US debt;whales;Oprah

Our USA debt is now close to ten trillion dollars (10,000,000,000,000).
The current interest on the debt is about five hundred billion per year (500,000,000,000).
The interest soon will go up due to it also having clauses to our foreign loaners for such increases.
The interest alone is currently the third largest expense in the US budget! Entitlements and defense still beat it out for first and second.
The baby-boomers coming into their SS and Medicare soon won't help that
un-planned for situation either. The only thing offered to improve the boomer problem in the last seven years has been for the workers to use 401-k deposits of their own for their retirement. Great huh, when we don't save anymore in the USA!
Mr. Hoover in the twenties did NOTHING also, and we burst the bubble badly. That situation also was about constant dividends on stock, and margin money loaned that was for illegitimate fiscal purposes.

When Oprah Winfrey announced Obama as her candidate for President and said she would campaign for him, I thought she meant "campaign."
She didn't! They apparently will try to fill a few auditoriums and Domes where a show can be put on instead.
Those two can raise a crowd obviously and even raise money, but most of the crowd don't vote!
Can't you just see Oprah discussing farm subsidies with an Iowa farmer?

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