JeffC: Iraq Pictures

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My wife's cousin just got back from Iraq. Here are a few of his photos for those who are interested. The photo of the Humvee with the flag ought to be on the cover of Time magazine.

JeffC: So Palin just quits?

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What kind of strategy is that? Job too tough? Skin too thin? Book contract too lucrative to turn down? Doesn't want to have to make governing decisions in hard economic times that will be scrutinized? Well, my advice is go for the money Sarah.

JeffC: Liberty University ?

JeffC: Steele disses Rush

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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was being interviewed by CNN's D.L. Hughley recently when Hughley called Limbaugh "the de facto leader of the Republican Party."

JeffC: Oh. I remember Steele

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Cheney, Rove and Hannity's guy wins!

Interview with Michael Steele on "Hannity"

JeffC: Bush did something good!

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President Bush commuted the prison sentences of former border patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos.

Not a pardon but props to Bush nevertheless!

JeffC: Civics Test

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Kathleen Parker has an interesting article about the findings of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute which gave a civics quiz to 2500 people and found that people were to ignorant to vote.

JeffC: ...

JeffC: Final Election Predictions

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The national polls have tightened since my last predictions but the state races seem much the same.

Palin's in West Virginia?

JeffC: Electoral College Predictions Sept 28

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Obama 238

CA (55), CO (9), CT (7), DC (3), DE (3), HI (4), IA (7), IL (21), MA (12), MD (10), ME (4), MI (17), MN (10), NJ (15), NM (5), NY (31), OR (7), RI (4), VT (3), WA (11)

JeffC: Sarah's gonna have a bad week

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I've never seen it this bad.

Time Magazine

Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Follies

JeffC: McCain's trying to end the campaign

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Another desperate Hail Mary from the McCain campaign:

McCain suspending campaign

JeffC: OMG!!!

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If not true, this is the most slanderous thing I have ever heard in my life!

I have no comment except that this is the published rumor I've heard from several people which hit DailyKos!

JeffC: Good news for Republicans

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To the relief of Republicans nationwide, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have canceled plans to attend the Republican National Convention in Minnesota because of Hurricane Gustav.

JeffC: Is McCain insane?

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Or is his staff just totally incompetent?

What are they thinking about booking him to speak at the biker festival in Sturgis, S.D.? His speech was pitiful and almost incoherent and then he invites his wife out and starts talking about how she should enter the biker’s “Miss Buffalo Chip” beauty contest???

JeffC: Alternate world of Republicans

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Check this one out:

9/11 billboard draws flak

JeffC: Dancing in PTC

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Is there anywhere for adults to dance in PTC, Fayetteville, Newnan or around the area? Been to Mulligans already. The Red Room is hip-hop. Any 70's 80's music places? Any country music or jazz places? Anywhere married people can go to dance with their own husbands and wives?

JeffC: McCain's advisors

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McCain advisors like chief strategist Charlie Black wishing for another terrorist attack to bolster McCain’s campaign is indicative of the current state of his Party.

JeffC: Fox Ambushes Bill Moyers

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Bill O’Reilly sends Porter Barry to ambush Bill Moyers. Big HUGE mistake!

Fox Ambushes Bill Moyers

JeffC: By the way Richard

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Now that Scott McClellan has set the record straight, this would be an excellent forum for your apology to all of us who tried to tell you the truth about the Plame affair.

JeffC: School voucher question

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According to the state DOE, Georgia spend $7,261.37 per child for education. School figures can be found here:

JeffC: deleted

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JeffC: Richard some help?

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Sorry to start a whole new blog topic but it will be easier for me to find and track.

Let me first assure you (in response to one of your previous postings) that you will never see anything my bride of almost 33 years writes here. She has no interaction with computers at all and does not even do e-mail.

JeffC: Obama, Jesse and Al

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See it here if you missed it on SNL. Watch it quick, they seem to be taking it down whenever it is posted:

Obama Files

JeffC: Calling Mixer in Ohio

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Mixer, call up your Diebold friends and tell us who won Ohio tomorrow. Don't make us wait until tomorrow night for the "actual" results.

JeffC: McCain vs. Romney vs. Reagan

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I have to admit that I am somewhat confused by the consternation in the Republican Party over the imminent nomination of John McCain.

JeffC: Disappointed in FairTaxers response

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Did anyone else besides me notice that the new bloggers the FairTaxers brought in like dculling, ih2005, pianoguy, gilan, Ashford Schwall, and even the Co-chairman of the Fair Tax Coalition Leadership Gene Key and Don Williamson all seem to have vanished mysteriously instead of answering my questions?

JeffC: 10 FairTax questions for dculling

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Your responses to my blog were so interesting that I started this new blog to make the conversation easier to find.

First I want to say that we are in total agreement that the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform did not focus exclusively on the FairTax, it was one of several scenarios that they studied; so you are right!

JeffC: Giving up on the FairTax argument

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Here is the (to me) definitive answer to the question of whether under the FairTax people will receive their gross pay or their net pay.

JeffC: FairTaxers Gene or Don help me out here

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As Co-Chairman of the Fair Tax Coalition Leadership, will you give me your best estimate of how much my paycheck will be reduced under the FairTax if I were to be making the Fayette county average of about say, $85,000 and I were having $18,700 deducted leaving me with a take home pay of $66,300?

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