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Wednesday, October 27, 1999


F'ville mayor, 1 council post up for grabs

Two candidates for mayor and three for City Council Post 1 will go to the voters Tuesday in Fayetteville's municipal election.

Fayette's civil rights 'pioneers' honored

More than 200 supporters of the NAACP gathered Saturday night to “recognize the unsung heroes...” who have furthered the cause of civil rights and equal rights in Fayette County, according to branch president Dr. Edward J. Johnson.

Cowan's 169-home Tyrone project waits for planning comm. quorum

Tyrone residents hoping to find out if developer Joel Cowan will be able to build a 169-home subdivision in the northern part of town will probably have to wait until the first part of next year.

County asks developers to study tree-save rules

A proposed new law designed to save Fayette trees from developers' bulldozers needs the scrutiny of a committee of developers and county staff, say members of the Planning Commission.

Council candidates focus on growth, taxes, city's future

Seeking Post 1 in Tuesday's election for Fayetteville City Council are Bill Talley, chief financial officer for People's Bank in Pine Mountain, Ga..; Clyde Avery, a broker for office management firm Southeastern Properties Inc., and Paul Carter, owner of two Jonesboro restaurants and Fayetteville Family Billiards.

County ponders MediaOne, AT&T transfer Thursday

Fayette's lead cable franchise negotiator is hopeful that the takeover of MediaOne by AT&T Communications will bring relief to beleaguered local customers.

County engineer: Minute changes in regs will have big future impact

Line by line, Fayette County Planning Commission members last week pored over 102 pages of proposed changes to the county's development regulations and 34 pages of similar changes to subdivision regulations.

Tree law delayed

A proposed new law designed to save Fayette trees from developers' bulldozers needs the scrutiny of a committee of developers and county staff, say members of the Planning Commission.

Planners to vote on new church trailer regulations

Proposed new language in Fayette County's zoning regulations will allow more flexibility for growing churches to use temporary classroom trailers.

Brooks election postponed

Due to an unusual set of circumstances, elections for Brooks municipal posts this year will be delayed until early next year.

Forgeries, theft attempts net 10 years

A string of felony charges led to a 10-year prison sentence for a man in Fayette County Superior Court last week.

Cowan named to governor's committee on green space

Peachtree City founder Joel Cowan has been named to yet another governor-appointed special committee or authority.

On their way

More than 60 monarch butterflies took flight from Huddleston Elementary School in Peachtree City Thursday, beginning their annual migration to the mountaintop forests of Mexico.

Times have changed for Local schools

The Fayette County Board of Education in 1959 had a far different agenda than the current board.

Check smoke alarm Saturday

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John W. Oxendine is urging Georgians to change the batteries in their smoke alarms at the same time they change their clocks to standard time Oct. 31.

Community celebrates 96th birthday with `Miss Winnie'

The Starr's Mill Community recently celebrated the 96th birthday of Winnie Mask Bowers with an old-fashioned outdoor gathering and telling of family history.

Health Wise

Fayette Community Hospital celebrates two-year anniversary
Fayette Community Hospital recently celebrated its two-year anniversary.
Coaching helps children through toilet training process
One of the main topics on the mind of any parent with a toddler is toilet training. The long, arduous process that they went through so long ago they can barely remember anything about it. Add to that the pressure from psychologists and psychiatrists who stress that this period can shape your child for life. The Medical College of Wisconsin wants to remove the hardships from the process. They have generated a new approach to toilet training and it only involves three steps.

When to quit
Child's Play

“I hate practicing the piano!” How many times have you heard that?
Water helps shed those unsightly pounds
By drinking in some facts about the benefits of water, you may learn about successfully losing weight and staying fit.
Oxendine offers safety tips for Halloween weekend
Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John W. Oxendine urges parents and children to keep safety in mind this Halloween.
Study to help people quit smoking once and for all
If you are one of the 31 million people who would like to quit smoking, you can do something good for yourself and participate in one of Clinical Research Atlanta's (CRA) medication trials.
Mayo Clinic guide offers tips for a good night's sleep
A bad's night sleep often makes us tired and, ultimately, less productive than usual. Many people who are not getting enough sleep have insomnia, one of the most common sleep disorders. Insomnia includes difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep or going back to sleep when you awaken early. Insomnia may be temporary or chronic. It is a symptom, not a disease.
Fayette Urgent Care points out dangers of Poison Ivy
Remember diving into a pile of just raked leaves without a care in the world? How about a fall hike in the woods? That seems harmless, too. But if you're allergic to poison ivy, these fun fall activities could leave you with a month's worth of discomfort.
Go bowling for the cure
More than 800 participants from more than 160 businesses and organizations will lace up their bowling shoes and take to the lanes around metro-Atlanta to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Saturday, Nov. 13.
Walk for Cancer on Nov. 6
People from all walks of life will unite at Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday, Nov. 6 for a 5 mile walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Registration and the start of the walk begins between 8 and 10 a.m.

News Briefs


Two new banks gearing up for opening

Fayette county investors have two unique opportunities to put their money in their home county this month.

EMC worker proves to be a lifesaver for one resident

When Coweta-Fayette EMC lineman Marcellus Ware left for work one morning, he never suspected that he would be a hero by day's end.

Business Briefs

Flying above mediocrity Secrets of Success for Singapore International Airlines

It was the food cart bashing my knee that woke me from a pleasant dream. As I grabbed my knee, I saw the flight attendant with the “hit-and-run” food cart heading down the aisle. Is mediocre service become the mainstay of travel on domestic airlines?

Now is the time to ponder your timber-cutting options

As fall approaches, so do thoughts of selling timber. Many landowners in Fayette County will be contacted by timber buyers about selling their trees.


Local teams look for wins

There seems to be nothing but adversity in store for some of the local football teams this season.

Local racer adds fourth title to collection

It is hard for most people to acknowledge the athleticism of auto and motorcycle racers. The arguments range from the fact that the machines do most of the work and the riders are typically seated for the duration of the race.

Rising Starr wins Middle School Championship

Early last week, 12 young ladies at Rising Starr Middle School quietly turned in their softball uniforms; no fanfare, no parties, just a silent ending to a fantastic season.

Sports Calendar

Great Georgia Ghosts offers a spirited time
Did you see that out of the corner of your eye? What was that thing moving?
Have a horrifyingly good Halloween party
Trick or Treating can be a fun activity, but there comes a time when it just stops being worth the hassle.
`The Omega Code' spreads the word to Hollywood and the world
If you don't feel that Hollywood produces movies that cater to your interests, maybe you should make your own.
Fannie Flag speaks in Atlanta
Actress, author and television producer Fannie Flagg brought her personal brand of Southern wit and wisdom to Atlanta last week, when she addressed a packed house at the Airport Hilton.


A surprising treasury in Hogansville
Lifestyle Columnist

Our husbands had birthdays a couple of days apart in July, so Marquita and I concocted an outing. We wanted it to be a surprise, so I resorted to an old trick.

Double your honor, triple your blessing
By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

The Bible says that ministers who work hard at the Word of God and teaching that Word are worthy of double honor (1 Timothy 5:17).

Precious gems
By Judy Kilgore
Religion Editor

Most of you are aware that I attend a very small Methodist church in Sharpsburg. A small church is my choice...not everybody's...some folks like big churches, but I prefer the closeness of a small church family. And, I suppose, because it is a small, older church in the community, the membership in our church is predominantly older folks.

River's Edge to have Fall Festival Sunday

“The Wild, Wild West” sets the stage for the Fall Festival Family Celebration at River's Edge Community Church this Sunday, Oct. 31 from 5-8 p.m. And everything is free.

Word of Life Church's 2nd Harvest Festival planned for October 30

Word of Life Family Church in Fayetteville invites the community to attend its second annual Harvest Festival on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 4-8:30 p.m.

Kenwood Christian will host Hallelujah Party

Kenwood Christian Children's Ministries will host its annual Hallelujah Party on Sunday, Oct. 31 from 3-6 p.m.

Carriage Lane plans Fall Festival Oct. 30

Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church has scheduled its Free Fall Festival for Saturday, Oct. 30 from 3-6 p.m. at the church. Positive character costumes are encouraged.

Religion Briefs

Epps to address Southeast Regional Episcopal Convocation in Jacksonville

The Rev. Father David Epps, rector of Peachtree City's Christ the King Episcopal Church (CEC) and Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of the Armed Forces, will be the guest speaker during Services of Ordination to the Priesthood on Friday, Nov. 5, at the Cathedral Church of the Messiah in Jacksonville, Fla. Epps is a regular columnist for The Citizen newspapers, appearing in the Friday and Weekend editions, and is a contributing writer for Sursum Corda, a denominational magazine.

Greentree Church will host Southside Gospel Sing on October 30

Brian Free will be featured at the Southside Gospel Sing hosted by Greentree Church in Tyrone on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 7:30 p.m.

'Journey Through Hell' drama to be presented by Kenwood students

The Student Ministry of Kenwood Christian Church will present “Journey Through Hell,” on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 30-31 at the church. Both performances are scheduled from 7-9 p.m.

PTC United Methodist will present 'Carpenter's Tools in concert Nov. 3

Carpenter's Tools International, a contemporary Christian music group, will appear in concert on Wednesday, Nov. 3, at 6:30 p.m. at Peachtree City United Methodist Church.

Men's group forms at Christ the King Church

Men of Christ the King recently began monthly breakfast fellowship meetings at Shadow's Restaurant in Peachtree City.

Lisbon Baptist welcomes new pastor

The Rev. Randall Harris, originally from Griffin, has assumed duties as pastor at Lisbon Baptist Church. Rev. Harris has pastored churches in Louisiana and Tennessee.


Republicans need to get back to basics

I think that if they mulled it over carefully, most conservatives — nonpolitical ones, I mean — would agree that, of all the changes they would like to see in our government, the two most critical are the permanent dismantling of the Internal Revenue Service and the ratification of a balanced budget amendment.

Why contemporary gay rights movement bothers me
Politically Speaking

Some folks (especially those who happen to be gay or lesbian) might consider me homophobic — and, in some ways, maybe I am.

The End is near! Buy now!
Laugh Lines
With about 60 days left in this century—before impending Armageddon — it is good to know you can get a good deal on an Office Max desk stapler. If you haven't noticed, everybody is offering some end of the millennium promotion — “Last Great Sale before 2000!” “Buy Now, Don't Pay 'til the Next Century.” “Beat the Rush for Batteries and Bread Millennium Extravaganza” — another great marketing idea brought to fruition.

Letters to the Editor

Where's info about F'ville council candidates?

As election day quickly approaches, I was wondering if The Citizen is going to publish information on the candidates for mayor, Paul C. Oddo, Jr. and Ken Steele, as well as the candidates for city council, Clyde Avery, Paul Carter and Bill Talley.

PTC resident, mayor spar over rights of non-voters

As a long time resident of Peachtree City, and one who has voted in every election except one, I have to vehemently disagree with you that “If you didn't vote - you don't count and you don't have a voice.”

Sales tax estimates are badly flawed

“The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions.” These words of wisdom come to us from John Ruskin, an obscure British philosopher who died one hundred years ago. His words inspired me to check out the claims of SPLOST shills that out-of-county people pay as much as 30 percent of our local sales tax. If you can't wait to the end of this letter to find out how wrong they are, the up-front answer is “very.”

Fayetteville Council races produce support, charges

For Steele, Talley . . .
As most of you know by now, I have decided not to run for another term as mayor of Fayetteville. I know I will miss the many people and the varied activities that are a part of the mayor's job, but I still plan to stay active in both the community and politics.

Mayor's 'Don't vote, don't ask' policy: If you don't vote, will fire department answer call?

Mayor Bob Lenox announced a new city policy of maintaining a voting record of registered voters during [a recent] Peachtree City Council meeting — “if you didn't vote, you don't count.” He went on to say, “And, if you have to appear before this City Council for some reason, I'm going to have that list out here and when you stand up at that podium, I'm going to remind you that you didn't vote. So we'll listen, but not real carefully.”

PTC suffering from Mayor Lenox's overactive ego

After catching my breath at the unmitigated gall of our mayor, I could not believe no one has become angry. Must be all those apathetic taxpayers who don't vote. Last time I checked, our public officials were to represent all the people; taxpayers, old, young, sick, well. In other words, all the citizens in the community whether they voted or not.

Tennant decries dirty trick phone campaign in PTC election

Enough is enough.

Ewing: Development threatens PTC way of life

As your candidate for Post 1 of the Peachtree City Council, I want to urge you to please get out and vote. For those of you that have recently moved to Peachtree City in the last several years, we are at a pivotal point in our city's development. Peachtree City has long been a family-oriented locale that has offered many different recreational opportunities. Our crime rate is very low and the pace is not as hectic as the rest of metro Atlanta.

'Tie-breakers' favor Lehman, McMenamin

Peachtree City is fortunate to have so many qualified individuals willing to dedicate their time and skills to the city. I believe each of the candidates have qualifications that would make them successful in the role of city council member.