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The Citizen: Merry Christmas, 2009, ‘to all people’

Americans have celebrated 232 Christmases since we declared our independence from Great Britain, 219 since our federal government was implemented under the new Constitution.

Michael Boylan: Time flies when you're having fun

Michael Boylan's picture

When all the big dates and events pop up in my life, a column is sure to follow. Skeptics would say it is because I am a cheapskate and writing sappy columns is a cheap gift, but, in truth, these columns are popular outside my household as well. I want to thank the nice people who say hello to us in the grocery store and say things like “ I read your columns all the time.” It makes us feel like Brangelina. Not as wealthy or glamorous, but still, thank you. Also, Ernest Hemingway once said that “good writing is true writing,” and when I open myself up to talk about my personal life, the truth, which we know is out there, gets delivered to the page.

Why buying local is good for you

Guest Editorial

There are two hardware stores near my house. One is a big name-brand store that has everything I need at lower prices, open seven days a week. The other has inconvenient hours — they close at noon on Saturdays — and prices are a little higher. They don’t have nearly the same selection either.

An Editorial Opinion

The four sheriff candidates, five board of education candidates and the district attorney of this judicial circuit all have refused even to answer The Citizen’s tough questions for our online political forum.

Local legislators raise auto insurance rates

Here’s something you will not hear any of your local legislators taking credit for: Raising your automobile insurance rates.

What city is Chief Heaton representing?

On Good Friday at the state Capitol, Fayetteville Police Chief Steve Heaton attended a news conference as a representative of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, according to a story in the Southern Voice, a newspaper for the metro gay and lesbian community.

District voting bill reeks of secrecy

Last week, many of the county’s political leaders and residents were stunned to learn that yet another district voting bill was about to be brought before the General Assembly.

Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: Coleman Owen's estate sale

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About five years ago when a bunch of us were desperately searching for any scrap of evidence which showed our Robert Boyd's ancestry, a fellow researcher and cousin, Dick Stewart, sent me a sheet of paper which popped my eyes wide open. It was the results of an estate sale in Newberry Co., S.C., for one John Boyd, known to most of us as John Boyd of Ballymena, great-grandfather of the Boyds buried at Bethany UMC in Fayette County.

PTC roads sale: Only winner is developer

Last week the Peachtree City Council voted 3-2 to relinquish its interest in two roads off Ga. Highway 54 West in favor of a retail developer who wants to build large retail “big box” stores.

Strike up the bland

The Summer Concert Series at the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater will kick off with Huey Lewis and the News, which is great, but the series quickly slides back into its old ways afterwards with a lot of repeats and retreads.

East Fayette: Some plain talk is needed

For almost a year, the Fayette County School System has been involved in the process of trying to draw new elementary attendance lines for the 2008-2009 school year. The system told parents and voters that this round of boundary hearings would be different since an expert consultant and parents were involved in the process.

‘Real Cats’ should show some real class

Dozens of area students signed national letters of intent last week, accepting scholarships from colleges and universities around the country and pledging to attend and play for that school. The students had ceremonies before their friends and family, often with club coaches and college college coaches in attendance.

PTC Council, don’t open Pandora’s big box

If the Peachtree City Council votes Thursday night to abandon two roads to a developer, the city would be all but paving the way for a big box store.

Fold the ‘hold it’ policy

It’s time for educators to fold their ‘hold it’ policy.

Last week, it was revealed that Fayette County High School has adopted a new bathroom policy for its 1,300 students.

The state of the city: PTC in 2008


[Editor’s note: Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon delivered the following State of the City address Jan. 10 at the Peachtree City Rotary Club and Jan. 14 at Peachtree City Kiwanis Club.]

AN EDITORIAL OPINION: 3 local governments flunk openness test

The new year traditionally brings a spirit of optimism in our local governments. The newly-elected politicians are sworn in, and they’re ready to get down to solving the people’s problems with a can-do spirit.

3 local governments flunk openness test

The new year traditionally brings a spirit of optimism in our local governments. The newly-elected politicians are sworn in, and they’re ready to get down to solving the people’s problems with a can-do spirit.

Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: Death certificates, Dorman, Harrell, Norton in the mailbag

Judy Fowler Kilgore's picture

I would probably be remiss if I didn't mention the current "buzz" in genealogy circles which hit the news Tuesday. Georgia death certificates, from 1919 through 1927, the actual images, are now online at the Georgia Archives and LDS Websites. Although Georgia didn't officially start keeping death records until 1919, there are said to be a few from 1917. These are the same death certificates you pay to have mailed to you from the Georgia Department of Vital Statistics. Access is totally free and you do not have to have a membership in any genealogy service to view, download and print them out. The index and images can be searched and viewed at (Virtual Vault link) or

An Editorial Opinion: School officials and The Citizen differ about 'transparency'

An Editorial Opinion of The Citizen Newspapers— Until some email correspondence between The Citizen and the Fayette County School System’s public relations department, the system was set to violate public trust by allowing a committee to meet in secret on changes to elementary school boundary lines.

Chris Leonard: Why should taxpayers pay for Wi-Fi?

News item on July 26: Governor Sonny Perdue has announced the availability of an additional $1 million to assist local communities in establishing wireless broadband networks through the Wireless Communities Georgia Program (WCG).

Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: The Grays of Line Creek, Part 2

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We continue this week with the story of the Gray family of the Line Creek area, written and submitted by Carol Hoyt of Kansas. Carol had said that Abraham and his wife had several children but we have information on only three, Nancy, Benjamin and Hosea. Carol's story continues:

Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: The Grays of Line Creek, Part 1

Judy Fowler Kilgore's picture

When I was doing the stories on the Line Creek families over the past few weeks, I received an email from Carol Hoyt who lives in Kansas. Carol had been reading the stories on the Internet and said that she was from another Line Creek family - the Grays. Well, the Grays were no strangers to me. It seemed that everywhere I went searching for information on those four Line Creek families, I stumbled across a Gray who married into one.

The Ellis Island solution


A recent survey we conducted for a private group revealed that most Americans believe in an “Ellis Island” approach as a realistic way to deal with illegal aliens living in the United States. Policymakers might want to listen up.

Price gouging a meaningless term


With gasoline prices rising, political rhetoric is rising even faster. Liberals in Congress and in the media have launched a war of words, whose net result may well be a demand for some form of price control.

Gasoline prices: Who really is gouging whom?

By David Holcberg

Last month the House of Representatives passed legislation instituting penalties of up to $150 million for companies and up to $2 million and 10 years’ imprisonment for individuals found guilty of gasoline “price gouging.” But the real gouger driving up gasoline prices is not the private sector, it is our government.

For GOP, Bush is the biggest problem


“Looking ahead to 2008, Republicans have a very large problem — his name is George W. Bush.” That’s the half-kidding assessment of independent pollster Andy Kohut, director of the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.

Another perspective on immigration

By Sheldon Richman

[Editor’s note: What does a libertarian think about the immigration bill now before Congress? Here is a view that is neither liberal nor conservative, but briskly different from much of what we hear about the subject.]

The new compromise immigration bill is drawing lots of flak, not least from conservatives who object to granting amnesty to millions of so-called illegal aliens in the country. (I prefer to think of them as independent migrants.)

Dr. David L. Chancey: Adam and Eve and the Challenges of Building a Marriage

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Someone suggested that Adam and Eve had a great marriage. Adam couldn’t bring up his mother’s cooking, and Eve couldn’t talk about the man she should have married.
This marriage business does get complicated sometimes. I heard about a man named Bob who went over to visit Joe and was amazed at how well Joe treated his wife. He often told her how attractive she was, complimented her on her cooking and showered her with hugs and kisses.
“Gee whiz,î”Bob remarked later, “you really make a big fuss over your wife.”

There He Goes Again

by William Murchison

"Pot calling the kettle black" is how we might feel tempted to characterize Jimmy Carter's embarrassing assault on George W. Bush and Tony Blair for their part in liberating Iraq: "overt reversal of America's values," "abominable," "subservient," blah, blah, blah.

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