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This man fought the the good fight, and was very good at what he did. He leaves behind a wife and children whom he tried , in his last year on Earth, to leave in a position that would meet all of their future needs. Conservatives and Liberals; Republicans and Democrats; we have all lost a friend today. Rest in Peace Brother!


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Hi guys! I sense that now is a good time for us all to get re "grounded" (get it?) with a coffee get together, to remember that we are all on the same team. Saturday 12 July between 0800 and 1200 works for me; hwy 85 Starbucks near Publix and Chic-fil-et or Hwy 54 Starbucks on East side of PTC near Publix. Please comment on a locale and time, and we can make a consensus call by friday early pm. Hope to see ALL WHO CARE to meet their fellow blogger bots there. And remember; so far no blood has been spilled and no tempers have been lost; doesn't mean there can't be a first time Eye-wink

AF A-10: Uddate: BEAGLE HOME!

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Monday, 30 June 2008:

Thanks a million!


AF A-10: Denise Conners: An Answer Please!

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I'm afraid my first posting of this question has been buried in blogs past. Again, for the record, I am asking:

Did you play any role in contacting a fellow blogger's employer with ideas and thoughts they had made anonymously?

AF A-10: Who is Carol Shepp?

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Carol Shepp is a woman we should all know almost as well as the potential first ladies of 2008. Why? Because she has a unique story that should not fall far from our minds when searching for the "real candidates" of the 2008 Presidential race.

AF A-10: It's been a tough couple of weeks for my airplane.

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In the T-38 community, we have gone a long time without any news worthy incidents (over a year). It has been even longer since we have actually lost pilots from flight-related mishaps. Unfortunately last week and this week have shattered our sense of immunity from harm. On Wednesday 23 April, a T-38 crashed on takeoff. Neither the instructor nor the student pilot survived.


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A female and male black lab pair found Saturday, 19 April, are in need of a good, loving home.

The male weighs 77 pounds.

AF A-10: As many frantically attempt to shape everyone's view of Michelle and Barack...

AF A-10: Anyone out there looking for a $30ish thousand sports coupe; check this out!


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I just found a male and female black lab on robinson road near braelin road. Call 817-845-7706. Please ask aroumd to see if anyone you know has info. These dogs have definitely grown up together and are extremely friendly. My three dogs are going nuts, so I hope we find the owners quickly.

AF A-10: Has anyone had an INTERESTING experience in PTC traffic court?

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I'm just wondering if a few of my neighbors and I are exceptions to the rule, or if PTC traffic court in the Maxwell days was a "guilty until proven innocent" experience for others. I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the statement "You should not be scared of your government. Your government should be scared of you."

AF A-10: Beware of Glenn Beck and The LDS Church: Important and Shocking!!!!

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Glenn Beck, who has been a conservative commentator since the age of thirteen, became a Mormon as an adult, after defeating the disease alcoholism. As an adult, certainly Glenn Beck understood all of the facets of the LDS Church.

AF A-10: All Swift Bloggers for Truth ( BPR, Skyspy, and Richard Hobbs in particular)

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Much of this information here is included in a reply to Richard that will soon be buried in internet debris, but I feel those actually seeking truth and not just looking to make indirect political attacks on Barack Obama might read this and re-evaluate your positions.

AF A-10: Blogger Accountability Check: Is everyone okay after last night?

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Were any bloggers / sports fans caught in Friday night's violent weather? Any major damage? The storm couldn't have hit in a worse part of town: Georgia Dome, Philip's Arena, Georgia World Congress. Welcome to Oklahoma. Git Real can tell you all about this stuff!

AF A-10: Blogger Breakfast Wednesday (Doh!!) 0900 @ Mike n C's 12 MAR

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Off of HWY 74s near Publix and Chic filet (hwy 74 and Holly Grove). 0900 or 9 am for civilians. Let's fill the big, round table! No fisticuffs or hair pulling allowed.

AF A-10: Because I love this country and would sacrifice my life for her

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This pains my heart and truly defies reason. What are we becoming?

from the AP:

" Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding"

AF A-10: Dude! Where's My Car???!!!!

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You guys won't believe this craziness!
All is well, but tonight is the end of what by far was the most insane day of my life; no exaggeration. I can send pictures on request that are great visual aids.

AF A-10: Bloggers Coffee Friday the 30th!!!!!!!!!

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To any and all that can attend, let's have Starbuck's rally part II, hopefully surpassing part 1 which yielded Hutch (who is now filthy rich with bank loot), Hack, and Mrs. Hack.

AF A-10: Reference only: Accomplishments of the 110th (democratic) Congress

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Strengthening American Competitiveness

Congress, under Democratic leadership, passed forward-thinking legislation to help ensure America’s competitive advantage in science, research, and technology. S. 761, the America COMPETES Act, increases the nation’s investment in basic and innovative research; strengthens educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from elementary through graduate school; and develops the infrastructure needed to enhance innovation and competitiveness in the United States. A true example of bipartisanship, the bill passed overwhelmingly in the Senate and is a response to concerns by industry leaders that America’s role as a leader in the technological and scientific fields was slipping. The bill takes significant steps toward securing our competitive edge in the future.

AF A-10: Political foreshadowing in Austrailia

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Austrailia's Elections

Austrailia and The UK have long been our most conservative and closest allies n the world stage. Austrailia's leadership, in particular, has aligned itself closely with our policies in Iraq and with respect to global climate change. The Austrailian PRime Minsiter, John Howard, has gone as far as criticizing U.S. democratic presidential candidates in his home country. Many around the world and here at home looked to this weekend's Austrailian elections as a referendum and a foreshadowing of what to expect in the US next year.

AF A-10: 16 November 1200 at Starbucks on GA 85 south (near Publix)

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All bloggers welcome (Beaver should be unavailable as he makes an appointment with his mental healthcare professional). Friendly conversation and caffeine for all!

AF A-10: Spear Road Guy: Where were you?

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Where were you when Gitreal and I were having our knock-down drag-out but stay-friends the whole-time discussion on why one votes democratic or republican? With the "vote republican" tag line at the end of your posts, you obviously have an opinion. Hopefully you'll entertain this question from me: Why?

AF A-10: Cal: Your political cartoon selections insult reason and reality

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Cal, as editor of this great local paper, I know that you control the content of cartoons more than anyone else. You are free to pick and choose what will and won't run. As we certainly expect, cartoons are heavy on satire and inuendo, but they typically have a shred of truth that serves as their justification. The two cartoons you ran today, 24 October, by Glenn McCoy defy reason.

AF A-10: Ann positions herself for another best seller

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I am beginning to realize what "crazy like a fox" really means. If you are prepping to release a book, what better way to get media buzz than to offend an entire religion. From a recent interview, Ann sparked controversy aka media attention by suggesting Jews just need some perfecting and they'll be as good as us christians. From a media release:

AF A-10: What does "Support the troops" mean today?

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Because as I listen to the conservative outlets, the meaning tends to mutate. Rush Limbaugh has successfully given Bill OReilly cover for the previous "Sylvia's" comments. First, the context: I have listened to the actual radio show and Rush can't outspin me:

AF A-10: Where will my fellow bloggers stand on insults to soldiers?

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When John Kerry botched a joke and made it sound like stupid soldiers were stuck in Iraq, there were many blog posts here and a chain of responses. The Patreaus/betray us add received congressional attention led by House and Senate GOPers. We passed a House Measure to condemn ads that attack soldier's integrity and honor.

AF A-10: Congratulations to LA Boxing!!!!

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LA Boxing, located at 303 Kelly between HW 74 and Dividend Drive, will celebrate their grand openning today at 10AM by hailing 2 of our own Champions of the cage! In the "Return of the Kings" mixed martial arts competition at Cowboys in Kennesaw late last night/early this morning, LA Boxing's 2 represented fighters (Corey and Tim) stopped their opponents in the first and second round respectively.

AF A-10: Warning: Not a local story: Kudos to the Bush Admin

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It's not often I get the opportunity to compliment our current political leadership, but they have done the necessary in accepting Alberto's resignation. Now is not the time and these are not the days for devicive individuals in the administration. I suspect that we will all begin to see much more conciliatory speech as our elected officials on both sides begin to work towards solutions to our many challenges. Alberto was the lightening rod in the midsts of a thunder storm that noone wanted or needed to stand near. I hope that our legislators begin to function as if they are on the same team now.

AF A-10: When will Principles return to Washington, DC?

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State's rights were a principle of conservatism until states began to entertain legalizing gay marraige. Then, state's rights became less important, and conservatives began turning to federal government (a goverment they claimed they wanted to be smaller, presumably) to federalize via constitutional amendment the definition of marraige as heterosexual.

AF A-10: Jeff C. You've got great parents!

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Greetings Jeff. Just had the pleasure of flying your folks to Dakar on the way to the big J. Burg. Their SS folks are some of the nicest I've had the pleasure of meeting, and your folks are quite doting. Very pleasant people. Your father personally covered the plane bow to stern, meeting all of our passengers. The folks seemed to appreciate that quite a bit. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and thank your mother and father for me once again, for flying with Atlanta's own!

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