Sarah's gonna have a bad week

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I've never seen it this bad.

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Calls rise among Republicans for Sarah Palin to step down from GOP ticket

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Submitted by muddle on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 2:10pm.

My son called early this morning to ask what I think of Palin. We had not spoken of her, and I guess he was not too sure what I would say. What motivated the call was his viewing of the Couric interview. His take was that she is her own parody. SNL doesn't need to write a comedy script for a Palin look-alike. Just bring her on and let her speak.

It's unbelievably bad. Someone somewhere said that its like a silly Disney movie--Hockey Mom President--with a plot that is both predictable and unrealistic. Either that, or it is like considering the Church Lady as a candidate. Robin Williams' character in Man of the Hour was far more prepared for the presidency than Palin is for VP.

The Palin pick is likely the fatal chink in the McCain armor. At this point, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Keep her and the mockery will follow him to his retirement. Switch VP picks now and he is vulnerable to an entirely different set of potentially fatal criticisms.

If the Religious Right is somehow responsible for her having been chosen, they have probably cut themselves off at the knees. They may have secured an Obama presidency.

Hey, what if both VP candidates step down and we find ourslves with a McCain/Biden ticket?


"Puddleglum" by Weatherwax (one of the Muddlings).

Jeeves to the Rescue

Submitted by Nitpickers on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 3:03pm.

Glad you agree with me. In comparing what I have said about Palin and your ideas, we are together on this one.
Lord, however I hope religion doesn't have that much grasp of our politics now! She isn't even religious! Just likes cults, and like the Jews and Masons, rituals are her thing! All that visual stuff makes them comfortable.

Any vision that I have for our government comes from religion also, but you would never know it, I don't think. I don't cooperate with false pretenders.

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