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Now that Scott McClellan has set the record straight, this would be an excellent forum for your apology to all of us who tried to tell you the truth about the Plame affair.

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Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Tue, 06/10/2008 - 7:58am.

I'm over the media hype of this guys book. If what he says is true, then it shows the lack integrity that HE has.

Karl Rove was laughing about his ascertions on television and made several important points about Scott's "observations". I love the one in which he noticed Karl and Scooter going into an office together. Scott opined that this must have been the moment when they conspired to out our very own James Bond. (I won't use her real name, out of fear I might out her. Did I say her? I didn't mean to infer she was a her. I mean, she could have been a he. This is called counter-dis-information.)

Again, no one was punished for "outing" a CIA agent. The person that actually "outed" her, was the Richard Armitage who was opposed to the war, so you have to wonder what he was doing. Rove and Scooter apparently confirmed what Armitage said. Knowing that she was an "uncover agent" is another matter. The real story was the hatchet job that this bozo did with the political power of the CIA's career liberal employees. Drinking mint juleps while sitting by a pool, doesn't sound like much of an investigation about yellow cake uranium. Besides, the British still contend the original story about Iraq attempting to get the cake mix is true.

Anyway, this blog will bore the rest of the readers. Its old news.
And, if I'm not mistaken, a year ago, you did beat me on the actual wording of the statute. I trusted that red headed former federal prosecutor, I forget her name. She claimed to have helped write the statute and claimed it didn't apply for some reason, and you posted the actual verbage and proved her wrong. So, you already beat me some time ago. Are you trying to rub salt in my closed wound?

Now lets talk about the 2nd Term of the Carter Presidency! Is your dad going to be a key advisor? Secretary of State? Supreme Court Justice? Toll booth operator on the D.C. beltway?

Still have a cold Yuengling waiting, whenever you are.

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Submitted by JeffC on Tue, 06/10/2008 - 10:29am.

I saw the “Carter’s second term” comment McCain made. Really weak. Particularly in the context of energy which is what McCain was talking about. If Reagan had not destroyed Carter's energy plans the US would probably be energy independent by now and GM cars would be competitive in gas mileage with Japanese cars and they would not be closing down production facilities. McCain was just testing out the slogan to see if it would fly. Again, totally reactive to the Obama campaign; they’re going to have to develop something on their own eventually.

Check out the comments section here:


More power to them if they can run with it but it just points up how old McCain is. People under 50 won’t get it. He may as well be talking about the Spanish civil war.

SecState will probably be Bill Richardson.

Supreme Court? First one goes to Edwards. Second one to Hillary.

Dad will just continue on. His advice is free and widely published. When people actually want to solve a problem they will usually get around to implementing it or something very close to whatever he suggested. It happens all the time. Did you see where last week he negotiated the resumption of diplomatic ties between Ecuador and Colombia? Not to worry, nobody else in the US did either. On the other hand, Google news has 104 stories about Britney Spears making a cameo appearance in the Pussycat Dolls video.

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