d.smith700: Silence of the Lambs

Never have I heard such quietness by a political party about their very own President and crew!
They, like the rest of us, are simply flabbergasted by such incompetent actions and inactions! Bush himself is leaving the USA mostly in his swan song: middle east in January, Asia in February, etc.

d.smith700: Civility!

All those folks now asking for civility ere preaching just the opposite when Bill Clinton was President.
Limbaugh counted down the days to the USAs salvation with Bush, jr, Who he said had gravitas.

d.smith700: Afghanistan needs a 30,000 surge!

It seems that the Polish soldiers aren't allowed to fight at night and Polish holidays, and require sausage three times a day, with cabbage.

d.smith700: Amazing country, the US

I am reading two books right now, both biographies, about Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush, Sr.
Never, anymore, could you find two more diverse people who both became President of the Unite States.

d.smith700: Our National Security

It seems to me that we need to know precisely who ordered the CIA "water-boarding" tapes destroyed. Maybe they didn't destroy all copies--usually there is some idiot who keeps a copy which to use to write a book eventually.

d.smith700: Nothing goes right in Atlanta!

I suppose you have heard about the big hole that Atlanta is digging underneath the town?
Somehow I have an uneasy feeling that before they can replace the old 100 year old viaducts with the big dig, it will cave in!

d.smith700: Atlanta Falcons

I can't seem to read anything, or hear anything, lately without someone blaming the just resigned coach of the Falcons for upsetting the Owner and players!

d.smith700: Justice

Two 17 year old male kids had sex with two girls about 15-16 yeas old, and at separate times.
In the one case the act was filmed by a fellow party goer.

d.smith700: Liberals and conservatives

Conservatives hate progressive change! Usually change of any kind.
Liberals hate sticking with the same old stuff.
Conservatives like things as they are or more of conservatism.

d.smith700: Totally expected

Our military in Iraq sent off a battalion of Iraqi soldiers to "whack-a-mole" an area out of Baghdad not long ago! I think on their own except for communications.

d.smith700: Whatchya gonna do when the well runs dry?

I'm gonna run away and hide!

(credit to "Fats" Domino)

A good question--not a very good answer!
Industry uses 80% of the water, homes use 20%.

d.smith700: Observations

There is no weather but our TV forecasters try to earn the big bucks which sponsor the weather by blabbing. An example: I will exhibit my graphic for you showing rain in Texas and moving NE. We may get rain Friday from that. I'll be right back to explain the rain..... Well the rain may go north of us but I originally thought it would hit on the GA, NC lines in the mountains, which of course is US! I'll be right back to explain that!

d.smith700: Moonbeam McSwine

Sadie Hawkins Day celebrations must have faded out. Li'l Abner maybe got caught by Moonbeam! Mammy Yokum did leave us Dwight, but the Parson didn't seem to be hitched!

d.smith700: Bo Diddly elections

I'll sure be glad when these diddling elections are over with this year.
These local dog catcher elections (and judges) are for the vulture birds.

d.smith700: After careful research

I find that there are still two corners in PTC that do not have either a liquor store or a bar in a restaurant on them, or within 500 feet.

d.smith700: US debt;whales;Oprah

Our USA debt is now close to ten trillion dollars (10,000,000,000,000).
The current interest on the debt is about five hundred billion per year (500,000,000,000).

d.smith700: Screen Names

Many years ago "letters to the editor" did not require a real name and address to post them.
For many reasons people who were being pounded for their indiscretions or mis-management, threatened the newspapers with boycotts of ad purchases. Well, letters to the editor are rare now for that reason.

d.smith700: Why Europe, China, England, & Arabs wonder!

I never hear anything coming out of the above listed places on earth similar to our daily news here in the good old USA!

d.smith700: PTC code enforcement

Or is the word enforcement too strong? Maybe something like cart path enforcement?
How could Aberdeen get into such terrible shape, code wise. Trees growing through old cars?

d.smith700: I'm a runnin!

I'll run for Mr. Lakly's seat, here is my platform:

Family values.
No new taxes.
Right to live.
No welfare.
No Social Security.

d.smith700: $200 oil: $6,50 gasoline

Hugo Chavez indicated that $200 cost per barrel of oil we buy would be entirely possible if we continued to mess into his and other's business!

d.smith700: No peaches, no apples, no water!

Better than hillside fires, earthquakes, and illegal immigrants, I suppose.
Stock market computers robbing small investors, running the market up and down 10-15% at a time and with pre-knowledge as to when to buy and sell. Not helping our 401-ks either.

d.smith700: Suicidal Iraqi Veterans

Many of our Iraqi veterans who have had their brains rattled and torn, or punctured, have such terrible symptoms of uneasiness, that they are committing suicide in numbers never experienced before. It is worse than the "agent orange" fiasco of Viet Nam, which we also didn't want to recognize as an ailment.

d.smith700: Banks and Sub-prime (crooked) loans

It seems that many of our citizens do not fully understand the sub-prime loan market. It is similar to the title loan and short-term military robberies businesses, run by very wealthy people to get more wealthy!

d.smith700: Close enough for government work!

Lets make up some numbers that should be close enough to use as extrapalations of what will happen in a couple of more generations--maybe 3-4 generations.

d.smith700: Televangelists

I saw a list of 90 televangelists on Wikipedia!
A few are dead and a few new ones have not made it yet.
I recall the Catholic priests of the 50s and 60s with their very quiet and studious sermons, and mostly I remember the radio shouters and thumpers and the people who said three words, then UUUHHHH.

d.smith700: US Consumer Protection Agency

It is becoming even difficult for me to believe that so many forms of our government have been practically destroyed by this current administration in just two terms.

d.smith700: vacuous

One of our egg-heads on here used the subject word to describe a preacher.
I had to look it up for a precise meaning, but I figured that it had something to do with a vacuum in the head before I did.

d.smith700: muddle and red herrings

Seems to me that Senator McCarthy, the famous alcoholic republican senator of the 50s, used red herrings (hearings) to try and blackball most of hollywood writers, actors, etc., for attending meetings that weren't democrat or republican!

d.smith700: Waterboarding Attorney General

The poor ignorant Arab is brought into the room with the tilting table, benches with various electric tools, a chair with straps sitting across from an inquisitor's desk, and sat down.

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