Suicidal Iraqi Veterans

Many of our Iraqi veterans who have had their brains rattled and torn, or punctured, have such terrible symptoms of uneasiness, that they are committing suicide in numbers never experienced before. It is worse than the "agent orange" fiasco of Viet Nam, which we also didn't want to recognize as an ailment.
There have been about a million military cycled through Iraq in the last five years--some three times. Many have been blown up but not killed, mostly by roadside bombs. This method provides most of brain injuries.
The ammunition that these Iraqis use to make these IEDs mainly comes from the stockpiles of the Iraqi army whom we elected to let disband without gathering their weapons. A primary war objective if you want to win! I suppose we were afraid of them when they were organized and were pleased to see them abandon their uniforms and store their wealth and arms.
I'll just bet you that even the War Colleges teach how to conqueror and occupy in ways that we never followed in Iraq!
Where did such terrible instructions come from in order to allow such idiocy?
We kicked out a General who knew what to do and replaced him with an inexperienced civilian as the first order of business. It worked better using MacArthur, Eisenhower, and others after WWII, along with a Chief of staff in Washington who knew just when to say yes and no, but not very often.
Now we want to re-enter Afghanistan and possibly Iran with no better plans, and leave those messes to the next administration.
Lets don't let that happen!

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