Oh. I remember Steele

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Cheney, Rove and Hannity's guy wins!

Interview with Michael Steele on "Hannity"

I thought I remembered Steele but couldn't put my finger on it. A little research and “Eureka!” Steele was one of the Republicans who printed up his name on fake Democratic sample ballots and hired hundreds of poor African Americans from Philly to come to Maryland to pass them out and campaign for him.

GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy

Unfortunately for him, even with Karl Rove and Cheney supporting him he still lost by 11 points.

Why Is Michael Steele a Republican Candidate?

Dirty politics and Hannity, Rove and Cheney's protege. Congrats to the GOP!

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Submitted by Main Stream on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 8:48am.

..they have a black man leading their party!

Plus, Michael Steele wants to reach out to gays and pro-choicer's (a.k.a. baby killers, according to Mudcat). Wow. What will all the Christianist's think about this move, to reach out to homo's and baby killers?

"Michael Steele, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee wants the GOP to reach out to candidates who support gay marriage and are pro-choice. Steele told Fox's Chris Wallace that it was "important" to reach out to those voters.

WALLACE: You are one of the co-founders of something called the Republican Leadership Council which supports candidates who favor abortion and gay rights.


WALLACE: Does the GOP needs to do a better job of reaching out to people who hold those views?

STEELE: I think -- I think that's an important opportunity for us, absolutely."

But will he also try and reach out to the "Hooded Ones" (a.k.a. the Klan)?


The Repub's sure have their work cut out for them in unifying their new and improved "inclusive" party...this will be interesting. I can hardly wait to see all the fur fly! Laughing out loud

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Submitted by JeffC on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 10:31pm.

And harder to provoke you people.

Fred Garvin's picture
Submitted by Fred Garvin on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 8:17am.

JeffC: "Look what I wrote!"

Pretty pathetic, Jeff, when you have to draw attention to your miserable diatribe in order to get anyone to give it a second look.

O.k., I'll bite. The truth of the matter is, is that no one cares what liberal fish wrappers like the Washington Post and the NYT has to say.

True journalism died in 2008 - didn't you hear?

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 9:34am.

Your concern for my patheticism has touched my heart! I'm sorry you regard my stuff as miserable diatribes but don't feel like you have to either read or respond. Truly, it will not matter to me.

On the other hand I quite enjoy your crackpot screeds. Perhaps if you read real newspapers you wouldn't be so easily refuted.

dawn69's picture
Submitted by dawn69 on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 12:38am.

I learned a while ago not to engage you in debate. You're just better than I am and you know more "stuff". Smiling

Besides, you never reply to me anyway.

I have, however, been inspired to educate myself a little further. A friend loaned me Ron Paul's book 'A Foreign Policy of Freedom'. Now, I know a smart guy like you must have this in your personal library, so turn to page 200.

This section of the book describes Paul's reluctance to initiate war on Iraq. He lists six reasons for not going into Iraq (this is from March 2002). Of the six, I agree with five of these reasons. Reason Number Five references Israel. I am beginning to see the argument from your side. Like Cyclist, I don't sway right or left. I'm moderate and wise - I like to hear the argument from the opposition and weigh it carefully.

Further, the kids will be out of school the week of the 16th and I plan to take them to the Carter Center (my father-in-law is a docent there) and to the Capital. I told them that our Capital building has a natural history museum and since they loved the movie "Night at the Museum" they're pretty excited to go. I believe the House will still be in Session then, won't they? I know when I was younger, I went to work with my Aunt Jan, who worked there, and enjoyed sitting in on the session a few times.

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Submitted by Cyclist on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 10:38pm.

I'm not in the mood. The Cardinals lost. Sad
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