Moonbeam McSwine

Sadie Hawkins Day celebrations must have faded out. Li'l Abner maybe got caught by Moonbeam! Mammy Yokum did leave us Dwight, but the Parson didn't seem to be hitched!
Alley Oop was derided by evangelicals and I'm not sure if he ever married Ooola.
Mayor Fiorella LaGuadia read the comics for us when the depression hit New York City. He did it over the radio. No one could afford a newspaper at .03 cents.
Try to think of omething you can buy now for .03 cents; a nickel; a dime; a quarter; a fifty-cent piece (what's that, you say); a two collar bill?
I sold my share of .05 cent apples as the bodies flew out of the Wall Street buildings overhead! Borrowed money got em all!
Forty-seven UN employees killed in Algiers yesterday by bombs. Seems random doesn't it? Long way from Alley Oop!
The Poppy crop in Afghanistan broke all records and should finance the Taliban and "The Camp" for a long time. I thought we burned and poisoned it, but I guess not---reason given; we can't afford to support those people just yet if they don't have their poppies!
Mushariff says, yeah there are bad guys in Pakistan (in the mountains) but he has done all he could to get them----right.
Mr. Putin picked a successor today and nominated himself for Prime Minister---the new President has approved. I suppose they will swap again in a few years.
I don't think they like democracy either.
Ted Haggard's old Church in Colorado Springs got shot up some recently in spite of six full time armed body guards. One of them (a lady) got him before he killed too many, though.
I didn't know Ted had a possee in the building! I guess he left them for the new pastor.
Those folks have got to quit telling everyone what to do and maybe they won't
need six guards inside the church, armed to the teeth.
Now. we can get to Doonesbury comics for the Iraq thing: I recommend the last couple of months.

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Submitted by Bonkers on Tue, 12/11/2007 - 12:43pm.

Didn't Alley Oop marry McSwine---not Li'l Abner?
Looks like anyone can talk crap on here, so why not me?
Where did you eat yesterday, where today? How was the band concert? Have the scholarships arrived as yet to the Longhorn band?
Did they wreck in your yard too. They ground up mine. Was Benoit the only real rassler in Fayette County left?
Who is going to what school next year and where? Where will the most Riverdale and Fulton kids go?
The most wonderful things in Fayette are our fire and police departments. They are most wonderful, and most underpaid, and short handed. Just stop going to car wrecks until you are called!
There are people on here who use more than one name!!!! What a catastrophe!!! Who cares?
Fair Tax, flat tax, round tax, square tax, trapezoidal tax, import tax, property tax, sales tax, SS tax, Medicare tax, all wonderful subjects!
86,000 new jobs created last month! Mostly McDonalds, Starbucks, and tele-callers. We lost 87,000 manufacturing jobs! Oh, and hospitals and banks hired a bunch at minimum wage.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 12/11/2007 - 12:47pm.

Or what is even remotely funny about answering yourself on these internets.

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