Shelby Barker: Huckabee is Coming to Town

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Mike Huckabee is coming to the PTC Books A Million tonight at 8pm.

He will be signing copies of his new book "A Simple Christmas."

Shelby Barker: Shelby's Contract with Peachtree City

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The last couple of months have been an awesome start to our campaign. I have met many people around the community that have expressed concerns about the path our city government has taken over the past several years. These feelings of concern displayed by fellow citizens have led me to establish a written commitment of innovative ideas that will ensure Peachtree City remains the best community in the world. You will find that under my contract with Peachtree City, I take strong stances in favor of Peachtree City’s quality of life. If you find that you support the contract please go to the website to join the cause.

Shelby Barker: Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence day!!

I hope you will look at this video. It is a great reminder of what this day is all about.

Shelby Barker: Stay Strong

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We are living in the best country in the world, no ONE president will ruin that. We need to regroup and come back stronger and more efficient, and stick to our true conservative values and we will win!!!

Shelby Barker: Conservatives for Truth

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With the national elections upon us, it seems as though local issues are simply getting swept aside to make room for the national headlines. This type of apathy can be very detrimental to our community and to our nation. The Conservatives for Truth organization has set out to counter act this mindset, and is determined to bring conservative principles and values to our local government. Conservatives for Truth stands united in the belief that true CHANGE begins from the ground up. We are a network of likeminded individuals that are not afraid to campaign at the grassroots level and fight for the conservative cause.

Shelby Barker: It Must Be Easy Being A Democrat

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It’s easy to be a Democrat

By: Shelby Barker
College Students for Fair-taxation Director

I have listened friends of mine discuss a socialized health care program, they reference Michael Moore’s movie Sicko as the reason they now support such a dramatic shift to more government regulations. I have also listened friends of mine discuss how things like Social Security, Medicare, the “mortgage crises”, and public schooling can simply be fixed by increasing taxes in order to throw more money at the ruptured faucet.

Shelby Barker: Good Job Mike

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Good job Mike Huckabee...for running a very honorable campaign, and sticking to the issues.

Good job Mike.... for standing up for what you believe in, even though things like the Fair Tax may not be "main stream".

Shelby Barker: Christian Conservatives

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Recently I was asked by a hippie friend of mine, why we Christians fight so hard to get our religious beliefs in politics. You see, I am a Christian Conservative, and find myself on the side of the Conservatives on virtually every issue, that is except gay marriage. When I look at things like abortion, family values, taxes, the poor etc... I look to God first, then I look at the constitution, and since the constitution lays out virtually every aspect of the Christian belief, I feel comfortable supporting the candidates that strongly support the constitution.

Shelby Barker: Huge events for Huckabee Supporters

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Friday, February 1, 2008
Huge Huckabee and Fair Tax events this weekend - must attend events !!!

I have some very exciting news - there are 2 events here in Georgia this weekend - the last events like this before Super Duper Tuesday - whatever it takes you have to get here whether you are in Georgia or anywhere else if you care about the Fair Tax or if you care about Mike Huckabee you cannot miss these events.

Shelby Barker: Fair Tax Supporters

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It is great that we have been having such a lively discussion about Tax Reform, because no matter what you support, we can all agree our 60,000 page Tax Code needs to be FIXED!!

Shelby Barker: Fair Tax seminar in Peachtree City

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Huckabee and The Fair Tax Solution
Fair Tax Workshop for Huckabee Volunteers

We will be providing a Fair Tax training workshop exclusively for the

Shelby Barker: Ok, this is pushing it

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So I sat down tonight expecting to watch a Republican presidential debate, I knew it was on a spanish channel but some how I was wishing I could access an english version- nope. It is absured to exclude the majority of Americans from watching a live Presidential debate, simply to appeal to the spanish speaking people.

Shelby Barker: Good Question

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Although I support Mike, I do believe Mitt's recent speech was very well said. I do not believe that it was necessary, because I think people are swarming to Huckabee simply because he is the better candidate not because Mitt's a Mormon.

Shelby Barker: Huckabee 9-step imigration plan

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I know this election is a turning point for America, and one of the biggest issues is illegal immigration. The following is copied directly from Mike Huckabee's website, where he has outlined a 9-step plan to solve the illegal immigration problem.

Shelby Barker: Republican shake up

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My first blog on this website discussing the presidential candidates was about a man named Mike Huckabee. I begin following his every move since September and have grown ecstatic of his recent climbing in the polls. Just to refresh everyones memory.

Shelby Barker: Mike Huckabee Peachtree City Fund-Raiser

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“Shout About Mike Day” & CNN You Tube Debate Party

Its official on November 28th Georgia for Huckabee and the Conservatives For Truth, will be hosting a full day of activities.

Shelby Barker: Mike Huckabee 08'

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This is a recent 7 min. speech Mike Huckabee gave. I hope it will peak your interest. He can win, he is the only Republican Candidate rising in Iowa.

Shelby Barker: Why Mike Huckabee 08' :: Volume 2

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In the last entry I discussed Mike Huckabee's stance on two very critical issues; Iraq, and taxes. (See blog Huckabee loves fairttax). I had received feedback in regards to the fairtax. Because I feel Huckabee does not get enough play in the Main Stream media, I simply want to explain his stances on issues rather then defend them. However, I will answer the concerns that were voiced later in this entry.

Shelby Barker: Mike Huckabee 08' LOVES FAIR TAX

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It is amazing how much traction Mike Huckabee has gained in the receant polls. Just last week, in a poll of Iowa registered voters, it showed Mike moving into third place right behind a falling Fred Thompson and right in front of Guliani.

Shelby Barker: American Democracy (the solution)

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While I sat in my comparative politics class, my teacher posed the question, “If we as Americans love democracy so much why is the voter turn out so low?” The class preceded to toss out ideas, like we don’t care, there is not enough time etc.. Now, I have only had the opportunity to vote in one presidential election, so I began to contemplate what would make me loose the drive to cast my ballot. There are obvious reasons like a death in the family, or some sort of family emergency; but something bigger came out in my thought process. I think Americans are feeling lied to, even though the candidates they voted for may be in office, nothing is getting done. Their vote for that person accomplished little besides changing the face of failure.

Shelby Barker: Solutions Day :: Huckabee 08'

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On September 29, 2007 I attended an event at the University of West Georgia called American Solutions, hosted by Newt Gingrich. Newt's goal (not unlike that of Huckabee's vertical day) was to provide a forum for people to discuss real issues for real change. There were no bipartisan politics here. Everyone, regardless of political persuasion, came together to discuss solutions for America's problems.

Shelby Barker: Youth Center Debate

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Dear Citizens,

It has come to my attention that some residents are misunderstanding what a youth center is, how it will benefit the city, and why I am evolved.

Shelby Barker: Teen Center

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Dear kitten friend,
I ask you to look at all the things that the Youth Council has done for this community from; raking senior’s yard, cleaning up an old grave site, singing at the nursing home etc... Etc... We have done so much for the community and now when we cry out for help, and fight through all of the nay Sayers what do we see on the other side????? Nothing but more nay sayers.....

Shelby Barker: Dear Parents

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I wish everyone had the opportunity to go to the youth council meeting, but if you did not have the opportunity let me sum up what I had proposed last night.

Shelby Barker: Peachtree City's Hidden Problems

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Dear fellow citizens,

My name is Shelby Barker, I have lived in Peachtree City since 2002ish and have already scene many changes, some for the good some for the bad. But the bottom line is that Peachtree City has always been known for setting standards in many aspects of life. To the outside world Peachtree City is a bubble with little or no crime, violence etc…. In fact, this is the main reason thousands of new citizens flock to our beloved city every year. However, with the latest news about teen suicide, drug usage, indescribable sexual acts between middle school students etc… I ask you, has our little golf cart town strayed away from the values and culture which made it what it is today?

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