It's Time

Three hundred million people require a much different type of governing than did half that many not too many years ago.
Where once we had European immigrants to assimilate, we now have Hispanic, Asian, and middle-easterners---not to assimilate, but to live with maybe forever.
The type of work available when we had one-half of the current population was just about as different as jobs that we now have, as is possible.
Technology has advanced more in that time period than occurred in all time prior to that---not in basic knowledge about gravity, electricity, elements, the heavens, calculations, and such other knowledge, but in using that basic knowledge to invent and improve.
The next one hundred years should again create more technical knowledge than the last hundred, by a multi-fold.
Now, for those reasons, democrats and republicans, as was known in past years, have become obsolete! They are becoming much alike.
We built a lot in the USA in that great population increase, but we have in general failed as stewards in its maintenance.
Instead we have concerned ourselves with the rest of the world so much, that we have neglected our own protection right here in our country.
Isolationism is not what I refer to at all! The distinction between what we should do externally and what we should not has been deluded by self interest too much.
It is time to make recognition of those mistakes and create again our manifest destiny.

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