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Wednesday, June 20, 2001


Dunn: New water agency leadership favors metro big 5

Metro Atlanta's new water superagency had its first meeting last week, and Fayette County Commission Chairman Greg Dunn said the group is already growing into a huge bureaucracy.

'Dream plan' for West Village will be presented to PTC council

A plan to manage congested traffic and expand the cart path system in the growing West Village area of Peachtree City will be presented to the City Council at its meeting Thursday night.

Former finance head slaps commission on budget

Fayette County's former finance director doesn't think much of the county's new budget.

School officials studying charter school idea

A charter school could be just what's needed to serve students who fall through the cracks in Fayette's school system, says Assistant Superintendent Stuart Bennett.

Surprise meeting with Bush ends Fayetteville native's stint at Naval Academy

Many people have a "brush with greatness" story to tell to family and friends.

Landmark issue to be aired Thursday

Landmark Christian School will find out Thursday if it can build a new school campus in Tyrone.

Sheriff's Department nets over $4 million in two drug busts

More than 150 kilograms of cocaine and 1,300 pounds of marijuana are off the streets thanks to two recent stings initiated by the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

Commission lays ground work for long-range planning

Rudimentary beginnings of what eventually will become a five-year capital improvement program for Fayette County are included in this year's proposed county budget.

Higher legal bills causing concern for PTC Council

Guided by a request from Peachtree City Councilman Dan Tennant, the city's rising legal bills will be discussed at Thursday night's council meeting.

County aims to smooth rough ball fields

A level playing field for all of Fayette's sports enthusiasts is among priorities as county commissioners consider a 2002 budget of just over $1 million for recreation.

Health workers to get pay hike

Six environmentalists in Fayette County's Department of Health will get a 4-percent local supplemental pay raise in Fayette County's proposed fiscal 2002 budget.

Roads to get more attention in coming year

When the Starr's Mill school complex opened in 1998, there was an immediate traffic snarl because road improvements didn't get done in time for the opening.

Airport authority prioritizes land acquisition plan

To prepare for future growth, the Peachtree City Airport Authority is fast-tracking a project to buy more land adjacent to Falcon Field's business park.

School board eyes age requirement for substitute teachers

In the wake of allegations that a substitute teacher allowed students to view indecent material on the Internet, Fayette County Board of Education members are considering a policy change to require that future substitutes be at least 21 years old.

Helping victims take bite out of crime nets statewide award for DA's office

Prosecuting criminals isn't the only service offered to crime victims at the local district attorney's office.

PTC Council may create new authority to help finance senior housing projects

To help a developer lower costs for a proposed upscale senior apartment complex, the Peachtree City Council may vote Thursday to activate a senior facility authority.

New records facility opens at LaFayette

Obtaining school records and transcripts of students who have attended a Fayette County school is going to get easier with the opening of a new records center at the LaFayette Educational Center.

Tyrone group forms to fight school

A group of Tyrone residents has joined to form the Tyrone Watch Committee with the purpose of promoting the proper growth of Tyrone through volunteer participation in the processes of government.

Students dig into Fayette's past

What better way to learn about history than interviewing people who have lived some of it?

Revamped local Rotary Club meets for breakfast

The Fayette Daybreak Rotary Club, formerly the Tyrone Rotary Club, now meets at Shadows restaurant each Monday at 7:15 a.m.

Starting July 1, penalties enacted for aggressive driving, DUI benchmark lowered from .10 to .08

Beginning July 1, several new traffic laws will go into effect on Georgia's roadways.

Police Blotter

Dining Guide

More quality places for all ye 'Fayette Foodies'
Food Critic

This month, I'm happy to report that two more quality "foodie" places have arrived in Fayette County.

A taste of Europe

When Doreen and Jorg Schatte opened City Cafe in downtown Fayetteville nearly three years ago, their goal was to bring Fayette County a unique dining choice that ordinarily would only be found some 30 miles to the north in Atlanta. Many of their customers think they have succeeded.

Bring back the family meal

What goes around comes around.

Tips for packing a creative picnic

When it comes to stocking a picnic basket, there's no reason to settle for the same old fare.


Fayetteville firm wins Snapper advertising contract

Snapper Inc., a manufacturer of lawn mowers, snow throwers and other lawn and garden equipment, has awarded its principal creative and production account to Fayetteville's McRae Communications.


Local girls win national 2Ball competition

Two local girls recently won the National NBA 2 Ball Championship.

Fayette triathletes excel at half ironman

Members of the Southside Seals Masters Swim Team held their own in Gulf Coast Half Ironman Competition recently.

Lots of big sports events take place in July

July will be a big month for sports in Georgia.

Thursday Thunder offers affordable racing fun

Eagle 106.7 FM's Rhubarb Jones and his March Across Georgia will stop at this week's Thursday Thunder summer racing event at Atlanta Motor Speedway, providing race fans with the chance make a difference in the fight against leukemia and lymphoma.

Sports Calendar


Fayette Community Theatre brings 'Annie' to the stage


What do you do when you're stuck with a day that's gray and lonely?

Atlanta Fest celebrates 15th anniversary back at Six Flags

Six Flags Over Georgia is the site of thrilling rides like Ninja, Georgia Scorcher and the new Deja Vu roller coaster, but for the next four days it is also the site of Atlanta Fest, the South's largest Christian music festival.

Pre-Fourth of July celebration at Shannon Mall

The area around Shannon Mall in Union City will be filled with fun activities during their pre-Fourth of July celebration this Sunday.

Train travel in Germany - nothing to sneeze at

Since it's a sure bet someone somewhere is still in the throes of an allergy season, this seems as good a time as any to tell a sneezing story.

Musings on movies and movie going
Hey everybody. I'm back and it is time to gripe again.

It happens in the Big Apple ... and it can happen here, too
Religion Columnist

I know in my business it's supposed to be "believing is seeing." However, this past Sunday, I can say, "seeing is believing." As part of a wonderful 10th Anniversary gift from my church, my family and I attended two church services, one in Times Square and another in Brooklyn. The Bible says that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. I saw it Sunday. So, let me give you just the facts, ma'am.

Johnson leaves Christ the King for asst. rector position in N.C.

Father Mark Johnson, priest at Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church in Peachtree City since 1996, has accepted the position of assistant rector at The Church of St. Peter the Fisherman in Wilmington. N.C., and will be installed within the next few months. Johnson and his family were recently honored for service to the church and the community by members of Christ the King.

VBS Schedule

Massey receives D.M. degree

Judy Massey of Peachtree City recently received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. Massey is minister of missions and evangelism at Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church in Peachtree City.

Religion Briefs

Amateur talent show on tap for June 27 at F'ville First Methodist

The Fayetteville First United Methodist church will host an amateur talent show Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m in the Family Life Center.



Fayette, do you want to be beautiful?

Budget-writing is one of those sausage-making types of exercises.

What's the real price of cheap goods?
One Citizen's Perspective

The announcement that Thomaston Mills will close its doors after 102 years in the textile manufacturing business should register more than a blip on our economic radar screens.

Bush booed in Sweden!
Laugh Lines

Jeesh. I never get into writing much on politics, but sometimes I just get dragged in, like some dad of a middle school girl, being tugged every six months to an 'Nsync concert.


Praise for one, a plea for another

I would like to leave three thoughts with you. Hopefully, you will find it in your hearts to act upon the latter two.

Now is the time to put EMS money in budget

In response to the article "Tie Vote Dooms added EMS slots" Citizen - June 13:

For discipline and education, homeschooling not a bad idea

This is why I choose to homeschool my children. I have a college degree, and a lot of money owed in student loans. But, instead of utilizing my degree for the benefit of whomever I may serve, I choose to serve my children by homeschooling them (and only because I am lucky enough to have a husband that can make ends meet in our household). To give you a better idea of "making ends meet," my husband does not make over $40,000 a year, we have our own home, we don't starve, and we have everything we want.

Training story was right on

I want to extend to you my sincere appreciation for your coverage of the high Risk Warrant Service Training held on May 17 and 18, 2001.

We need straight answers on choice in education

I've known Ms. Amy Riley since Fayette's 'Great Chicago Math Controversy.'

Bands booted from YMCA

In January 2000 the director of the YMCA, Pam Young, attended a follow-up forum sponsored by Georgia Public Television concerning the "Lost Kids of Rockdale County." She mentioned programs and efforts to help youth in Fayette County as some of the positive activities going on in our area.

The truth about government spending and deficits

The cat is finally out of the bag on those horrid "Reagan deficits" that we have heard about through Democrat mythology since the 1980s. In an opinion piece published May 27 in the New York Times, chief Clinton-Gore administration propagandists and dirty tricks experts James Carville and Paul Bagala disclosed that through their control of the Congress, the Democrats simply boosted spending at every turn, resulting in sky-high deficits which were then blamed on Reagan.

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