Amazing country, the US

I am reading two books right now, both biographies, about Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush, Sr.
Never, anymore, could you find two more diverse people who both became President of the Unite States.
I don't think either one is particularly brainy---one had charisma and common sense mostly, and the other had the opportunity of expensive preparatory schools, and a political Father. And a hard driving privileged Mother.
One chose to be a big fish in a little pond, and the other a little fish in a big pond.
Both were successful by patience and hard work.
Clinton went to school first instead of the war; Bush went to the war first and became a "pilot Officer" (I think he had one year of Yale) in a Navy job considered in those days as being manned by expendable people. He flew a slow bomber plane off carriers.
Clinton became a master politician (with wife's help) by not working in Washington; Bush worked his way up the ladder by being a Washington product.
It is simply amazing that we continue to come up with such people, still.
Can you imagine now a strong candidate raised in Brooklyn, knowing as much about the mafia as the Catholic Church;
Another one being an evangelistic
Preacher who is on a strict diet; another one who has 12 Grandfathers, I think, but is actually too perfect to be serious? May be "Damien."
Then there is the libertarian, the US Senators with a hundred years experience that many do not like but are fully qualified, and also the one who is barely old enough to belong to a good private club and has been a low echelon state politician and a short-time US Senator. The one lady however could win if she were to stop campaigning.
Folks, any of them could win! Isn't
that great?

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