The Draft

I recall one of the administration's top Bush hounds saying once that all the talk about keeping the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and air Force people away from home too long was treason. His reasoning was that we are at war and all these people were VOLUNTEERS, whether or not they were regular soldiers
or Guards or reserves!
Promises can be broken to soldiers by someone in authority by simply saying so!
I think maybe that person saying so is the President of the USA. He says it quietly when his Generals and Cabinet members request it. But he has to say it.
The administration has gotten its self into such a manning bind now that there are only two choices, and two or three different timings of implementation.
The draft is one. Would take about a year to implement and to be of ANY value.
The other option is to withdraw from combat with our ground troops on some kind of timely basis, soon. The withdrawal could be to home, or somewhere in the middle east where combat deaths are greatly reduced.
There is a third but who would want to do it five years too late? The UN is probably still willing to monitor the place as they do several other places. Some fairly well and some hardly at all.
Of course there could be NO Arab or Persian troops on the UN force.
The French and Japanese won't help. The Russians might. The Chinese could care less.
Cuba may be interested, and Venezuela might if we didn't participate.
Oh well, in about 30 days the great Petraeus will come down from the Mountains of Turkey and pronounce Victory to Congress, and we will, do one of the above----or something else!

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