dollaradayandfound: The weeks's oddities

Before I go for a while I wanted to scribe out for you some weird ones this week:
Candidate Romney fired his gardener due to someone complaining that some of them were illegal aliens. He had the same trouble last year but the company he had hired assured him they would fix the problem. He said that he had no way of knowing whether they were illegal or not since he had not ask them; therefore it wasn't his fault.

dollaradayandfound: "Scraping down"

I watched some of the Congressional hearing this week about the foreclosure of homes problem in the US.
They were interviewing College Professors who taught finance, etc., and Wharton School graduates, and bankrupcy judges.

dollaradayandfound: IMUS on RFD TV

The black-female-basketball player critic, Don Imus is back on TV and radio.

The recovering alcoholic-doper got about 30 million out of his last gig to get rid of him and now he doesn't have to spend so much time at his desert ranch where he teaches ill kids to be cowboys occasionally.

dollaradayandfound: Muddle's theory on religion

The belief that the only way to everlasting life is to be a Christian and to profess their detailed rules, does point to all other religions as not having the ability to provide salvation, except the special case of the Jews (some of them anyway).

dollaradayandfound: Changing tax method

I think I like all of the different changes being proposed in tax laws so that richer people will get by much easier! Not that I am rich, but it would let more "dribble" down!

dollaradayandfound: My research is clogging!

This is a strange bunch on here! No imagination, no interest in anything much, just living, drinking, rasslin, bragging, showing off, and trying to make the world all alike---Caucasian Nordic, and narrow !

dollaradayandfound: Vick's Plea

If I understand it correctly, I may be in trouble myself!
Vick pled guilty to knowing about dog fighting and even watching dog fighting.

dollaradayandfound: Heroin submersible delivery vehicle

It appears that now we will have to build torpedo nets around the Atlantic and Pacific oceans near our borders.
The US Coast Guard found a partially submerged submarine today, loaded with heroin to be delivered to us. Tons and tons of it!

dollaradayandfound: Quiet as church mice

Proponents of the five year, ill-conceived war in Iraq (forgetting Afghanistan) have little to say these days.
It is now kind of like the national debt, our infrastructure failures, our rampant escalation of health costs, corporate criminals, immoral politicians, failed foreign policy (Rice will get her medal, though), religious fruits and fruit cakes, and white house connivers-----it is best to let them lie silent. Most of them now are lined up to be wealthy, which was the plan all along!

dollaradayandfound: John Warner, Home recession,2 gold stars,tobacco, liquor

I'm sorry, but I suspect that John Warner has agreed to be another
"stalking horse" for a way out of Iraq for the President. Congress in general gets blamed, Bush does not! Shameful.

dollaradayandfound: Golden Calf

I've often wondered just how long Moses was in the mountains, away from his flock who recently escaped from Egypt, since the mob in his absence seemed to have time to gather up a lot of gold and form it into a golden calf to worship! Now, I don't think God would have helped them build this thing, similar to what he did with parting the waters for them to escape, so they must have done it themselves! Either that or a slick golden calf salesman came along on a camel.

dollaradayandfound: Rush Limburger's old countdown!

Remember how Limburger counted down the days left in President Clinton's two terms? He did it every day on his radio program---that is the days he wasn't too bonged out to do the show.

dollaradayandfound: Padrone

Are some people better than others in general?
I once made a trip to the mountain country far outside Genoa, Italy, on business. I learned many things that were different there than in Rome, or the United States.

dollaradayandfound: Crawling

Orin Hatch, Utah Federal Senator, (a Mormon, if you want another one)the Governor of Utah, the Congressman over the Utah mine disaster district, The CEO of the mine, and the VP of the mine, all praised those wonderful miners "who risk everything to mine our coal, They are such fine people!"

dollaradayandfound: Presidential Candidates

What a bunch of jokers!
Giuliani, who wanted New York to be a safe haven for illegal immigrants when he was mayor, and he got his way! Now he says no! Has the same kind of trouble with families and his wives, and even NY firemen.

dollaradayandfound: Soldiers and Miners

Mine safety! Beat down by mine lobbiers and the administration, and those idiots who don't like regulation of industry, have struck again in two states last week. Any idiot knows not to mine out precarious soft pillows that hold a mountain up, and run like hell if it rumbles! It is the cheap way and a few miners lives and serious injuries is worth it, right?

dollaradayandfound: No inflation during Bush's terms

I actually heard a republican economist today say that we had minimal inflation under Bush's leadership, except of course for gas, which is Bin Laden's fault.

dollaradayandfound: Nail, massage, and weight loss stores

Can we throw in perfume jugs, hair stylists, clothes horses, chick cars, boob factories, lip enhancer places, fat suction hose places, foot washers, skin grinders, freckle removers, extended hairierers, corn row makers, bikini line removers, and gyms?

dollaradayandfound: Minnesota Bridge

That problem is apparently solved! No more news!
A mine disaster now is day and night coverage. Their dangerous gamble didn't work the first time, nor the rescue effort!

dollaradayandfound: Dope-right here in river city!

If you don't buy these musical instruments I'm a sellin, SOS your kids will occupy their time, they will be in the pool hall! And that spells pool!

dollaradayandfound: 190,000 AK-47s

Pentagon admits that many are "missing" in Iraq.
If the Pentagon admits that many, then from my experience with their information, there must be twice that many missing!

dollaradayandfound: Isn't banking business lovely lately?

Homebanc and Countrywide and JP Morgan were the darlings last week.
Chapter 1s flying, being submitted at just before midnight last Thursday.

dollaradayandfound: Space Station and Shuttles

Another foam piece knocking out another chunk of tiles! What are our astronauts, guinea pigs for the space industry?
Just how many times do we put up with such garbage designs, and worse yet, allowing them to fly? Time after time---foam off and into something!

dollaradayandfound: Karl Rove

Rove, President Bush's Svengali, who is resigning, was discussed by Tom (NO)Delay, on Faux News early show this morning.

dollaradayandfound: It's Time

Three hundred million people require a much different type of governing than did half that many not too many years ago.

dollaradayandfound: The Draft

I recall one of the administration's top Bush hounds saying once that all the talk about keeping the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and air Force people away from home too long was treason. His reasoning was that we are at war and all these people were VOLUNTEERS, whether or not they were regular soldiers

dollaradayandfound: Credit Cards

I recall when credit cards first were issued. I am not talking about gas credit card, who were first.
They had a limit of $300, maximum.

dollaradayandfound: False Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission and most states have laws against false advertising. Since the administration has not seen fit to enforce these laws except in extreme cases (medicine sometimes), we now have a plethora of such ads.

dollaradayandfound: My Kind of Heroes

The Navy, and Army divers in Minneapolis at the bridge catastrophe today pulled out the eighth dead person from the wreckage.

dollaradayandfound: The current credit crunch

We, the taxpayers, will bail out the banks for this stock market crash and the bank credit crunch, just as we did for Neal Bush and the Silverado home loan banks.

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