over $1 million for recreation. He quoted county Finance Director Mark Pullium, "What the results will be ... will be a significant improvement to the playing surfaces of all the fields throughout the county."

Questions for candidates: Explain how any rezoning to higher density can help residents of the county

Every candidate says they are "for the land use plan." All of our former failed elected officials like Price, Lakly, Burrell, Sprayberry, Gosa and many city officials were "for the land use plan" [and yet] they caused the congestion we are in now.

Pfeifer: Some principles to govern by if I am elected

Anyone who moves into a new job or starts with a new organization or gets married or becomes a parent for the first time will need a period of on the job training. We all know this. A candidate who wins an office for the first time is no exception. If a candidate ever tells you different, don't let them kid you.

Bost stuck it to county citizens when he resigned after election

Unlike Mr. Steve Brown, I do not know [resigned County Commissioner] Harold Bost either personally or professionally. It seems to me that while in office Mr. Bost did an outstanding job and is to be commended for that. However, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Bost did not know of the time constraints that would be asked of him when he chose to run for reelection in November 2000.

Letter shows Brown will go to any length for notoriety

It is a sorry state of life when a person like Steve Brown latches on to a personal tragedy that happened to a family and bring further evidence that Mr. Brown will go to any lengths to bring notoriety to his name.

'Cement ladies' helped create All Children's Playground

I encourage everyone to go take a look at the Luther T. Holt All Children's Playground at Picnic Park behind City Hall. It took a lot of volunteers to make it all happen. The flooring has yet to be installed, but it looks great.

Publisher's column knocking attorneys wasn't very smart

Is elective office best reserved for those who know the least, better to reflect, perhaps, the mediocre elements within our society? Are we to tell our children the study of law would make them less worthy and less desirable as elective office holders? Your front page editorial musings of June 13, in your last issue before the county commission special election, certainly suggest that much.

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