Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: The John W. Hutchinson family

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I've been sitting here wrestling with myself for the past week, trying to decide which family to do first (of those discussed in last week's article). I fully intended to do the Kempsons but something just didn't "feel" right. I went over the material again and finally realized what it was. I was trying to write about the wrong Benjamin Kempson! What a disaster that would have been! Let me explain.

50 years ago in Washington, D.C. . . .


WASHINGTON — On Monday morning May 13, 1957, I entered the Washington bureau of the Associated Press in the old Evening Star building on Pennsylvania Avenue, a 26-year-old reporter transferred from Indianapolis where I had reported on the Indiana legislature for the AP.

Reasons for leaving Iraq

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson

If you are reading this sentence, let me apologize for the somewhat misleading title of this article. I am not arguing for the withdrawal of our military from Iraq; rather, I am asserting that those making that argument owe it to the American people to be more forthcoming in stating their reasons why they favor that course of action.

If aliens scoff at some laws, why shouldn’t we?


I wouldn’t advise anyone’s coming down too hard on the voters of Farmers Branch, Texas, who last weekend approved, two to one, a measure that bans the leasing of apartments to illegal immigrants.

Impeachment poll: Bush in real trouble


Anti-war Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania is prominent among some Democrats in his use of the “I” word — impeachment — about President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Murtha made his comments on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and elsewhere.

The French election connection


C’etait genial! When applied to the French presidential election in which Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy beat the Socialist candidate Segolene Royal by a comfortable margin, it means: that is fantastic!

Iraq: Defeat, retreat and repeat


For the sake of argument, let’s say former CIA Director George Tenet is right in his book and that Vice President Dick Cheney pushed too hard with questionable or inaccurate intelligence because of a predisposition to go to war in Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein. So what? We can’t go back and fix the mistakes of the past. Only two choices are available: victory or defeat.

U.S. war effort: At a point of collapse


American policy and the global war against al Qaeda, associated groups and nations that support them — Iran and Syria — are collapsing. Blame goes beyond liberal politicians intent on destroying the Bush administration, a pernicious press and the radical left who rule academe, mainline churches and the media.

Judy Fowler Kilgore: Finding Your Folks: More children of Preston and Ann (Jones) Amis Herndon

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We will continue this week with the children of Edward and Nancy Brown Herndon of Elbert and Meriwether counties, and focus once more on the family of Preston and Ann Amis Herndon. We started this story two weeks ago with the three young children of this couple who died tragically when they were barely able to toddle. This week we continue with more of Preston and Ann's children who lived to adulthood, married and had children of their own.

To our troops: Tell your stories


It seems I struck a nerve last week in my criticism of the behavior of British captives; those who disagree are entitled to their opinion.

Carnage: Two versions


Last week, there were two stories about carnage — the tragedy at Virginia Tech and the Supreme Court’s decision on partial-birth abortion.

British captives shame the West


Our British friends and allies enjoy a long and distinguished history of military accomplishments. The British navy once ruled the world’s seas, Admiral Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar will be remembered forever, the rescue at Dunkirk may never be equaled, and countless other British military accomplishments require the words valor and honor.

Rudy contorts his positions to win supporters


Rudy Giuliani is playing the role of a contortionist in his attempts to convince enough pro-life voters to support his presidential candidacy.

MLK: ‘Universe on side of justice’


As 1968 dawned, the vision of peace and love that was articulated by the hippies and such groups as the Beatles was splintering. The summer of love, only months old, seemed as if it had happened eons ago. Many who believed, as I did, that peace and understanding were going to change things began to question such assumptions.

Why was Jesus killed?


In the time of Jesus, religious preachers and self-proclaimed prophets were not summarily arrested and executed. Nor were nonviolent protesters.



Bush Alone

WASHINGTON — Two weeks earlier on Capitol Hill, there was a groundswell of Republican demands — public and private — that President Bush pardon the convicted Scooter Libby. Last week, as Alberto Gonzales came under withering Democratic fire, there were no public GOP declarations of support amid private predictions of the attorney general’s demise.

Happy Independence Day, Iraq

Demonstrators and the media have been reminding us of the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. This may the beginning of the fifth year of this war, but it is only one skirmish in a conflict with a lengthier past and a long future. Pundits, politicians and protestors who want to isolate Iraq from the rest of the world war, of which it is just one part, suffer from tunnel vision.

Stopping Iran’s quest for The Bomb


At the invitation of the Iraqi regime, the United States recently agreed to multi-lateral talks with Iran and Syria aimed at breaking the diplomatic impasse between Iran and the United Nations over Tehran’s nuclear program.

The conservative Right matures


Conservative Evangelical Christian voters have come a long way in a short time. From their nearly unanimous condemnation of Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs, a growing number of these “pro-family” voters appear ready to accept several Republican presidential candidates who do not share their ideal of marriage and faith.

Non-violation of never-used law leads to conviction for bad memory


If you wanted a textbook example of what is wrong about appointing a special prosecutor, the prosecution of White House aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby is a classic. Let’s go back to square one to see how this sorry chapter in criminal law unfolded.

Jekyll Island redevelopment: What are the supporters really Hyding?

By David Kyler

Contrary to popular belief, the clash over Jekyll Island is not about altering the existing agreement to develop only 35 percent of its area — it’s about how that 35 percent will be redeveloped.

Who can fix our broken politics? How about Newt


Admit it, you hate politics: the gotcha games in which a quote can be taken out of context and used as a pretext for bashing one’s opponent; the sound bites replacing reasoned argument; the focus groups and pollsters who tell candidates what to say instead of encouraging them to believe in something; the concentration on gaining and then maintaining power for its own sake; the enormous cost of elections, which transforms politicians into servants of those who give the most money.

A conservative who can win

By Doug Patton

Three decades ago, two young lawyers worked behind the scenes, on opposite sides of the political aisle, to investigate the corruption and deceit that became known simply as “Watergate.”

Planes, trains and automobiles: Georgia moves on transportation

Transportation proposals are chasing lawmakers at such an exciting and breathtaking pace this year that the convergence of plans under the Gold Dome seems destined to outdo NASCAR’s legendary pileups.

Daddy’s simple truths


My daddy never made a lot of money but he made a good living. For himself and our family.

The good living came not in the form of dollars but rather in simple truths and philosophies that centered our home and directed our paths. Those simple truths are the guideposts that continue to map my daily existence. He’s been gone for several years now but not a day passes that he doesn’t participate in the running of my life.

The future of Big-Brotherism soon to be: Red-light cameras?

By John W. Whitehead

“There was, of course, no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. ... You had to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” — George Orwell, “1984.”

Some scientific questions about absolute certainty of global warming

By Mark W. Hendrickson, Ph.D.

For those who believe in the global warming (GW) theory (i.e., that human activity is heating the planet to dangerous levels) the ace of trump has been played. On Groundhog Day 2007, the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the ultimate authority in the eyes of GW disciples — declared with 90 percent (i.e., virtual) certainty that the theory is true.

No matter what causes same-sex attraction, how should one live life?


Due to my websites (http://www.drthrockmorton.com) about sexual identity issues, I receive many inquiries from people asking why people are gay. Recently, a note from a mom writing about her son caught my eye. She wrote:

There’s more to Anglican agonies than gay bashing or same-sex issues


[Editor’s note: About two-thirds of the members of St. Andrew’s in the Pines Episcopal Church in Peachtree City recently voted to disaffiliate from the U.S. branch of the church and to affiliate with an Anglican branch overseen by a Nigerian bishop.]

High heels to the front of the line


It’s all about the shoes. High heels, that is.

For the first time in my life, after hundreds of flights, I missed a plane. This was owing to the fact that every parking space at the airport was taken so the lots were closed while ill-tempered security men blocked all entrances with their cars. It sounds so ridiculous that when I called the folks waiting at the other end of the trip for me that I added, “And just so you’ll know: when I was a kid, the dog regularly ate my homework.”

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