Screen Names

Many years ago "letters to the editor" did not require a real name and address to post them.
For many reasons people who were being pounded for their indiscretions or mis-management, threatened the newspapers with boycotts of ad purchases. Well, letters to the editor are rare now for that reason.
There are so many things that one can't say if everyone knows who you are and where you live! There are nuttier people out there than on here!
It is the reason politicians use deceptive sentencing, CYA paragraphs, etc.
Can you imagine what would happen if someone wrote in under their name and address and said the a certain school had a terrible football team? A perfectly legitimate opinion!
Positivity is demanded normally with names and addresses! Justified or not.
There must be 200 people in PTC who in one way or another have been involved with many mistakes in PTC government (Tennis Center). What would happen to some of them if they criticized and then signed their name and address?
And there are of course scores of other reasons to be anonymous.
What if the comment or accusation is incorrect or misjudged? Well we hear those every day out of Washington and Atlanta! No one dies from it.
Questions about tax money being spent demand answers from someone--if they don't give them, then there is something to hide or some reason not to want to say it is true or not.
The newspaper has sufficient rules to edit unwise or unfair criticism.

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