Close enough for government work!

Lets make up some numbers that should be close enough to use as extrapalations of what will happen in a couple of more generations--maybe 3-4 generations.
Since we divide ourself into 3-4 categories usually when things get tough or for political purposes, lets guess as to how many there currently are of each category:
Dark People = 20%; Meduim Hued People; = 25% Brown People = 10%; Pale People = 40%; and other Religions = 5%.

If you are wondering, the Other Religions category, are some of each of the colors who consider their personal religion as the only true one.

Assuming we aren't invaded or destroyed in some fashion by "terrorists," in about 3-4 generations, I predict the following:
The dark and the medium will make a pact, and the Brown and the Pale will make a pact.
We will remove the borders between Mexico, Canada, and the USA, and issue citizenship papers at the closest post office (run by FedEx).
We will build a fence in Panama (just a few miles needed)and station the US Navy in The Bering Strait.
We will have eliminated the five or six hundred representatives and the senate by then, and of course the Supreme Court.
We will hire Halliburton to manage the country with a contract signed by them and Mickey, Jose, Abraham, and Leroy!
These people duly elected by their groups.

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