Our National Security

It seems to me that we need to know precisely who ordered the CIA "water-boarding" tapes destroyed. Maybe they didn't destroy all copies--usually there is some idiot who keeps a copy which to use to write a book eventually.
Might I suggest "water-boarding a few people to determine who destroyed them, what was on them, and if another copy exists?
I throw out a few names to start (not including the President of course):
Cheney, Rice, Tennant, McGlothian, Goff, Rove, Scooter, and all of their secretaries (or 150,000 dollar adm. aids).
The ends might justify the means!
It would however work better if the people being drowned knew that "camp" people were actually doing the "water-boarding."
Old fashioned burning bamboo under the nails, chopping off one finger at a time with big clippers, taping eyes open and shining extremely bright lights into them for hours, drilling teeth completely out without numbing, drilling holes in the body at various places with hand drills, are all now gauche!

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